Dancing With The Stars – Season 19 – Week 1, Part 2

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Dancing With The Stars continues with the second night of its nineteenth season premiere. Last night, we got our very first look at the celebrities and as usual, the result ranged from very good (Alfonso Ribeiro) to down right awful (LoLo Jones).

Tonight, legendary crooner Smokey Robinson will sing and the first “star” will be eliminated.

Let’s go… The results show lifts off with a video showing some behind-the-scenes action, and then the female pros showcase some fierce moves in a routine featuring the Fifth Harmony single, “BO$$”. A nice routine from the the lovely ladies.

Tom and Erin welcome us to the show and then we are treated to some feedback from the crowd. LoLo is still complaining… Five minutes in and we have already seen her complaining about her performance twice. Please put this girl out of her misery and give her the boot.

The first three celebrities to learn their fate are Antonio, Tavis and Betsey. ANTONIO & CHERYL ARE SAFE!!! TAVIS & SHARNA ARE SAFE!!! BETSEY & TONY ARE IN JEOPARDY!!!

And we are back from the first break… As usual, the results show are loaded with a lot of filler content. We see a video of the celebrity ladies talking about why they joined the competition (didn’t we hear this last night?). Alfonso and Witney are chosen by the judges as the first encore dance and rightfully so. This guy is going to do very well in this competition.

The next group of stars to learn their fate are Michael, Janel and Randy. JANEL & VAL ARE SAFE!!! RANDY & KARINA ARE SAFE AS WELL!!! MICHAEL & EMMA ARE IN JEOPARDY!!! After the break, Motown legend Smokey Robinson and Aloe Blacc will perform.

The troupe welcomes us back with sizzling routine and then, we learn why the guys decided to join the show. Erin talks to Jonathan about his performance and dealing with nerves. This guy is so excited to be show and it really comes across. LoLo talks about being crushed by her performance last night and how her partner Keo kept sending her sweet messages. Awe… I almost want them to stick around now, just for him. ALMOST!

Now, Smokey Robinson and Aloe Blacc perform “My Girl”. They are singing the song in two different keys… Not great and I’m looking directly at you Mr. Blacc.

The break is over and we’re about find out the fate of Alfonso, Lea, Sadie and Bethany. If any of the goes home it will be a crime, but we’ll see. ALFONSO & WITNEY ARE SAFE!!! SADIE & MARK ARE SAFE!!! LEA & ARTEM ARE IN JEOPARDY!!! BETHANY & DEREK ARE SAFE!!!

Now, we get a look at the three new pros Allison, Artem and Keo with a revealing package and routine to “Come Get It Babe” by Pharrell. After the break (and based on your twitter votes), we will get a look at an original audition video from Val, Cheryl, Karina, Tony, Derek or Mark.

We’re back and the votes have been counted… The video that you have chosen to see is :TaylorSwiftSurpriseFace: Derek Hough. He was adorable, but still full of confidence.

Next, we will learn the fate of Jonathan, LoLo and Tommy. TOMMY & PETA ARE SAFE!!!! LOLO & KEO ARE IN JEOPARDY!!! JONATHAN & ALLISON ARE SAFE!!!

Now, let’s see who is going home between Betsey, Lea, Michael and LoLo. LEA & ARTEM ARE SAFE!!! MICHAEL & EMMA ARE SAFE!!! BETSEY & TONY ARE SAFE!!! LOLO & KEO ARE ELIMINATED!!! That’s a wrap… Join us back here for week two a.k.a. My Jam Monday.

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