America’s Got Talent 9 – Finale – Power Rankings

It is finally here guys! Tomorrow night, we will know who will be crowned the winner and receive the million. Before we get there though, lets take a final pre show look at the remaining acts. I’m bringing back the ranking system for this final week!

Miguel Dakota (Singer)- Wow…. wow wow wow. He totally robbed Emil and Dariel last week and I frankly am very bitter about that. He really just screamed into the mic last time and it just wasn’t nearly a good performance, and yet, here he is in the top 6. I don’t know honestly, if he wins I would be pretty upset, but I don’t think he will with such great acts in the mix this season.

Sons of Serendip (Musical Group)- I’m surprised they made it this far. I’m not mad they made it like how other great acts were cut while acts like Miguel made it through because these guys actually deserved it. That lead singer has an incredible voice, but I don’t think it will be enough for them to win. They are great, but there are better acts in the mix.

Quintavious Johnson (Singer)- Quintavious is a great singer, but compared to Emily West, I think he pales in comparison. However, he is still an incredible singer and has a ton of potential. I honestly wish he had waited a few years before trying out, because now, I think the top 3 acts are more deserving of the win and need it more.

AcroArmy (Strength)- I have never seen an act that needed to be saved win, but now, I’m starting to think it could happen. This guys are definitely a favorite going into this and honestly, I wouldn’t be mad if they pulled out a win.

Emily West (Singer)- Emily has done consistently great and I think has an excellent shot of winning. Going into this, I think Mat has more going for him, but Emily easily could steal his win.

Mat Franco (Magic)- Mat has done no wrong. All season he has stayed up top and he has flown through every elimination. Mat is growing quite a following and is now, who I believe has the best shot of winning this whole thing.

Who should (and will) win: The winner will be either AcroArmy, Mat Franco or Emily West. Of the three through, the most likely to win at this point is Mat, but personally, I’d love to see an Emily win.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below and as always you can follow me on Twitter @adamhsamuel

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