America’s Got Talent 9 – Finale Performance – Liveblog and Discussion

We’re live blogging the America’s Got Talent Top 6 FINAL performance episode! We’ve got two hours, so buckle in.

Each of the finalists will perform TWICE. They will reprise an unforgettable act, and perform something brand new.


Quintavious Johnson – The young singer is reprising “I’d Rather Go Blind” which he performed in the semi finals. He promises to bring something new to the rendition. I get such a kick out of this kid. Not only does he have a great voice, but he’s got swag. But not the kiddie precocious variety. His performances possess genuine maturity. It’s like he was born a little adult. He had an extra special adlib at the end that doesn’t quite work, but over all, he pretty much nails it. I like his spunk. Howie says Quintavious’ performance filled his heart. Howard calls him a real pro at 12. He owns the stage. “You really got a shot” says Howard. Heidi calls him a “true entertainer.”

Mat Franco – Mat is redoing a close up bit. But instead of using cards, he utilizes cups and balls. A he recites a hilarious poem about the judges, he makes the balls appear and re-appear, seemingly fall through the metal cups, or disappear altogether. I’ve said it before, Mat’s hands are amazingly fast. This act is incredibly entertaining. And he’s charming the judges. The last 3 balls that appear have photos of the judges on them. “You have an amazing set of balls,” says Howie. “The whole package.” Budapump! Howie hopes America votes for him. Howard notes that singers have it easier. It was no simple task to put a new spin on a recent trick. Phenomenal, says Howard. “Everything about you is magic,” says Heidi. “You’ve got everything and then some more,” says Mel B.

Emily West – She’ll re-sing “Chandelier” by Sia.  The first performance was the moment she realized her life could change. Wow. Her red dress has this amazing sweep that covers nearly the entire stage. It’s very dramatic. She sounds amazing as always, but the second time around, the performance loses a bit of its wow factor. This is why I hate reprises. Nevertheless, this gal has pipes, there’s no doubt about it. Howard and Heidi give her a standing ovation. Nick is standing on her dress! Howard calls it a “moving” performance. The crowd goes nuts. He swears nobody fast forwards through her performances. He loved it. Heidi had never heard the song before. She downloaded it immediately, but she still thinks of Emily’s performance (sorry Sia!). Mel B. felt the first time around was better. Howie agrees, but he still feels it was a winner.

Miguel Dakota – He’s singing “7 Nation Army” again, because it’s a song that he’s performed for the folks back home, and he owes them so much.  Smart choice. It was one of his better performances. He does best singing alt rock or singer/songwritery stuff. He’s sans guitar, so I expect him to break it out later. Here, he reminds me a little of Michael Hutchence from INXS. Not as charismatic, of course.  Heidi loves what he did this week. Mel Be felt the performance was a little nerve-wracked, but thinks he’s got that extra something. Howie is convinced people will vote him, because he’s a marketers dream. Howard thinks he improved over last week, but it’s not enough to win the whole thing. Howard is NOT on the Miguel train.

Sons of Serendip – The group reprises a gorgeous “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane.  It’s a very pretty rendition. The lead singer has a gorgeous voice and a beautiful falsetto. But…this is a tad boring. Against  acts with more charisma and flash,  this talented, but subdued group will have a hard time attracting votes.  Mel calls them completely consistent (that’s the problem, I’m afraid).  Howie calls them the most talented musicians, but maybe they aren’t the act with the most star power. Howard thinks their low key image could lose them the competition. Heidi loves the sincerity in their vocals.

Jennifer Hudson, Lenny Kravitz and Train will be on hand to SING DUETS. Jennifer teaming up young Quintavious? I think so!

Acro Army – The kids reprise the spectacular routine where the bodies are literally FLYING through the air. That went off without a hitch. Unbelievable. As amazing as the first time. Howie thinks what they do should be a sport. He gives them a gold medal. Howard comes right out and says they deserve to win. If anything, television may limit the act, he says, which is why they might lose.  Heidi thinks they deserve a show in Vegas. Mel B says they’re everything America’s Got Talent is about.

Mat Franco – This never-before-seen act involves a HUMAN deck of cards. Actual people are on stage holding huge playing cards. They shuffle themselves, as Mel B stands by. Howard, meanwhile, pulls a card out of a regular deck of cards held by Mat. He goes on to guess which cards are red or black. Mel B. does the same with the human deck on stage. Howard does a perfect job separating the cards, except for the 3 of clubs. And wouldn’t you know it, the human cards on stage are separated in exactly the same way. Another nifty trick from Mat. Welp. Howard tells Mat that HE deserves to win, and would love to see a magician take it all. Heidi loves how versatile he is.

Sons of Serendip – Ohhhh. They perform “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence, and it’s gorgeous, majestic, sweeping. Everything that’s great about the band is distilled in this song. They’re killing this! Nothing boring about this performance at all. ALL the judges stand! The lead singer sheds tears, and it’s very moving. Mel B and Heidi want to buy their album right now. Howie is grateful for their talent. He thanks them for doing what they do. Howard says they deserve to have America as cheerleaders. Super talents, he calls them. Howard admits he doesn’t know who is going to win.

Quintavious Johnson – Quintavious promises to take us to church. Oh, this is going to be GOOD. HE REALLY WANTS TO WIN. Kid has been singing in church all his life. No wonder he’s great. He sings “Let it Be” by the Beatles. WHOA THROW ALL THE SHOES AT QUINT. He’s turning this tune into a gospel rave and bringing it home. Very powerful. His adlibs are impressive, and well placed. He’s bringing forth the emotion, too. Another standing ovation from the judges. Mel calls him a joy to watch and a true superstar. Howie says “America can’t Let it Be.” Howie is telling America to vote for everyone. Howard appreciates his poise. He thinks Paul McCartney would be pleased. Heidi calls him a true phenomenon.

Miguel Dakota – HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Is Dakota really singing an acoustic version of “Billie Jean?” Yep, he is. Once again, another singing competition contestant who missed the memo! Yet, another round of Chris Cornell’s version of the song.  The last one was only a month ago when Jesse Kinch, the winner of Rising Star, sang it for HIS finale. To be fair, Miguel sang the song with only an acoustic guitar, and it was actually pretty good. The stage seems to swallow him up when he fronts a rock band. Heidi felt he came full circle. The guitar is how they were introduced to him. Mel B. called the performance a risk. She hopes America appreciates it. Howard felt it was his best performance. Howie thinks he’s selling charisma, hit it on the head tonight. At least nobody called Miguel “original.”

Acro Army – WOW. The troop totally top themselves! They tumble and move and fly through the air! The last trick was incredible and dangerous. A 4 tier human pyramid is built, feet, to shoulder. A young girl sits at the very top, balancing herself on the hands of those below her, as she releases her legs into a split. She lets go and falls, falls, falls into the arms of an acrobat. AMAZING. Mel B calls them thrilling and amazing. “Seriously on fire!” she says. Heidi didn’t think they would top themselves, but they did. Howard calls them unbelievable. He thinks Nick should hand them his fancy shoes. Howie is stunned that they gave the audience even more than before. The troop is in tears.

Emily West – She sings the competition staple “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” This is a fabulous vocal. She’s hitting amazing high notes. But the performance is really old fashioned. I can’t imagine what she’ll do once the competition is over, even if she wins. The stage is smokey and is literally covered in rainfall. Pulling out all the stops for the pimp spot. Heidi is so happy that she didn’t give up on her music career. “If that can’t win you a million bucks, I don’t know what can.” Howie calls it a risk well taken. “A million dollar song,” he says. Howard says Emily has charisma, style and amazing vocals.

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