Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 13 Nominees and Power of Veto Results)

Find out who won the last Power of Veto of the summer and who will be evicted in fourth place here.

On last night’s eviction episode, we saw Frankie get evicted before Derrick won HoH. But who did Derrick nominate? And who won the Power of Veto and will cast the sole vote to evict?

Derrick nominated Caleb and Victoria.

Cody won the Power of Veto. 

This means that this is goodbye to Caleb. Cody originally wanted to stay loyal and go to the Final 3 with Derrick and Caleb, but Derrick has swayed him that taking out Caleb and bringing Victoria with them to the Final 3 is the smarter move. So on tonight’s live eviction episode, Cody will cast the sole vote to send Caleb to the jury.

That leaves the Final 3 to be Derrick, Cody, and Victoria. This has been the expected Final 3 for a long time now. The question that remains is who will be evicted in third place and barely miss out making it to the Final 2? Derrick will be in a great position as both Cody and Victoria would take him to the Final 2 if either of them won the Final HoH. However, if Cody were to win the Final HoH of the summer, would he really take Derrick with him? Or would he make a big move and evict Derrick? Although unlikely, it is a possible scenario.  But whom would Derrick take with him? The smarter move would be to take Victoria, but Derrick would most likely win against Cody too. I guess we’ll have to see how the rest of the game plays out. However, Derrick winning the game has been a foregone conclusion for a long time now and I’d be surprised if he didn’t win.


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  1. Hope Derrick wins it all, he has been working all sulmmer and he deserves it.
    I think he’ll take Cody if he wins the part 3.

  2. There’s been speculation that Derrick will try to somehow throw the final HOH to Victoria so she brings him instead of the other way around.

  3. Nice Kelly Clarkson (Since You’ve Been Gone) shout out from Cody last night BBAD. The reference may have come from the veto comp.

  4. I don’t think it matters who wins the Top 3 HOH. At this point, Cody & Victoria will both bring Derrick. Caleb is the only one who might not, but he has to get through this week first. If Derrick makes it to the finale, he’s going to win. The jury house knows Derrick has been playing a great game & is the mastermind. They don’t seem to hate him for his gameplay.

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