America’s Got Talent – EP 2

Eli Mattson

OK, I guess I’m covering this show, sorta. Check in later for some videos!

I didn’t clip any of the bad acts. I’m already getting bored with them. Singer Eli Matson is the best of the bunch tonight, though I have to say I was impressed with the scary acrobatics of the Russian Bar Trio, appreciated the illusionist who almost died and mildly enjoyed the Elvis impersonator.

Recap and Videos After the JUMP…

  • Eli Mattson – Performed “Walking in Memphis” Not only is a he Eli a fine singer, but he has really beautiful blue eyes. Eli will totally make the finals. I wonder if he ever tried out for Idol? – VIDEO.
  • Miss Pussycat – Grinder Girl! – VIDEO.
  • Lil Countrie and Page – Brothers from New Orleans with sad backstory about losing family members to Hurricane Katrina. They are very talented acrobatic break dancers. – VIDEO.
  • Next to None – This family boyband from Michigan are short on singing talent, but kinda make up for it with some decent choreography. Still, the act is pretty outdated. They make it to Vegas anyway. – VIDEO.
  • Russian Bar Trio – Whoa, how the hell did she do that? Check this out, CRAZY amazing acrobatics. The judges were stunned. The trio is on to Vegas. – VIDEO.
  • The Taubl Family – I was all “Go Piers!” when he buzzed these Von Trapp Family wanabees about a minute into their act. Sharon and Hoff shout him down, and eventually Piers is won over by the sweet innocent singing of the children. I wasn’t! – VIDEO.
  • DC Cowboys – Self-described “Brokeback meets Broadway” country western dance troupe is like Chippendales with cowboy hats. Sharon really really likes them. VIDEO.
  • Kevin Taylor – Breaks hot flaming concrete blocks with his bare hands. Whoopee. Although his hands appear to catch on fire at one point, flame-retardent plays an important role in this stunt, no doubt. Sharon says no–she thinks the act is too dangerous. Piers says yes reluctantly. Hoff says yes. He’s easily impressed. – VIDEO.
  • Chellena – She overcame cervical cancer with the help of her loving husband. Now she’s in front of the judges attempting to scream her way to Vegas. She’s got one of those big belty gospel voices that could use a little training, if you know what I mean. Piers doesn’t want to let her through, but then he relents. Swell the music as she makes it to Vegas! – VIDEO.
  • The Pendragons – Eep! the husband of this husband/wife illusionist duo nearly died when an arrow went through his heart as he was preparing for a trick. He’s here to show us that he’s still alive. Well, obviously. Their illusions are clever–all three judges say yes to Vegas. – VIDEO.
  • Joseph Hall – The show closes with a young, good-looking Elvis impersonator. While his Elvis impersonating is just OK, his looks sell the package. Well, to Sharon, anyway. – VIDEO.
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