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Canadian Idol

Tonight, the rest of the Canadian Idol Top 24 perform for the judges. You guys know the drill by now–I’ll be posting the videos from this site once they are posted. In the meantime…Discuss!

Best Performances, Leo Tams, Anthony Castelli and Amberly Thiessen, in that order…


Video and RECAP After the JUMP…

  • Jesse Cottam – “Rebel Yell by Billy Idol – Hm. Jesse is unable to put his own stamp on this classic. A pretty mediocre performance. Jake doesn’t think it’s the right song. Sass thinks it’s great. Zack says, “Next!”
  • Mark Day – “Alone by Heart – Mark is the Vote for the Worst pick. It’s no wonder, he can sing, but his image is just…Odd. I’ve never heard a guy sing “Alone”. Mark’s got some strong pipes, but he was a little flat in spots. Sass said there were some fantastic moments. Farley says, “Use the stage more.” Zack says, “Weird.” Jake says, “Good on you, man.”
  • Jessica Sheppard – “Get Here by Oleta Adams – Jessica’s got one of those big belty voices, but she doesn’t screech or overdo it. Nice job. Farley says he enjoyed the second half when she “opened up.” Zack says, “It felt like you were holding back…be careful with your diction.” Jake and Sass echo what’s already been said.
  • Shaun Fransisco – “Yellow by Coldplay – Shaun changes the song up enough to make it interesting. Although I really like his tone, something feels off about his performance, like he’s not quite connected to what he’s singing. Zack says, “Not a whole lot of singing going on.” Jake thought the first note was off, but that he finished strong. “I thought it was good.” Farley says, “Not the best, but I enjoyed it.”
  • Lindsay Robbins – “River Deep, Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner – Wow, Pitchy! She’s very screechy in her higher register. She looks really awkward loping around the stage with her long legs. Jake likes the performance, despite the screech. Sass likes her energy. Farley heard some great moments. Zack says it was “pretty good and pretty awful.”
  • Omar Lunan – “Every Breath You Take by the Police – Hm, not really liking the halting phrasing he’s employing here. Also, I’m just noticing the extreme vibrato. I’m not as impressed as I was Toronto week. Sass calls it “Transcendent.” Farley likes the phrasing, but not so much his upper register. Zack feels the audience will be split. Jake loves the arrangement.
  • Marie-Pierre Bellerose – “You Know Im No Good by Amy Winehouse – She’s got some nice dusky tones in her voice. While the arrangement doesn’t deviate much from the original, she manages to interpret the song in her own unique way. Farley says, “Not as good as Amy.” Zack says, “Really good, but a little less slick, a little more cool.” Jake says, “A little too safe.” Sass doesn’t like the song choice.
  • Sebastian Pigott – “Dark Horse by Amanda Marshall – Sebastian has a more accessible singing style compared to his brother, which is why I think he’ll go farther in this competition. His raspy vocals will record well. I can hear him on the radio right now. Very good. Zack says, “Best performance of the night…that was cool.” Jake says, “You could have pushed the choruses…you look like a star.” Farley says, “Fantastic performance.”
  • Theo Tams – “Apologize by One Republic – Theo has the confidence to sing a hit so current, that comparisons are inevitable. No matter, this classically trained singer re-arranges the song, turning it into something new. The emotion is spot on. A pretty effing awesome performance. My fav so far. Jake says, “The best thing we’ve seen.” Sass nitpicks over the key but then says, “You kick.” Farley adds, “You have a wild look.” Zach says, “It wasn’t note perfect, but Canadian Idol starts now.” Oh, and Theo basically outs himself to Ben Mulroney. Awesome.
  • Amberly Thiessen – “What Am I To You by Norah Jones – Amberly has a natural, unforced style and an easy confidence. Very nice! A little pitchy in spots, but definitely one of the stand-out performances. Sass, “Really beautiful…sweet and pure.” Farley says, “You looked incredibly comfortable, I really enjoyed that.” Zack says, “That was awesome…you could go down as one of the great discoveries…” Jake says, “Great song choice…natural and honest.”
  • Adam Castelli – “The Mess Around by the Animals – Whoa. Great retro-vibe. Adam has a ton of soul, tons of charisma and plenty of energy. Awesome. Farley says, “Wicked performance…Cool.” Zack says, “It’s not retro if it’s great.” Jake says, “It felt like a concert performance, really strong.”
  • Katelyn Dawn – “Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen – This performance totally falls apart when she hits the chorus. My ears, they are bleeding. Yikes. Her diction and phrasing suck. Zack says, “I thought it was pretty good…good on you.” Jake thought the song was too big for her. Sass says, “Next time, try something a little more up.”
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