America’s Got Talent 9 Finale Results – Liveblog and Discussion

America's Got Talent - Season 9

Magician, Mat Franco, WINS America’s Got Talent! Singer, Emily West, takes second place, followed by Acro Army, Sons of Serendip, Quintavious Johnson and Miguel Dakota.

America’s Got Talent 9 Finale Results

Which of the Top 6 will win 1 million dollars! Not to mention that headlining show in Las Vegas. Jennifer Hudson, Lenny Kravitz, Cyndi Lauper, and Train will sing duets with the contestants.

Howard calls out Mel B. on her busted zipper. OOPS. Poor Mel.

The ubiquitous Pitbull takes the stage to perform “Fireball” with the Rockettes as his backing dancers. Mr I’ve-never-met-an-awards-show-or-finale-I-didn’t-like jumps out into the crowd. He’s working the Latin vibe. The Rockettes make it SUPER CHEESY.

Now…it’s time for a recap of last night’s EXCITING PERFORMANCE FINALE. Yes. I saw it, thanks.

The Top 6 take the stage. Will we get results this early in the show? Nope. We go to commercial.

First duet! Sons of Serendip perform “Drops of Jupiter” with Train. What’s that annoying voice coming off from the side, ruining the vibe? Yeah. I know it’s his song. But I really was enjoying the sweet styles of the SOS lead singer. There’s just something about Pat Monahan’s voice that I find really jarring.

The duet is brief, to make way for a performance of “Angel in Blue Jeans” from Train.  This song is kind of awful, to be honest. The ride-em-cowboy riff is not my thing. Also, for a second, I thought that was Howie up onstage playing guitar.

Acro Army and Travis Barker (drummer for Blink 182) will perform a “duet.” Which is really weird. Travis is set high on a riser with his drum kit, while the kids do their awesome blend of dance and acrobatics to Lorde’s cover of  “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”  Travis looks super-awkward standing on stage with the troop.

Mel B changed into a fluffy white robe while her pants are being fixed backstage. Cute.

Next, it’s a video package of the judges being har de har har throughout the season.

Lookie. It’s a preview of The Voice, which premieres next Monday. This looks suspiciously familiar.

Lenny Kravitz is up next with a performance of “The Chamber.” The tall, bald-headed chick playing bass is pretty cool. He’s got a female drummer too.

Next, Miguel Dakota joins Lenny on stage for a funky version of “American Woman.”   This is actually a pretty solid pairing.  Howard thought the duet was “phenomenal.”  He loved the band.

Howard starts a bit with Nick “You’ve been sad all summer, and we all know why….” Of course it’s a set up and has nothing to do with estranged wife, Mariah Carey! “Because you’ve never won an Emmy,” is the punchline and an introduction to a video package that has the judges heaping praise on Nick while we watch season highlights, which include Nick’s turn as a mime gone crazy.  “Rumors have been swirling…” says Howie, “And it’s true…he chooses his own clothes!” Wha wha….

Joining Mat Franco on stage is ROSIE O’DONNELL! Howard is on stage as well, to assist the act.  The bit has Rosie counting cards into Mat’s hand. She passes off the rest to Howard.  When Mat asks her to hide her card, she sticks them in her bosom. Howard counts his cards into Mat’s hand. He hides his cards….IN HIS PANTS. “Only Heidi can find them here.” Rosie deadpans, “I have no interest.”  The trick is that Mat will make 3 cards travel from Rosie to Howard. This is a very entertaining bit. When Rosie takes out the cards and counts….she only has 7.  And Howie has 13!  The number 3 was a random number chosen by Mel B.  There’s so much astonishment, the bit ends in a GROUP HUG.

A Snapple thingy features the Top 6 hanging out with the judges for the first time. Since the Judges Choice was over, it was deemed appropriate.  Quintavious is a Snappleholic.

Speaking of which, Jennifer Hudson takes the stage to perform her single, “It’s Your World.”   She’s all shiny and pretty in a gold mini dress and thigh-high boots. She sounds pretty amazing.

Next, young Quintavious Johnson joins her for a duet of “And I Am Telling You.”  Jennifer graciously allows Quint to take the big moments. Their voices blend nicely. Well, except at the end. There was a little discord on the last note. Quintavious calls Jennifer a “big sister.” Jennifer says, “You are a star, my love…you’ve got talent!”

Emily West sings the first verse of “True Colors” before the divine Cyndi Lauper joins her on stage. They hold hands while they duet. Emily dials back the big voice for this one. No need to go big if she’s not competing. Love the subtlety in this performance. Very nice. The girls are a little choked up. OHHHHH. Cyndi knows Emily from The Apprentice! So that explains why Cyndi got a little choked up. She says Emily deserves great things.


The Top 6 take the stage.  And we begin. The act leaving in 6th place is Miguel Dakota. That sounds about right. He seems a little disappointed of course, but still gives props to all the other acts.

The act leaving in 5th place is Quintavious Johnson. Whoa. MASSIVE BOOS FROM THE AUDIENCE.  The crowd is not happy. Quint is smiling, nevertheless. He’s a very mature kid.  Heidi is shocked and sorry. She assures him that AGT is the first stepping stone on the way to stardom. Nick calls the 12 year old poised and professional.  Aw. He gets a consolation prize! For being only 12, maybe? He and his family are heading to Universal Resorts in Orlando.

Ed Sheeran is next! He performs his new song “Don’t” from his album, Multiply.  Tricky, tricky rhythms.

More results! The act finishing in 4th place is…Sons of Serendip.   So far, there are no surprising eliminations.  They are very gracious as they leave, even thanking the staff. “You make dreams come true.”

The act finishing in third place is…Acro Army. WELL THAT SUCKS. They deserved to win. A singer is going to take it. That’s what the producers wanted, or they would not have stacked the deck with vocalists. Howard tells the group to hold their heads high. He thanks them for a terrific season.

It’s time to announce the winner! But not before we watch a video retrospective for both finalists. THE WINNER OF AMERICA’S GOT TALENT SEASON 9 IS….MAT FRANCO! OK I’m Stunned. I was so sure Emily would win! WOW. Finally, a surprise tonight. Emily is taking 2nd place with so much grace. Mat is shocked!

And we’re out! Thanks for joining us for another season of America’s Got Talent.

Sixth Place – Miguel Dakota
Fifth Place – Quintaveous Johnson
Fourth Place – Sons of Serendip
Third Place – Acro Army
Second Place – Emily West
WINNER – Mat Franco

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