Big Brother 16 Episode 38- Eviction Liveblog and Discussion

Hey guys! I’m stepping in for MJ and will be liveblogging tonight’s eviction of Big Brother. Now that Derrick is Head of Household, who will he nominate for eviction? What will happen with the Power of Veto? Who will make Final 3 and face off on finale night? Join down in the comments as I liveblog the episode.

Julie begins the show stating that the Final 4 is filled with houseguests insisting they will all take each other to the end of the game–but tonight those promises will be broken. Next, is a recap of what happened previously in the Big Brother house.  Cut to the studio where Julie introduces the final nominations of the summer, and the veto.  Who will the Hitmen target tonight?  Next, Derrick informs Frankie that he will be the one going home.  In the Head of Household room where Frankie is saying that he will be reconnecting with the jury and be the one who convinces the rest of the jury to pick who will win the game. Caleb and the other guys don’t buy it. The show flashes back t0 when Derrick won the Head of Household. Cody is in the Fire Room saying that he needs to win the veto or he could be going home. Derrick gets a “Holla” from his daughter and it refocuses him in the game.  Derrick then talks to Victoria about nominations and says he needs to nominate her to keep up their act. He talks to Cody about nominations and says they are going to Final 2 and don’t want Caleb to go to the Final 3. Finally, Derrick talks to Caleb. He wants him to volunteer to go on the block. Derrick says the Veto is what really matters. We then go to the nomination ceremony where Derrick nominates Victoria and Caleb for eviction. Caleb says that as long as Victoria doesn’t win the veto she will be going home.

Back from break, Caleb and Victoria talk in the Head of Household room. Caleb thinks something good could be waiting for him after the show. A segment with Caleb’s family is next. Dad mentions that all of his stories have some degree of truth to them. Caleb’s parents know he has to win the next veto or he could be going home.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. The veto has a tie to the new CBS show “Stalker.” The houseguests each have a a board of clues and must match houseguests to the clues they correspond to. The 1st houseguest to do this will win the Power of Veto. Derrick doesn’t think there is a benefit to winning the competition. The houseguests all know they have to win the Veto to stay in the game. Caleb really struggles with the competition. Cody hits the buzzer and gets 2 incorrect and has to swtich them. Cody wins the Power of Veto and is guaranteed a spot in the final 3. Caleb thinks Victoria is going home. Cody is the one that will cast the sole vote to evict tonight.

We’re back from commercial break and Cody, Derrick, and Caleb are celebrating that they will make Final 3. Caleb doesn’t know that his time in the game has come to an end. He hopes the guys have his back since he’s repeatedly shown them loyalty in the game. Cody says he doesn’t have any loyalty to Caleb–they just used him to get rid of Frankie. After the break, it’s time for the live eviction. The voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest is now open.

One week from tonight, the winner of Big Brother will be crowned, says Julie. Time for the speeches from Victoria and Caleb. Victoria says she will respect Cody’s decision no matter what. Caleb thanks his family and mentions his loyalty to the guys and throws Victoria under the bus. Cody mentions that he’s had a final 2 deal with Derrick since Day 2 and will evict Caleb to further his and Derrick’s games. Caleb is blindsided by the decision to send him out the door and is disappointed by Derrick. Caleb thinks his loyalty could have cost him the game.

Julie mentions the schedule for the rest of the season. Tune in Friday night for a special episode of Big Brother and next Wednesday for the live finale when either Derrick, Cody, or Victoria will walk away with the $500,000 grand prize. See you guys next week for the finale. MJ will be recapping Friday’s episode.