America’s Got Talent 2020 Recap: Judge Cuts RESULTS Live Blog (Video)

America’s Got Talent judge cuts air tonight. It’s the first episode filmed since production was halted last March due to coronavirus concerns. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara. Heidi Klum and host Terry Crews filmed under strict social distancing protocols on an open air set in Simi Valley California . 

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Several acts will perform one more time for the judges. But most decisions on which of the 44 acts make it into the Quarterfinals will be based on audition performances. There should be some idea by the end of the episode about which acts made it. Hopefully NBC will follow up with a full press release of names. 

A title card says UNDISCLOSED MOVIE LOT HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA. Uhm, no. It’s in the Simi Valley which is miles away and very much NOT HOLLYWOOD. The judges drive up to the lot in fancy cars. Except for Howie, who has a chicken on top of his ride. OK then. The crew sit in directors chairs, socially distanced, watching the acts on a BIG drive-in movie like screen.

Terry explains that almost half of the acts who got through will have to be eliminated TONIGHT. Simon says they put through 100 acts. 

The judges comment on a quick montage of acts. It goes by really fast! There is a ton of “disagreement” between the judges, obviously for the camera. I mean, these decisions are already made, I would imagine. Howie says it’s hard to compare the online submissions with the acts they saw in person. Sofia says, “You don’t know what it means to swallow a sword.” Hm…. 

There will be two rounds of eliminations. First, the judges tell acts over Zoom whether they made it or not. Most of the acts we see. But there are a handful of heart-tugging eliminations.

Advancing to the live rounds

  • Celina –  Singer Simon tells her she’s sailing through to the next round! – 
  • Malik DOPE – The drummer heads to the live rounds. 
  • Wildcats – Texas Cheer Team is through to the live rounds
  • Kelvin Dukes – Kid singer – through to the live shows
  • Feng E – Ukulele player – through to the live shows
  • Kameron Ross – Country singer – through to the live shows
  • Annie Jones – Kid singer – through to the live shows
  • Daneliya Teleshova – Kid singer – through to the live shows
  • The Spyros Brothers – Diabolo tricks – through to the live shows
  • Bad Salsa – Dance pair from India are through to the live shows
  • Bello Sisters – Acrobats are through to the live shows
  • Thomas Day – High school football player and singer is through to the live shows. 
  • Noah Epps – Kid dancer – through to the live shows
  • Double Dragon – Unbelievably, they are through to the live shows.
  • Alan Silva The little person who does silks is through to the live shows.
  • Brett Loudermilk – the Sword Swallower is through to the live shows (He was wearing NO PANTS).
  • Alex Hooper – insult comic-  through to the live shows.
  • Usama Siddiqui – Comic –  through to the live shows.
  • Michael Y0 – Comic – through to the live shows.
  • BONEVEGA The Glam Rocker dude is through to the live shows..
  • Pork Chop Revue is through to the live shows
  • Vincent Marcus – Impressionist
  • Archie Williams – Singer who had been unjustly incarcerated for 37 years is through to the live shows


  • Jennifer and Daiquiri – Dog act – A very heartbreaking NO. I’m a little disappointed. The dogs were adorable.
  • Broken Roots – Classic rock cover band are eliminated
  • Winston – Magician 
  • Ashley Marina – Kid singer who sang 3 times is eliminated. 

During the eliminations, the judges informed 10 acts that they needed to perform again. Each judge is armed with big red X paddles, like something out of Dancing with the Stars. There are no electronics out on the lot. At the end of the show, FIVE of the bubble acts will be eliminated.

Simon & Maria – Kid ballroom dancers – Maria is better than Simon, who is very hammy, and sloppy. Sorry, other dance shows have spoiled me with their talent. They wouldn’t make it past the producers on World of Dance. Nevertheless, the judges gush over them, and believe they were even better this time. Howie disagrees they the young pair improved.

Craig Reid – Hula hooper from Scotland auditioned remotely near the end of the process. This is the first we’re seein of him. His hula hoop skills are pretty slick. And the routine is cleverly staged on a mock Las Vegas rooftop. I’m not sure I care though? I mean hula hoops? Hm  Heidi appreciates the skill. Howie thought he “popped above and beyond” Simon calls him a born performer. 

Max Major – Mentalist – He’s performing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, with a view of the strip behind him. He shares that he moved to Las Vegas, but couldn’t break through there. Max works with Simon tonight, on a card trick which involves Simon matching cards perfectly with his mind. He’s a pro, for sure.

Shaquira McGrath – Singer – Shaquira is meeting Heidi for the first time. A server in Georgia, she’s been out of work during the pandemic. She sings a piano-ballady version of  “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. It’s very pretty. Simon says she lit up the gigantic screen. Heidi liked her first audition better. She sang a country song. Simon, on the other hand, calls her song choice “smart.” 

Ty Barnett – Comedian – Ty is also meeting Heidi for the first time. In his audition, he did dad jokes about scary movies. He tears up talking about his kids. He’ll be performing new material tonight, so he’s nervous. He performs in his garage in front of friends and family. MORE DAD JOKES. Heidi calls him not only funny, but very likable. Howie calls him “wonderful.” Simon and Sofia liked his audition better. But Simon will fight for him anyway.

Brothers Gage – Harmonica players – These teen musicians want to be the next Jonas Brothers. If they played harmonica? They cover a recent hit song. It’s kind of choppy and boring. I can tell Simon isn’t impressed. They throw in some dance steps at the end. Howie isn’t sure if it was better than the last time. Heidi compares it to a music video. The boys say they sing. Maybe they should have this time.

Nolan Neal – Nolan was on both The Voice season 10 and 11. His dad committed suicide, and he struggled with alcohol, but is sober now. He sang an original song for his audition. But this time, he covers “You’ve Got the Song” on his acoustic guitar, by a raging fire. Howie loves the sound of his voice. Heidi calls his voice “special.” Simon thinks he has “good taste.” Nolan says the “promises of recovery” are coming through. Good for him.

Ryan Tricks – Mentalist and Magician – He previously appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. In his day job he works with sewage. He promises to show the judges something they’ve never seen before! Oh. Alesha Dixon from BGT is helping him with his trick. Dude’s a ringer.  Ryan magically makes text messages appear on Alesha’s phone. The judges call him amazing. Simon loves his showmanship. 

Ninja Twins – This gaytastic duo post comedy videos on youtube and appeared as a joke contestant on SYTYCD in 2014. Oh look. Ninja mom is featured in their video package. This time, they have costume changes as they sing and dance to Justin Bieber’s “Yummy,”  around their family pool and inflatable food. Terry and Howie are laughing their heads off. Simon’s mouth is agape. They finish jumping into the pool. Heidi calls them fun and infectious. Sofia calls them super entertaining. “It was so bonkers, so crazy, I actually liked that,” says Simon. 

Jonathan Goodwin – Danger act – We only saw a glimpse of him in a remote audition. He’s already been on Britain’s Got Talent, a bunch of UK shows and the Discovery channel. Jonathan does a stunt with crossbows. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS. While wearing a metal blindfold, he listens to water bottles filling to determine when a bow goes off. He manages to avoid all of them. He promises even more danger in the future. Simon is impressed, and will be fighting for him.


Advancing to the live rounds

Simon & Maria – Ballroom Dancers
Jonathan Goodwin – Danger act
Shaquira McGrath – Singer
Nolan Neal – Singer
Max Major – Mentalist


Brothers Gage – Harmonica Players
Craig Reid – Hula hooper
Ninja Twins – Joke act
Ryan Tricks – Mentalist and magician
Ty Barnett – Comedian

This is not a complete list of every act that moved on to the Quarterfinals. Hopefully, NBC will drop a press release shortly. 



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