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Finally! Auditions are over and it is time to get down to some cuts!

Hey everyone! It’s Adam, here again to recap tonight’s AGT! With auditions finally over, it is finally time to do some cuts and send some people home. Acts will be performing and some will be going home tonight, so it is bound to be dramatic! Also tonight, acclaimed actor Neil Patrick Harris will be joining the judges table with his own golden buzzer! Personally, I am a HUGE fan of NPH, and I always said if Ryan Seacrest were to ever leave American Idol, I always thought he would be a worthy replacement. Anyway, enough of my rambling, AGT starts…. NOW!

Tonight, 20 acts will perform, but only 7 will advance to Radio City…. that is a pretty harsh cuts. I hope we don’t lose any good acts, cause the last thing we need is another Beach Avenue situation.

As I said before, Dr. Horrible…, I mean Neil (you are cool in my book if you get that reference), will be joining the judges tonight. With his golden buzzer, Neil has the ability to send one act straight to the live shows.

Freelusion Dance Company are up first! Remember them? They do performances like Freckled Sky and Blue Journey. If I remember correctly, they were really talented! Let’s see if they can deliver tonight. Their act tells the story of two lovers torn apart by a devil like figure. The dance is as impressive as I remember it. All the judges except Mel and Howard stand for them. I think they are definitely going through after that. They danced with this projections and they pulled off a very competent performance. Well done fellows.

Time for the parent and son acts! The son is a juggler and the mother is a crossbow performer with help from the father. First up, is the the son, AKA Paul Ponce. Last time Paul used hats, today he is using a soccer ball. Right away, Howard buzzes him. The guy does a basic act walking and bopping the ball up off his head. It is a talent, but it is no way a million dollar act. The judges give him lukewarm critiques. I think Paul is heading home, guys.

Silvia Silvia is up next, and she is the crossbow performer and mother of Paul. She has help from her husband and does makes some impressive shots. Her last one has her shooting a target that shoots another crossbow that eventually hits an apple on her head… did anyone realize she took that last trick from Ben Blaque from a few seasons ago on this show… anyone? Anyway, the act was still cool. I think she will be going through while her son leaves.

Chapkis Dance Family are our first dance group of the night. Their leader learned to dance by studying Michael Jackson. Neil says he always wanted to see a big dance group win. They start their act, and it is good, but not that memorable. It is just kinda meh… I have seen better. I won’t remember them by the end of the night. Howard calls them out on having it be to much, and I totally agree with him. Ohhh. Howard goes on to call them “busy” and basically says they will be going home. I wouldn’t mind losing them tonight…

Oh god… the professional cuddler is next. I wish someone would tell her to mind people’s personal bubble. Samantha Hess says she is going to take over the world one hug at a time….. please send her home judges. Howard asks how she is even at this point of the competition to begin with. WHY IS SHE EVEN STILL HERE!? She asks Neil to help on stage, during which Howard buzzes her. Samantha says she is going to start with the “Fortune Cookie”…. BUZZ HER ALREADY JUDGES, COME ON THIS ISN’T THAT HARD! Unfortunately the judges make us sit through Samantha doing “The Romeo” before they get all 4 buzzes done. Howie calls the act weird. No need having her wait till the end, Samantha is going home…

Bring out Piff The Magic Dragon and Mr. Piffles already!

Elin and Noah are next, and they are the very young dancers who kicked off the auditions. They blow through their act super quickly. They were ok, not great. I’d send them home personally.

LA Children’s Orchestra is also shown really quickly. We get 10 seconds of their performances and thats it. Barely anything to judge them on…

Alondra Santos is a young mariachi singer. She has been singing since she was two, and comes out on stage in a puffy sweet 16 dress. She sings a mariachi song slowed down, and she does a solid enough job. The girl has a pretty voice, but I really liked her quiet moments more than when she was belting. The judges say she has something special about her. I don’t know though guys, I worry she might slip through the cracks, but in my opinion she did enough to advance.

Michael John is the first magician of the night. He does a trick where he makes a coin vanish than reappear in a coke can. This trick is taking too long…. and in the end it is just a lame trick. Howard buzzes him halfway through. Michael looked so nervous during it. I think he blew it tonight honestly.

FINALLY! Time for Piff The Magic Dragon! AND HE BROUGHT MR. PIFFLES! I am obsessed with this act to be honest. Piff is my personal favorite this season. He does a trick where he makes a card vanish then reappear in a can of dog food. His banter with the judges is part of the fun and it is just brilliant. And Neil being the best potential judge/host ever, USES HIS GOLDEN BUZZER ON PIFF!!!! YASSSSS! See you in Radio City, Piff!

Duo Ignite are shown super quickly. Neil calls them impressive. Howard says they stepped it up. We barely got to see them…

Myq Kaplan is a comedian. We are going through these acts super quickly, aren’t we? Myq has a story where he has a girlfriend in California that he misses. Anyway, Myq talks really really quickly, and it was kind of getting on my nerves. The judges loved him though. Tonight is really rapid fire!

Nick and Eddie are shown super quickly. Howie buzzes them, so I’d assume they are toast.

Keith Klein is shown quickly singing Just The Way You Look Tonight. Neil wishes it had more spark and Howie said he wasn’t feeling it. Yep, he is toast too.

The best band act of the season, 3 Shades Of Blue are up next. These guys are another favorite of mine. If they go home tonight we might have another case of Beach Avenue. And these guys once again prove why they are another of my favorites. I loved their performance tonight. This band rocks! The judges love them, so I expect to see them in the next round. However, before they get off the stage, Howie gives the band the worst advice ever that they need to do popular songs. Howie, STFU right there. After you sent home Beach Avenue you no longer have the right to say anything to bands. Howard disagrees with him and says they should just keep doing their own thing, which is the correct advice. Howie’s advice right there reminded me of how much I don’t like him. Can we send Howie home? Pretty please?

Marc and Kiri are shown super quickly. They are a dance duo, but the fact that we are blowing through them makes me think they won’t be sticking around.

Vibez is also sped right through, as are Xtreme Tricking and Tumbling.We barely are getting to see most of these acts!

Really? We are going to skim through a bunch of acts and yet dedicate a chunk of time to the next act? Master Qi is going to make fire with his mind. He does a whole lot of nonsense and nothing happens. This is just stupid, he should never have made it through his audition. NEXT!

Samantha Johnson is our last act of the night. Wait, we only have one act left? I haven’t filled out the 7 I think deserve to move on! Oh well, I guess I’ll give Myq another chance, because we could always use an extra comedian in this competition. Anyway, Samantha’s mother pushed her to follow her music, but she eventually left her and the family, and now her father is her biggest supporter. Lay Me Down, by Sam Smith is her song selection tonight, and she is really good. Last time we heard her I thought she was generic, and I still stand by that, but she is like premium generic, if that makes sense. With her story, she is so going through tonight none the less.

Adam’s Predictions To Advance:
1- Piff The Magic Dragon (Golden Buzzer)
2- Alondra Santos
3- Silvia Silvia
4- Freelusion Dance Company
5- 3 Shades Of Blue
6- Samantha Johnson
7- Myq Kaplan

Results after the break! Do you agree with my predictions? Who do you think is going on?

Confirmed Top 6 Advancing To Radio City Musical
1- Piff The Magic Dragon (Golden Buzzer)
2- Chapkis Dance Family (WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?!)
3- Myq Kaplan
4- Freelusion Dance Company
5- 3 Shades Of Blue (YES!)
6- Silvia Silvia
7- Samantha Johnson

I’m surprised they cut Alondra. Otherwise I was 5/6!

So that wraps up tonight’s episode, what did you think? Sound off in the comments! If you liked what you read and want to show your appreciation, you can follow me on Twitter at @adamhsamuel

This is AdamSLM signing off…

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