American Idol 2022 Recap: Top 20 Results, Performances (Video)

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The American Idol Top 23 will become a Top 20 on tonight’s special Easter 3 hour episode. Each of the contestants declared safe will perform a song. And America gets to vote! Then, the Top 14 will be revealed LIVE on ABC Monday April 18. Ten singers will be chosen by America’s Vote. Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan will choose 4 wildcards.


How to VOTE for your Favorite on American Idol Season 20

Also, on tonight’s 3 hour episode, American Idol’s reigning champ Chayce Beckham returns to perform the title track, “Doin’ it Right” from  his debut EP. Additionally, season 11 winner Phillip Phillips performs his new single “Love Like That.” and season 17 runner-up Alejandro Aranda aka Scarypoolparty also performs.

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American Idol taped the Top 20 reveal earlier this week. So, we do have spoilers. PLEASE DO NOT spoil in the comments below! Allow folks who don’t want to be spoiled to remain pure! Thanks for your consideration.

American Idol 2022 Spoilers: Top 20 Contestant List (Results)

Host Ryan Seacrest dressed in a natty green suit with a purple tie. Very Easter like. The audience is full of “Idol Super Fans” and the mosh pit is back. Oh yay. 

Ryan will announce the contestants who made the cut one by one, beginning with group one. Two singers will be left at the end. Group two will finish the night. But only one will leave the competition after Kenedi Anderson’s self-eviction.

Once a singer is declared safe, they will sing for viewer votes. 

Emyrson Flores

Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato – The 16 year old singer broke out in Hawaii with a spectacular performance. She’s sounding pretty great tonight too, with a wide vibrato and a current sound. She’s a little awkward on stage, but her performance is once again effortless. Lionel loves her attitude. “You had a strut and a walk that was great tonight.” Katy calls her one of the season’s most talented. Luke calls her a superstar in the making. The judges are totally on board.

Mike Parker

Chasing After You by Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd – It’s a good song pick for Mike. He still sounds like a singer turning country songs into R&B. I’m not convinced there is a place for him in country music. But he can SANG. And this performance is a step up from his Top 24 performance. A few of his runs are a little wobbly, but overall a good job. Katy says “you can make the room boom…it’s silky and it’s smooth.” Luke says the time is right for him. “You are checking so many amazing boxes.” He calls Mike a superstar too. Calm down Luke. Lionel calls his voice “storyteller.” Mike recently visited some grade school kids back home. 

Tristen Gressett

Sacrifice by The Weeknd – Interesting song choice. Tristen has ditched his electric guitar. Still, he delivers a rock show with a retro twist. He’s working the stage, and his vocals are suffering a little. But he’s an entertaining performer. Luke loves the energy that he puts out. He thinks the song may have put him in a box vocally. He had more to say but the judges and audience shouted him down. “You were acting like an artist,” said Lionel. Katy finds him a little scary! “You can’t stop watching. “You were cutting the air like an X Men.” 


Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac – Sage’s vibe comes straight out of Laurel Canyon via 1970. The song choice on paper is perfect. But here she sounds hoarse. This song should be a slam dunk for her, but it sounds shouty and pitchy. She could be in trouble after that. Lionel says she brought a “masterful job.” Katy says she gave the song a “whole new shape” with a “dash of Janis Joplin.” So, the judges aren’t actually going to criticize anyone tonight? 

Jay Copeland

You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse – Jay is the Austin Platinum Ticket winner, but nevertheless has fallen through the cracks. He’s a decent enough performer, but he has yet to set himself apart from the others. Tonight, he does his thing with Amy Winehouse. Katy says “You built that house one piece at a time.” Yes, it was well phrased and paced. Effortless on Jay’s part. But I’m still not excited. Luke says the performance solidified why he got the Platinum Ticket. Lionel believes Jay is living up to his potential. 

Next, the reigning American Idol winner Chayce Beckham takes the stage to perform the title track from his new EP “Doin’ it Right.” The six songs on the new set are solid! He co-wrote four of the tracks, including “Doin’ it Right.” Next, Chayce goes out on tour with Jimmie Allen. He reveals that he fishes Luke’s personal property in Nashville often.

Nicolina Bozzo 

Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks – She’s a little breathy to start. But the performance gains strength and finally comes alive when the grabs the mic on the chorus. These songs are so short. I’m not crazy about the arrangement. It took too long to get going, and then it was over. Still, Nicolina is an incredible vocalist. Luke says she knows what she’s doing as a vocalist. Lionel says she knows how to bring the absolute peak to a song. Katy compares her voice to a Ferrari. A white dove flew by Nicolina’s window while chose her song. That sealed the deal for her. 

Jacob Moran 

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing by Stevie Wonder – Jacob delivers a surprisingly jazzy version of the song. This is a complicated arrangement. He doesn’t always nail it, but kudos to him for being ambitious! That was not easy. Lionel wanted him to hit more melody. He appreciated how he ended the song. “Step into your light,” he says. Katy calls him the best singer in the competition. “No more fear, fear is done.” Luke calls him “so ready” now. 


Heartbreak Down by HunterGirl – She talked in her package about working with veterans with PTSD. She shared how songwriting is part of who she is. Tonight’s she sings an original. I can imagine Hunter singing this song on CMAs or ACMs. She possesses a special talent. Katy calls her an artist “I put my money on you girl.” Luke says she sounds like the “daggum country radio.” Lionel calls her a natural, and an A+.

Elli Rowe

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane – This is a 2010’s blast from the past! She does some interesting things with the melody. Her voice is very sweet. The band overpowers her toward the end though. A simpler arrangement would have been better. Her voice is so delicate. That’s its strength. But she seems nervous. Waiting to be called is nerve wracking for many of these young singers. Luke calls her voice pure and angelic. Lionel advises that she lean into who she is. Katy calls her “small but mighty” and “you make me feel so much.” She hopes people vote for her. 

Dan, Danielle and Scarlet remain from group 1 and only one spot remains! And Dan Marshall gets the last spot. Scarlet Ayliz and Danielle Finn are eliminated. 

Dan Marshall

Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks – In his video package, Dan admits that he kinda tanked his Top 24 performance. He’s got a decent tone. But he’s always pitchy. He needs more experience. After he has trouble with the microphone and it makes him laugh. Well, that could have been worse. Lionel thinks he could take his act on the road. Katy didn’t get it at first, but now she thinks he’s fun. Luke thinks he picked the right song. “Good job upping your game.” The show airs a clip of Garth reacting to his audition saying “that’s cool.” 

Next, Alejandro Aranda aka Scarypoolparty takes the stage to sing “The Darkness” from his album Act of Forgiveness. He plays his signature acoustic guitar licks while backed by a quartet of strings. Alejandro might be the most unusual artist to come out of American Idol. His performance is mesmerizing. 

Time for Group 2!

Ava Maybee

Anyone by Demi Lovato – Her mom used to take Ava to American Idol tapings when she was little. Mom and dad Chad Smith (drummer for Red Hot Chile Peppers)  are both in the audience. Ava might have the most unique tone of anyone left in the competition. It’s a deep and burnished alto. Switching from her rocker vibe, Ava takes on a big pop ballad and she succeeds. The song allowed that gorgeous tone to cut through. Katy thinks she reinvented the song. Luke appreciated seeing a different side to her. Lionel liked that she took a risk. 

Allegra Miles

Free Fallin by Tom Petty – Allegra shares that she has struggled with OCD, since she was a child. Allegra didn’t allow Ryan’s sudden intro rattle her. She delivers a lovely rendition of the Petty classic. So pretty.  No bells and whistles, just a few lovely embellishments in the exact right places. Luke calls it “magical” and his favorite performance so far. Lionel calls her one of the best of the evening. Katy calls her a “freaking pro.” 

Noah Thompson 

Falling by Harry Styles – His dad also wanted to be in music, gave Noah his first guitar. Noah is back to flipping unusual songs choices. This time, he turns Harry Styles pop hit “Falling” into a yearning country weeper. These song choices, performed with authentic feeling will propel Noah into the live shows. Lionel says, “You have made it my brother.” Katy calls him a “great human being… Whatever happens, you’ve got your shot.” Luke thinks he will aw shucks his way to the top. 

Leah Marlene

Heal by Tom Odell – She explains that she dropped out of college because she suffered depression, but is back to herself. Fans know Leah as the kooky song flipper. But this week she shows a completely different side. She sings a vulnerable ballad that cements her place in the competition as a gifted vocalist. This gal can SANG. It’s the best performance of the night so far. Pretty sure Leah is my favorite so far. Katy’s jaw drops. “I felt every ounce of your pain…you’re growing into the most beautiful woman.” Luke thinks the show feels like a finale. “We witnessed a possession,” says Lionel declaring the “class” the strongest ever.

Christian Guardino

Imagine by John Lennon – Christina talks in his video package about his life-altering eye surgery. He could see for the first time at 13. This is a bold song choice, only because it’s so familiar. However, there is no need to add a bunch of bells and whistles while performing this classic. He could have done just as well with less. Some of those notes felt like showboating. “You just slayed that performance,” says Luke. Lionel calls him the poster child for the power of the human spirit. “You were put on this planet to do something super powerful,” says Katy.

Now, season 11 winner Phillip Phillips returns to American Idol to sing his new song “Love Like That.” The track is a personal account of his life as a devoted husband and father. It’s nice that American Idol and Phillip made up. Remember when Phillip sued 19 Entertainment to end his management contract with them? And then for the FOX Farewell Finale in 2016, producer Nigel Lythgoe resorted to personally calling Phillips lawyer to invite him on the show, because the other producers were all NAW. Phillip actually DID appear on the farewell show, much to his fan’s delight. After the performance, Phillip says he’s still scared to death. Phillip and Luke bond over their shared hometown, Leesburg, Georgia.

Ryan introduces Fritz next. Phillip inspired him to audition for American Idol. They met earlier–Phillip calls him a “sweet kid.” 

Fritz Hager

When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish – His parents used to hold him back when it came to music. Now they urge him on. His dad even advised him to quit his security job. Fritz is a quivering ball of pure emotion. It’s like he CAN’T hold back, like an open wound, bleeding on the stage. Sometimes his vocals aren’t perfect, but it doesn’t matter. Lionel calls it a “stellar performance.” Katy is crying “you will never be misunderstood again.” Luke calls his falsetto “perfect.”

Katyrah Love

Dream by Bishop Briggs – This song choice is so much better than the cheesy Jackson 5 song she chose for the Top 24. It’s a contemporary pop song which she embellishes with beautiful soulful runs. Katyrah is a sleeper. She could make it past this round, after having little screen time in Hollywood. Katy hears moments of Whitney. She has some song suggestions for her. Luke appreciates her energy. Lionel congratulates her for winning America’s vote.  Unsaid: “Because we pegged you as cannon fodder.”

Cameron Whitcomb 

Changes by Black Sabbath – Did somebody adjust Cameron’s medication? Because he’s calmed down WAY WAY down. He’s standing still at the mic. When he does pic up the mic, it’s not too crazy. His vocal is actually solid, and emotional. He’s present in the moment. It’s like a 180 degree turn from Hawaii. “You showed how serious of an artist your growing into,” says Luke. Lionel suggests he try and stand still for two verses next time. His brother got a giant American Idol tattoo on his butt. Like, it’s huge. Crazy. 

Cadence Baker

Train Wreck by James Arthur – Cadence admits that she has struggled with nerves. Tori Kelly called her to reassure her about stepping out on her own. Cadence has never impressed me as much as her audition performance did. She’s having pitch problems. She’s better singing soulful, jazzy songs. It turns out her dad by her side at her audition made all the difference. Lionel calls it a “great performance.” Katy calls it one of her best performances. Luke thinks the performance got her back to “audience level.” 

It’s down to Lady K and Sir Blayke for the last spot…and it’s Lady K! Sir Blayke is eliminated

Lady K

Love on the Brain by Rihanna – A MUCH better song choice this time. “Love on the Brain” is right in Lady K’s wheelhouse. I’m glad she’s still here. Her soulful runs are relaxed and effortless. Hopefully she makes the Top 14. Lionel says she’s shown us all what spirit is Katy compares her to Rihanna, “She got access to the treasure chest.” Luke notes that she did not oversing. It’s her superpower! 


Scarlet Ayliz
Danielle Finn
Sir Blayke


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