American Idol 2021 Top 24 Poll Results, Power List and More

AMERICAN IDOL – “410 (All Star Duets and Solos)” – Following last week’s Showstopper round, “American Idol” continues with the All Star Duet and Solo round, SUNDAY, APRIL 4 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) GRACE KINSTLER

American Idol Top 24 rounds air Sunday and Monday. The singers will perform solos and pair up with celebrities for duets (Check out all the spoilers HERE).

Your American Idol 2021 favorites and not-so-favorites

What’s more, for the first time this season, fans will be able to vote for their favorites! And who are your favorite Top 24 contestants? Check out the results of our polls below. Grace Kinstler sits at the Top of the list with over 12% of the vote. Hunter Metts is the highest rated male at N0 3 and almost 10% of the vote. No singer dominates the field at this point. But maybe that has to do with how the poll is designed (choosing 3 instead of one). Predictably, the two singers with least amount of airtime, Alana Sherman, and Andrea Valles, sit at the bottom of the poll. 

But then again, there is Colin Jamieson who got a TON of screen time and is 3rd from the bottom. Katy Perry may love him, but the rest of you, apparently not so much!

Who was most robbed?

On the other hand, fans believe Murphy is clearly the most robbed singer. American Idol seems to now realize how popular he is, The show’s Youtube channel now features a compilation of all this performances HERE.  Too lazy to go back and look, but the most robbed singer in season 16 would probably have been Laine Hardy, cut before the Top 20. American Idol brought him back the next year and he won the show. I wonder if producers will reach out to Murphy next year?

No 2 on the robbed poll is Nia Renee, who stood out in both her audition and Showstopper performance. It’s stunning that she didn’t make it further in the competition. After her audition, I considered her a front runner.

I’m NOT going to rank all 24 contestants, but I will rank the Top 12, which align pretty closes with the poll results.

American Idol 2021 Top 12 (out of 24) Power List

  1. Grace Kinstler – Grace has an incredible set of pipes, plus she’s relatable! She’ll make the Top 5 at the very least.
  2. Cassandra Coleman – Cassandra’s nervousness and vulnerability reminds me a little of Francisco Martin from last season. Like Francisco, she makes the shakiness work for her. Plus her tone and phrasing are just gorgeous.
  3. Willie Spence – Willie is a superb R&B singer, evoking that smooth winner from Season 3, Ruben Studdard. Generally, Willie doesn’t showboat, but still sings with a ton of passion. Let’s see him flip a Mariah Carey song!
  4. Alanis Sophia –  Her cover of “Uninvited” was truly a showstopper. Is she an Alanis Morissette clone, or will she show versatility throughout the competition? That’s key for Alanis, at this point.
  5. Hunter Metts – The judges have  pushed Hunter to create big show stopping moments, but I don’t think his fans care! He’s not the best vocalist of the bunch, but he brings an intimacy to his performances that draws the audience in.
  6. Chayce Beckham – Chayce gets the most improved award and could be a dark horse in this competition. His performances are rough-hewn and compelling.
  7. Casey Bishop – Casey falls out of the Top 5 because while she started off strong, her last few performances have been a bit pitchy and shouty. It’s been hard to advance as a rocker on these shows in the past few years. Her performance of “My Funny Valentine” in the auditions put her over the edge. She needs to mix it up!
  8. Alyssa Wray – Alyssa would probably rank higher if not for fellow power singer, Grace Kinstler. As far as female power singers go, Grace is tops. Alyssa has a tendency to pick big theatrical songs. To impress, she needs to choose pop songs, and maybe scale it back a bit.
  9. Beane – If this list were ranked by personal faves, Beane would chart higher. But I don’t think the universe likes him as much as I do. He’s a singer who possesses a ton of musicality and makes smart choices. And he’s entertaining. He needs to be careful not to come off as a dilettante, however. I’ve compared him to Adam Lambert. But he really reminds me of season 4’s theatrical rocker, Constantine Maroulis
  10. Wyatt Pike – He’s quirky and interesting, but will the audience love him? He has shown a flair for songwriting. If he’s allowed to sing more originals, Wyatt might me sticking around.
  11. Caleb Kennedy – The first appearance of a country singer on this power list comes at 11? That’s practically unheard of on a singing show. For that reason, don’t be surprised if Caleb emerges as a dark horse. Like Wyatt, he’s got some songwriting skills. Originals might help him make a mark. 
  12. Ava August – Like Wyatt, Ava is also super quirky. She is an interesting talent. She might make the Top 12, or viewers could find her a little too offbeat.

American Idol Top 24 All Star Duets and Solos air Sunday April 4 and Sunday April 5 on ABC. 

American Idol 2021: Favorite Top 24 Contestant (Choose Your Top 3)

  1. Grace Kinstler – 12.52%
  2. Cassandra Coleman -9.9%
  3. Hunter Metts – 9.9%
  4. Alanis Sophia – 9.05%
  5. Willie Spence – 8.38%
  6. Beane – 8.26%
  7. Chayce Beckham – 7.41%
  8. Alyssa Wray – 5.89%
  9. Casey Bishop – 5.35%
  10. Wyatt Pike – 3.89%
  11. Ava August – 3.1%
  12. Liahona Olayan – 2.19%
  13. Anilee List – 2.07%
  14. Mary Jo Young – 2%
  15. Madison Watkins – 1.88%
  16. Deshawn Goncalves – 1.64%
  17. Jason Warrior – 1.4%
  18. Hannah Everhart – 1.34%
  19. Caleb Kennedy – 1.09%
  20. Graham DeFranco – 0.91%
  21. Cecil Ray – 0.61%
  22. Colin Jamieson – 0.55%
  23. Alana Sherman – 0.49%
  24. Andrea Valles – 0.18%

American Idol 2021 Top 24 Who Was Robbed? (Pick One)

  1. Murphy – 48.86%
  2. Nia Renee – 15.98%
  3. Althea Grace – 5.48%
  4. Laila Mach – 5.48%
  5. Amanda Mena – 5.25%
  6. Drake McCain – 4.34%
  7. Alex Miller – 4.11%
  8. Ronda Felton – 3.2%
  9. Anthony Guzman – 1.6%
  10. Emisunshine – 1.6%
  11. Caroline Lamb – 1.6%
  12. Funke – 1.37%
  13. Lizzy O’Very – 1.13%

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