American Idol: Is Cassandra Coleman the next Florence Welch? (Video)

American Idol Showstopper: Cassandra Coleman

American Idol 2021 Top 24: Is Cassandra Coleman the next Florence Welch?

It’s not often that someone gets multiple spotlight pieces. But Cassandra Coleman’s performance his week (March 28), vying for a spot in the American Idol Top 24 was that good. So here I am, once again raving about the angelic singer who is a coffee shop manager from Columbia, Tennessee. It’s also not often that you see indie artists like Sigrid and AURORA performed on a mainstream show like American Idol. I am happy to see some good indie talent highlighted this season like Cassandra and Cassandra’s duet partner Wyatt Pike and a few others. It is sad that the talented Murphy left the competition tonight, but the show probably only had so many indie slots this season.

Cassandra is a bundle of nerves

Cassandra cries before her performance. She is a bundle of nerves. Dueting with Wyatt during Hollywood calmed her down, but she wonders if she’ll ever get over the nerves when alone on stage. It’s a bit similar to the storyline they gave finalist Francisco Martin last year. However, Cassandra has yet to mess up a lyric or be really off for part of a performance like Francisco was a few times during Hollywood week last year. Somehow the nerves work for her, bringing her to her most vulnerable self in order to really feel the performance.

Cassandra states, “I’m just already imagining myself, walking onto the stage, feeling the cold on my toes, thinking this is it.” Cassandra comes out barefoot and indeed feels it! She sings “Running With The Wolves” by Norwegian singer AURORA. Side note: if you haven’t heard of AURORA, she is a very interesting talent. Back to Cassandra, her warbly almost shaky belts are appealing and moving. She is a stylist who makes some really interesting choices, especially at the end, when she gets really vulnerable and goes for some low notes. Then, she reduces the volume of her voice into some belts and she finally finishes it off with a haunting high note. It wasn’t a perfect vocal, but Cassandra impresses me each time around with her star quality.

Will Cassandra make the Top 24?

Cassandra walks into the Green Mile part of the competition calmly, stating that she is happy to make it this far. Judge Katy Perry namedrops her friend Florence Welch, comparing Cassandra favorably to the Florence + the Machine frontwoman. Cassandra moved to the music in this round, but Katy and Luke said she will eventually find her “freedom” and start dancing around to find that growth, even if it’s just “baby steps” right now.

Luke says the problem is so many people have it (consistency) right off the bat, but he says the other problem is…they don’t want to see her go! Cassandra makes the Top 24 and is shocked. She asks, “how do I trust in myself?” and the judges reply that she’s got it and needs to believe in herself. Then, Katy says something beautiful, “study your heroes Cassandra because you are about to come one of them.” The singer promises to try to dance next round, before dancing her way into the Top 24!

Check out my past writeup to see some of the comparisons and some past covers and performances she has done. 

Here’s a little reflection of the genre challenge round from Cassandra HERE. Watch her and Hunter Metts sing a cover of “Caroline” by Season 13 American Idol semifinalist Briston Maroney HERE.  

American Idol 2021 Top 24: Cassandra Coleman sings “Running with Wolves” by AURORA


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