American Idol Audition: Cassandra Coleman Impresses Despite Nerves

AMERICAN IDOL 402 (Auditions) American Idol continues its journey to find the next superstar as the original music competition series airs SUNDAY, FEB. 21 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/John Fleenor) CASSANDRA COLEMAN

Cassandra Coleman Goes From “I Don’t Really Perform” to Delivering One of the Best American Idol Auditions of the Season

Cassandra Coleman started off her American Idol audition with a rendition of “The Way it Was” by The Killers–not a typical song choice. The Columbia, Tenn. singer opened her mouth and lived up to the remarks I made in my season preview. I called her a mix of Birdy and Fleetwood Mac. During her audition, Cassandra’s tone cut through the entire room. I don’t remember liking someone’s tone this much on Idol. Her talent is on further display when, at Lionel Richie’s request, she sits at the piano and performs “Apologize” by OneRepublic. She seems to have some nerves, but still nails the song with those silky-smooth runs and beautiful indie tone.

Cassandra isn’t lying about her “I Don’t Really Perform” statement, but she does admit to singing online. In an Instagram post  she talks about her botching a performance when she was 17. Cassandra also performs on one of the most used karaoke apps, Smule where she has become widely known as @cassietheginger with 45.2K followers. What’s more, she is a verified user and has even been asked to create a music video for a song on there. I think she’s going to make it far, and just a suggestion if you’re reading Cassandra, I think Cassie The Ginger would make for a pretty good stage name, but either way I love your voice.

Judges Luke Bryan and Katy Perry are especially in awe and compare her to Edie Brickell and Sara Bareilles, but in her own way as they make it clear that her voice is very distinct and her own thing. As Judge Katy Perry said, Cassandra really does have the “voice of an angel.”

Cassandra’s Instagram, Cassandra’s cover of “If the World is Ending” on Smule, Cassandra’s music video acoustic cover of Jasmine Thompson’s “Adore.” 

Watch Cassandra Coleman’s American Idol 2021 Audition

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