American Idol Audition: Grace Kinstler Sings in Her Dad’s Memory


American Idol 2021 Audition Spotlight Grace Kinstler

Grace Kinstler (20), a college student from Chicago, is a musical prodigy. She attends the Berklee College of Music where a number of singing show alums have studied. She has done several singing/theater productions and she has performed the National Anthem for the Chicago Bulls. A quick internet search will lead you down a trail of impressive covers.

The American Idol premiere featured an emotional group of auditions including DJ Johnson and Grace’s heartbreaking stories. In a night of hyperbole and comparisons, which American Idol auditions and premieres tend to have a lot, this was one of the more emotional/heartbreaking episodes of the show.

Grace Sings in Her Dad’s Memory and Displays a Massive Range That Will Make Her A Force to be Reckoned With

Grace explains in her audition intro that she used to watch American Idol with her parents, and that last February, her father suddenly passed away. She is grieving, but she knows that he would have been there with her, supporting her dream. She wears her father’s Leo necklace in her audition in his memory.

Grace doesn’t let up when she opens up her mouth. She belted out Gladys Knight’s’ Midnight Train to Georgia, and oh my! I wasn’t a huge fan of the arrangement, but her voice is everything! I’m glad the judges asked for another song because “Natural Woman” written by the great Carole King and made famous by the great Aretha Franklin displayed her range and voice even better. She sang it like the “legend” she wants to be as judge Katy Perry asked for. Luke Bryan admitted he cried for the first time during an American Idol contestant performance. Lionel Richie was equally impressed.

Grace can sing both modern and Broadway classics

I think Grace will impress even further with better song choices. The songs she chose for her audition are overdone, and decidedly “in the box.” I’m fine with that, because I look forward to more in the future. An audition really is just a glimpse into these singers’ future journeys on Idol.

I think Grace should attempt some of the modern big vocalists to show she can be current too. Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus are two great examples. She has the voice to sing big pop ballads, or even delve into angsty pop rock. I’ve put one theatrical cover below and another that is pop rock. Her versatility and range are two things that are going to make her thrive on this season of Idol.

Check out her soulful take on pop rock song “Don’t Forget” by Demi Lovato HERE.  Listen to Grace tackle the  Broadway Hit “Burn” from Hamilton HERE.

Watch Grace Kinstler’s American Idol 2021 audition below


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