American Idol Audition: Benson Boone Tik Tok Star Made Katy Swoon

American Idol 2021 - Tik Tok Star Benson Boone auditions for the judges
(ABC/Christopher Willard) BENSON BOONE

American Idol 2021 Audition Spotlight: Benson Boone – Tik Tok Star That Made Katy Swoon

Benson Boone has 1.3 million followers on Tik Tok; So far, only the infamous Claudia Conway has more. He didn’t start as a singer on Tik Tok. He didn’t start regularly posting singing videos on Tik Tok until late August, which is most likely the same time he was going through the American Idol casting process. At that time, his vocals wowed his followers, and his  page continued to grow.

I did a little hunting and found his first Tik Tok singing video right here. He has posted videos displaying his range. I think that Benson has untapped potential when it comes to his range and doesn’t even know what he is capable of yet.

Benson’s American Idol audition wowed the judges

At his audition, Benson (18) from Monroe, Washington claimed that he only started singing a year ago and even admitted to never using a microphone. Then, he tested out a few keys on the piano, at which point he admitted that he hadn’t played in a while. The performance had trainwreck potential, but Benson opened his mouth and wowed the judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Katy called him a heartthrob!

He had a nervous energy at the start of his audition. His low notes sounded a little affected at times, but Benson is a natural performer, and it showed the more he sang. He looked comfortable as he switched registers quickly and launched into the high notes. In his upper register, he sounded stunning.

The singer displayed great amounts of emotion on the beautiful lyrics of “Punchline,” written and originally sung by X Factor’s Aidan Martin. I think that this is just the start for Benson Boone, whose name rolls off the tongue. Benson has star potential; that’s for sure. He is a bit green and  at times seems slightly unsure of himself when he sings. He has room to grow, but I think he’s got the tools to go far.

I included this in my preview of contestants’ article that I wrote earlier this month. Benson has a viral cover of “In the Name of Love” by Bebe Rexha that Bebe, herself, praised in the comments section. Check it out HERE

Check out Benson Boone’s American Idol 2021 Audition below

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