American Idol 11 – Top 13 Post- Reveal Ranking

Just for fun–here’s a post-reveal ranking of the American Idol 11 Top 13. I’m sure this list will change once the contestants perform their songs on Wednesday. I have no doubt many of you disagree with me and I want to know about it! How do you rank the Idols?

  1. Jessica Sanchez – As Jimmy said, Jessica is in the pole position right now. But funny thing about early front runners. They usually don’t win.
  2. Phillip Phillips –  A good semi-final performance from Phil on top of earlier buzz-worthy performances puts Phil at #2 on the list.  He’s the type of guy who often wins Idol. (Nope. Not going to use THAT acronym. I’m over it.)  I see lots of chatter from folks who feel a P2 squared win is inevitable, but I’m not buying that.  I really believe a girl could win it this year.
  3. Heejun Han – Everybody Loves Heejun. It should be a TV show, with Heejun the star. He ranks high now, but I think his vocal limitations will catch up with him. He’ll go out mid pack–far enough to make the tour. It’ll be all good.
  4. Skylar Laine –  Skylar is a little pistol. And a smart one at that.  Her combo of spunk and vocal talent will take her far in this competition.
  5. Colton Dixon – Colton may be a player to be reckoned with as well. His showy semi-final performance with the piano jumping et. al. got him noticed.  Right now, he’s a contender, but we’ll see if he can keep things interesting.
  6. Hollie Cavanagh – Hollie’s got a big old fashioned voice. If she can keep her nerves down and manage to nail her numbers, she could stay in the game. But she’s got to show more personality, or she’ll be Pia’d.
  7. Elise Testone –  My personal favorite.  Right now she’s a midpacker, but she could pull a Haley Reinhart and move ahead of the pack.  Her musicality and confidence could take her far.
  8. Joshua Ledet – He was overshadowed a bit by Jermaine Jone’s return, but I’m hoping he can continue to knock his performances out of the park. I expect him to climb up this list.
  9. Shannon Magrane –  I’m not convinced this talented young girl has the confidence or maturity to go the distance.  She could surprise us, however.  Pulling the God card during the semis was a very smart move.
  10. Erika Van Pelt – She’s an underdog at the moment, but there is no denying her talent. She could be a dark horse in this race.
  11. Deandre Brackensick – He’s got potential, but I’ m not convinced he’ll be able to realize during the course of the competition.
  12. Jermaine Jones – He was voted through to the Top 10, but I think that was a pimp spot/sympathy vote.  I think he’ll struggle to make the tour.
  13. Jeremy Rosado –  I won’t be surprised if Jennifer Lopez’s boy is eliminated.  He seems like such a nice kid, but there’s nothing about him that stands out particularly.
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