Possible Spoilers

Sigh.  No song spoilers yet.  Everybody is staying tight-lipped this week, folks.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting a lot of comments and questions today about possible spoilers.   Here’s what I know about some of the rumors floating around on the internets.

Over at Idolonfox.com, the Fox Official  Idol message board,  Elliott Yamin’s girlfriend is posting up a storm.    She’s been teasing the posters over there with some “hints”.   She knows what the guys are singing, but will only say that Elliott’s song is  a one-word title, and that Taylor’s  is a 5-word title.   There’s been a ton of speculation around these hints, including the guess that  “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” (five words)  could be the song that Taylor is singing.   According to Elliott’s girl, Taylor and Elliott are becoming  fast friends.

And, Elliott’s girlfriend may  have started the rumor that the Top 8 will be performing live this week, rather than pre-taping the show.  She  posted over at Idolonfox.com, ”  No taping this week, it is live this week, I’m  nervous, I liked the pre-tape.”  

I haven’t heard this particular rumor anywhere else.   Idol  performance shows have never gone live during the preliminary rounds.   In fact, last year, the  performance shows  didn’t go live until the Top 11.    Results shows, FYI,  whether preliminaries or finals, are always live.

Not so fast, though.  I found this blurb on the Idolonfox.com front page, “While youre waiting for tomorrow live show, get to know your favorite finalists better…”   Live as in live and not pre-taped? I don’t know. Has anybody heard  if the girls taped tonight?

A reader  asked if Ace would be singing the Prince song “Cream.”   That particular  spoiler is FAKE, and is part of a pretty funny fake spoiler list that was posted at Idol Forums earlier today.   According to that list, Katharine McPhee  is singing “Take This Job and Shove It.”   Pretty funny, but FAKE.

I’ve had a few enquiries about Bucky Covington’s  song for this week.   Yep, I’ve been able to spoil Bucky’s tunes the last couple of weeks.   However, I’ve heard that Bucky’s twin brother Rocky is out in Hollywood right now, and both are staying tight-lipped.   Bucky assures everyone that his song will be awesome–therefore he wants y’all to be surprised on Wednesday.   Bucky’s camp is keeping very quiet.   ETA:   Friend of the family posted over at TWOP.   The friend talked to the twins–they hinted that the song would be considered very “safe” for Bucky.

I’ve been reading and hearing a ton of speculation about contestant song choices, but nothing concrete has materialized.  

So, as of right now?   I have NO song spoilers to post.   Damb.  

One last thing.   I think some folks misunderstood my last post.   I’m asking that people  who have information email me, not people who want information.   Although, if you’d like  to drop me a line to say hello, that’s cool too.   The minute I have any credible information, I’ll post it here–I promise.

thanks to my pals at the hh for pointing me in the right direction