Some Spoilers

Apparently, the mods over at the Official Forums at have gone into overdrive deleting threads that are deemed “off topic” or contain spoilers. Way to ruin the fun, Official Boreds. My advice to anyone who feels frustrated with idolonfox right now, is to find a cool private fan forum or start your own.  There are a bunch of unofficial fan forums listed here for each contestant.  Unofficial rocks my socks…

Spoiler Rumors So Far

All the Spoilers I have so far are just rumors, remember…

Spoilers from my comments section:

Thanks to Alison who tells me that a hint about Elliott Yamin’s song choice was posted at (it has since been deleted):

“It just wouldn’t be fair to spoil the surprise, however, the artist (initials)is in this text…”

According to Alison, the poster goes on to say that the song won a grammy, and Frank Sinatra did a cover version.

Alison thinks the song could be, “‘Teach me Tonight’ — originally recorded by Frank in the ’50s and more recently won a grammy for Al Jarreau.” 

That would be a great tune for Elliott, if true. Thanks, Alison!

Also on

According to some women’s father who works with Taylor’s cousin (did you guys get all that?) Taylor’s song choice tonight is “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry.   This particular rumor seems highly suspect to me.  But thanks to Andrea for the tip…

Tina sez (thanks tina) she heard “on the boards” that Ace Young will sing Jackie Wilson’s “Lonely Teardrops.”

Prior Spoilers:

According to a poster from one of Taylor Hicks’s Yahoo Groups, Taylor’s grandmother says that his song choice is “Not Fade Away”, by Buddy Holly.  Hints left by “Troyton” from points to Buddy Holly as well.

Finally, friends and family of Bucky Covington have been hinting at an Elvis Presley song as his song choice.

Somebody somewhere–who knows the actual song choices–may be reading this and laughing hysterically.  ‘Cause each and every one of these could be wrong.  But I hope not.  Hee.

Simon’s Latest Spin:

According to Margaret (thanks for the comment), On Fox this morning, Simon said that “Taylor would be the best tonight by far, followed by Katharine.”