Dial Idol – Back Online

Dial Idol is back on line, ya’all.  From the site owner:

“As you can see, DialIdol is back online. There was no legal case to begin with but I had to make sure with professional legal advice. I suppose FremantleMedia might chose to push the issue further but I hope not. I have changed the DialIdol logo and made a few other cosmetic changes but other than that DialIdol is still the same old web site.”  Thanks to cahaba lily for the comment!

One more Spoiler that may or may not be true:

A friend of Ace Young’s posted on aceyoung.net forum that Ace will be performing his own version of “In the Still of the Night” by the Five Satins (first released in 1956, but released again in 1960 and 1961), which he “re-composed” himself.

Again, according to this friend, Ace will be performing LAST tonight.  According to the reader who emailed the info, this particular “friend” has spoiled correctly in the past.