Oh Dear

Oh Dear.  In regard to this

Just for the Record:

  • I have no idea who “Lamont and Ray”/Troyton who started the “Goldfish Patrol” thread over at Idolonfox.com really is, or what his/her connection is to Taylor or anybody else. I’ve been lurking in the thread there, and came to the conclusion that he/she might be or could be Taylor’s manager or ex-manager because, mixed in with the fish chatter is information about other artists who are not Taylor.
  • Leave cheese out of it, please.  Cheese merely reported that “Lamont and Ray” hinted at what Taylor’s song might be tonight.
  • Yes, I think “Troyton” speaks in riddles and a lot of it is fluff that has a few morsels of truth stirred in.  My opinion only, of course.  But, really, I’m not trying to ruin the fun.  Just wondering what the deal is.

A couple of Spoiler rumors have been posted in the comments thread here, including an alternate spoiler for Taylor.  After I do some research, I’ll be back with more.  Thanks for hanging in.