American Idols Live – Portland Oregon – 07/05/09

*Watch This Space for Updates*Here’s your concert post for tonight!   The concert begins at 7 PM PT Updated set list: HERE. VIDEOS: Kris: “Heartless”, “Hey Jude”, “No Boundaries”, “Bright Lights”, “Ain’t No Sunshine” Adam:   “Starlight”, “Starlight”, “Starlight” (combo), Bowie Medley, “Mad World”, “Mad World”–Excellent quality, “Slow Ride”, (partial) “Slow Ride” (complete) /w Allison, […]

The Idols Greet Fans At the Fences and Other Pre-Concert Stuff

The Idols took to the fences this afternoon to greet fans outside the venue.   For more on the pre-concert doings of the Idols: The LA Times, videos and photos HERE, USA TODAY interviews and video interviews HERE Interviews and twitter poster from the Seattle Times HERE On Portland video interviews–Anoop and Kris, Adam and […]

Can You Duet: The Singles Perform

This this week’s Can You Duet had the judges putting together duos out of single contestants. The ones who survived, were the duos who managed to not only put together decent performances on a dime, but were able to muster up some chemistry, despite being strangers. Former American Idol Season 7 contestant, Brandon Green survives […]

Tour Spoilers From Dress Rehearsal

Some fans who were hanging outside the arena in Portland were invited in to watch dress rehearsal for tonight’s debut American Idols Live concert. There are various twitters (here and here) and an account on Idol Forums HERE.   Here’s a list of spoilers I cobbled together: Michael Sarver: “I’m in Love with a Girl” […]

Idol Headlines for 07/05/09

Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta — American Idols to dye for Adam has blue highlights in his jet-black hair. They weren’t always noticeable under televison lights, but they’re very apparent when meeting him in person. “They’re a little punched up now from where they were,” he says. “The inspiration was one of those black feathers, […]

More On Danny Gokey’s Nashville Meetings

Brian Mansfield of Idol Chatter reports a little more on Danny Gokey’s meetings with record labels last week. Not only did he meet with Sony Nashville, but also with Word, a Christan Label: When Danny Gokey was in Nashville this past Tuesday, he met not only with Sony Nashville but with Word Entertainment. But Danny […]

American Idols Live: First Reports from Portland

Richard Rushfield of the LA Times is in Portland to cover the American Idols Live debut concert in Portland tonight, and he tells a remarkable story of a very invested Idol fan. Security! One of the group told of the particularly impressive depths to which she had gone to get to see her Idols. If […]