The Voice 25 Recap – The Battles Part 3 Live Blog (Videos)

The Voice 25 - Kyle Schuesler, Madison Curbelo
Pictured: (l-r) Kyle Schuesler, Madison Curbelo — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

The Voice 25 Recap: Battles Continue in Night 3 (Live Blog)

The Battles continue tonight on Season 25 of The Voice!

As always, contestants from each team – Team John Legend, Team Reba McEntire, Team Chance the Rapper and Team Dan and Shay – will be paired up to battle and only one will come out on top.

The losing contestant is either eliminated or has the chance to be stolen by another coach’s ONE steal. Only Dan and Shay and John have a steal left.

Each coach can also use their ONE Playoffs Pass to save their own eliminated contestant and send them straight to the Playoffs. Only Dan and Shay have a Playoffs Pass left.

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Team Reba – Donny Van Slee vs Josh Sanders – When It Rains It Pours

Perfect song for these two who have twangs, but Josh is already beating Donny in my opinion. Donny’s got runs and his voice is so smooth. Love the way they’re both playing guitar. Donny almost looks robotic while Josh looks like such a natural.

Chance calls Donny a clear cut star and compliments Josh’s runs and tells Reba that she won’t lose with either one. Dan and Shay compliment their energy but say they shine better individually, and Josh has better control over his vocals. John says he enjoyed the way Donny looked like he was enjoying himself and says Josh’s performance was well executed. Reba says she’s bonded with them both and gets emotional thinking of her decision.

Reba chooses Josh.

Team Legend – Ronnie Wilson vs Gene Taylor – When I Was Your Man

Great song for their voices. Ronnie captures the emotion of the song better, but Gene’s voice sounds more seasoned. Now Ronnie’s proving me wrong with those high notes! Chance starts cheering and clapping and standing and it’s not even his team LOL

Reba says she loved both of their tones and they were crazy on the high notes. Chance says they both have cool individual tones that mesh together well. Dan and Shay say some of Gene’s notes weren’t illegal in California. John says it was honest and authentic and full of heart.

John chooses Gene.

Team Dan and Shay – Madison Curbelo vs Kyle Schuesler – Lucky/Suerte

Kyle’s voice almost feels too powerful for a laid back song like this. Madison singing it in Spanish is super cool, and love when Kyle joins in in Spanish with her. Their voices don’t pair well unfortunately.

John says they gave us a beautiful performance, Madison was brilliant and Kyle nailed singing in Spanish. Reba says they’re simply showoffs, she didn’t know what Madison was singing but it touched her heart and she loves Kyle’s tone. Chance says either of them could win the show, and urges Dan and Shay to use their Playoff Pass because he thinks John wants to steal Kyle. Dan and Shay it was the most cohesive performance so far and it’s a tough pairing.

Dan and Shay choose Kyle. John then uses his steal on Madison. BUT Dan and Shay use their Playoff Pass on Madison!

Team Chance – Bri Fletcher vs Serenity Arce – Someone To Love

A/N: Can I just take a moment during the commercial break to say how much I love both Reba and Chance? Chance seems like an absolute sweetheart and Reba is the coolest woman going, I wish she was my aunt.

Gorgeous song. Bri sounds like she’s struggling and once again, Serenity’s voice sounds too powerful for this. Bri has beautiful runs though. Okay Bri brought it back with a high note. They sound beautiful together though.

Dan and Shay say Serenity lived in the song and Bri sounded more outside it. John says Bri had power and range and he was impressed by Serenity’s tone. Reba says she wants to feel something from the performer and if they don’t feel it, she won’t feel it. Chance compliments Serenity’s pitch and specific tone and calls Bri a strong singer.

Chance chooses Serenity.

Team Chance – Dani Stacy vs Corey Curtis – Best Part

They only show a snippet of their battle.

Chance chooses Dani.

Team Dan and Shay – Ducote Talmage vs Ryan Coleman – Rock And A Hard Place

Perfect song for these two. Ducote sings it a bit angrily though. Ryan has a naturalness to him.

John says he liked Ducote ‘s raspiness but should’ve dialed the growl back a bit. Reba says she loved Ducote’s tone and doesn’t say much about Ryan. Chance says Ryan wanted it and had great control. Dan and Shay say they’re proud, Ducote was pitchy at first but is a star on stage and Ryan’s pitch is fantastic and he’s a technically strong singer.

Dan and Shay choose Ducote.

Team Legend – Jackie Romeo vs Olivia Rubini – Edge Of Seventeen

Pairing these two is KILLING me. They’re both so good!! This song comes to Olivia naturally, but Olivia’s take is super impressive with it being not her style. They really made this a fire duet rather than a battle.

Reba compliments them both and passes on choosing someone. Chance says Jackie has a fuller voice and Olivia has a soft vibe. Dan and Shay say it looked and sounded like they were having so much fun and they could feel their individuality. John says he loves their interaction and unique approaches to the song.

John chooses Jackie. Just as Olivia is walking off, Dan and Shay steal her!

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