So You Think You Can Dance 2024 Recap: Season 18 Choreography Round – Top 10 Revealed! (Videos)

So You Think You Can Dance 18
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So You Think You Can Dance 18 Choreography Round – Top 10 Revealed!

After three episodes of auditions, the Top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance Season 18 is about to be revealed after tonight’s Choreography Round!

The episode begins with the contestants taking part in stretches before diving into the Choreography Round.

Group 1 – Kenidee, Easton, Lihi, Jainil, ?

They all looked great but Kenidee fell behind at times.

Easton moves on.

Group 2 – Dariel, Nathan, Delaney, Mariyah, Ali

Dariel fell behind at times because this didn’t look like his style of dance.

Mariyah and Ali move on.

Group 3 – Julian, Kylee(?), ?

Kylee looked out of place at times honestly.

Julian and Kylee(?) move on.

A/N: This episode isn’t giving any spellings of names so I apologize if there are misspellings.

Group 4 – Roman, Katie(?), ?

Roman just proved that ballroom dancers CAN do other styles!!

Roman and Katie(?) move on.

Group 5 – King, Victor, ?, Madison, Anthony

The girl who isn’t Madison looked like she wasn’t following along with the rest at all.

Madison and Anthony move on.

Group 6 – Jake, Dakayla, Olivia, Kaylee, Cole

That choreo was way too difficult to even change up for Kaylee to make it flow. Ridiculously unfair.

Jake, Dakayla, Olivia move on. #JusticeforKaylee

Group 7 – Olivia, John, Ariana, Avery, Braylon

Avery kills it.

Avery and Braylon move on.

Group 8 – Jin Lee, Andrew, Gracie, Dakota, Jaylin

This group was a mess. Maks said right out, “Get it together!” Jin Lee was a disaster, they weren’t in sync, Andrew was the only one who at least knew the choreo.

Comfort admits they were very disappointed in this group.

Jaylin and Andrew move on.

The next round is a partner dance.

Braylon and Olivia, Anthony and Kylee(?)

They both make great pairs but Olivia and Braylon have a little extra something.

Easton and Dakayla, Jake and Ali

Both pairs have great chemistry.

Andrew and Madison, Jaylin and Mariyah

Andrew and Madison are without a doubt better suited for this choreo and have more of a connection.

Katie(?) and Roman, Avery and Julian

These are the ones to beat, Dakayla and Avery especially.

So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Revealed

Dakayla Wilson
Madison Alvarado
Easton Magliarditi
Roman Nevinchanyi
Olivia Alboher
Mariyah Hawkins
Anthony Anderson Curley
Avery Gay
Braylon Brower
Jaylin Sanders

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