The Voice 25: Jackie Romeo Vs Olivia Rubini Battle Ends in a Steal

The Voice 25 - Olivia Rubini, Jackie Romeo
Pictured: (l-r) Jackie Romeo, Olivia Rubini — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 25; Jackie Romeo and Olivia Rubini’s Rockin’ Stevie Nicks Battle Results in a Steal

The Voice Season 25 started the second and final week of Battles on Monday (March 25). This episode continued the use of the Playoff Pass as well as the Steal for the coaches. There was some solid singing, including a battle between Team John Legend singers with a song choice that favored one team member over the other. In an unlikely event, the singer who was unfamiliar with the song, actually took home the victory. (Read our Recap)

John paired pop belter Jackie Romeo and retro rock singer Olivia Rubini to sing “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks. Jackie is unfamiliar with the song as it’s outside of her lane. Olivia grew up on music like this. Olivia teaches Jackie some rock history as she knows little about anything rock. Jackie feels a bit intimidated, but the two strike up a friendship.

The Voice 25 - Olivia Rubini, Jackie Romeo
Pictured: (l-r) Olivia Rubini, Jackie Romeo — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

“Sing Jackie!”

John assigned the the duo the song after Jackie covered Miley Cyrus in her audition and Olivia’s style appeared to be a natural fit. Jackie admitted to John that although she’s never heard the song, she relates to its theme of loss after her grandma recently passed away. In rehearsal, John compared Jackie’s “crispy” voice to “the best southern fried chicken,” and he loved Olivia’s “old-school sensibility.” Olivia was grateful for the opportunity to be the last chair, as she considered going to law school after graduation, but felt like music was meant to be. John had the two singers work out the ending “oohs,” and he suggested they not sing in unison in one part. Although he didn’t have a Playoff Pass left, John strongly believed that the pair could result in a steal.

For the battle, the two opened the song together before Jackie got her solo part. She nailed the opening, and her unique tone shone through. She took some creative freedom on runs, and had a few nice vocal moments which had John exclaiming “sing Jackie!” Olivia had a deeper sound, and was a bit more conventional on the song. The singer possesses a nice cry in her voice. The two fed off each other’s energy and looked engaged in the performance. The two hit some big notes as the performance came to an end. Because Jackie had bigger vocal moments, and her sound is so unique, I would go with her.

A dramatic steal means both singers move on to the Playoffs

Reba McEntire said Jackie’s “voice is great and stage presence is wonderful” and that Olivia has “pipes.” She couldn’t choose one over the other. Chance the Rapper said Jackie has the “fuller voice,” and that Olivia has a “cool, soft vibe” with the ability to belt too. He would go with Jackie. Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay called the battle “one of the most together performances in the battles rounds.” Shay Mooney loved their “individuality.” He joked about Olivia coming over to the country side as she wore a cowboy hat for the Battle.

John was impressed saying Olivia had a “stylized, softer approach” and that Jackie’s voice “cuts through.” He picked Jackie as the winner of the battle. Dan + Shay steal Olivia at the very last second. Olivia is thrilled. Dan + Shay said they would’ve turned for Olivia initially, but their team was full at the time.

Other than Jackie and Olivia, the battle that stood out on Monday was Team Dan + Shay’s battle between pop singer Kyle Schuesler and 4-chair returnee Madison Curbelo with a bilingual rendition of Jason Mraz’s “Lucky” which resulted in a win for Kyle, and a Playoff Pass for Madison (Watch HERE). The Battles will end on Tuesday night, and John is the only coach with a steal left.

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