The Masked Singer 11 Recap: Who Was Unmasked on TV Theme Night?

The Mased Singer 11
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The Masked Singer 11 Group C continues: Who Was Unmasked on TV Theme Night?

The Masked Singer season 11 continues on to week 4. Interestingly, Group C immediately returns for another week (rather than bringing back Group A or B). Nick Cannon hosts, while Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Ken Jeong sit on the judges panel alongside new judge, Rita Ora.

The returning mystery celebrities include Lizard, Clock, and Poodle Moth and a WILDCARD. One celebrity will be unmasked by the end of the night.

The judges open the show with a performance from that classic 60s comedy, Gilligan’s Island. A THREE HOUR TOUR! REALLY REALLY BAD LIP SYNCING! The masks pay tribute to theme songs including “Scooby-Doo,” “The Hills” and “Good Times.”


Clues: She’s had her fair share of ups and downs. Clock renewed. Mississippi river trail. Car motor. She was married and had children. Let’s keep the good times rolling.

Performance: Good Times – Clock probably comes out of the Good Times era. Now I’m thinking she’s a former Disco queen, who had hits back in the day. Her vocals sound different this week. Last week, I thought it might be Bette Midler, but DEFINITELY NOT. The clues don’t fit and it doesn’t sound like her. Jill Whelan from the Love Boat delivers the on stage clue. “Love and boat. Two things that combine to make a hit. Something I know first hand.” Robin guesses Steffanie Mills Jenny guesses Debbie Allen, Ken guesses Janet Jackson. The crowd is LOUDLY booing at his ridiculous guess.

Prediction: The internets believe that Clock is 70s Disco queen, Thelma Houston (“Don’t Leave Me This Way”)

Poodle Moth

Clues: Her father abandoned her and did not return her letters. Then, she wrote a letter to herself. Fireflies.

Performance: Unwritten (from The Hills – Poodle is only a marginal singer. She’s so breathy. The singer who originally recorded this song, Natasha Bedingfield, was actually a contestant a few years ago. On Stage Clue is delivered by Heidi and Spencer Pratt from The Hills. Amazing they are still married. A choir sings “I Will Follow Where You Lead” from the Gilmore Girls “I have a very special connection to Gilmore Girls that hits very close to home.” Jeb Guesses Melissa McCarthy, Melissa’s cousin Jenny (YES they are cousins) says NOPE. She guesses Lauren Graham. Robin guesses Connie Britton.

Prediction: Poodle Moth is probably Chrissy Metz from the television drama This is Us. Chrissy is an actress, but also a country singer who performed on the Opry. The Gilmore Girls clue connects to her This is Us co-star, Milo Ventimiglia, a Gilmore Girls cast member. A bunch of fans are guessing Faith Hill. But no way, that gal can SANG her butt off. Poodle Moth doesn’t come close.


Clues: He cartooned as a little lizard. An animation studio offered him a job. He turned it down to be a performer. His dad was “shook.” When he became recognizable, he proved himself.

Performance: Scooby-Doo Where Are You – Lizard sings a super-smooth version of the song. He might be trying to tone it down to fool the panel. He’s got some dance steps, which he might be holding back. On Stage Clue – Aw a scooby dog brings the clue “A dog actually helped me reach an even bigger audience.” Ken guesses Michael Bivins. Jenny guesses Ray J, Snoop Dog’s cousin. Rita AND Robin are are ABSOLUTELY sure it’s Sisqo. And the internets think so too.

Prediction: Fans also agree with Rita and Robin that Lizard is Sisqo (“Thong Song”).


Clues: He comes from a well known pride, but never took it for granted. He rubbed elbows with big stars. He’s fallen, but always gets back on his feet. 30 Rock and Jerry Seinfeld are clues

Performance: Love and Marriage from Married with Children – He’s not a singer. But can carry a tune more or less, sans vibrato. On Stage Clue – Flintstones – “I’ve co-starred on a different TV show with Betty Rubble” Robin guesses Anderson Cooper (NOOOOO). Ken guesses Ryan Seacrest (HELL NOOOOO), Rita guesses Andy Cohen. These are bad guesses.

First Result – Smackdown

The two singers with the LEAST number of votes from the audience are…Lizard and Sir Lion! Clock and Poodle Moth are SAFE. Now Lizard and Sir Lion sing “Who Are You” from The Masked Singer in their own styles. Oh. Lizard kinda sucks on this song. But Lion sings a countrified version of the tune and I’m losing my mind. HORRIBLE. I take back what I said about Lizard. Now, the panel will choose who moves on to the next round.

FINAL RESULTS – Who was unmasked?

Sir Lion is eliminated. The Lizard moves on to the next round. Final guesses Robin: Anderson Cooper Ken: Ryan Seacrest Rita: Andy Cohen Jenny: Seth Meyers WTF. THESE ARE ALL TERRIBLE GUESSES. And Sir Lion is…Billy Bush. LOL. LOL. LOL. Now, Billy Bush, I believe would do Masked Singer. Because he’s kind of a joke. The internets were probably on that one.

Just a reminder, in the clues, Lion mentioned his career ups and downs. Most of you likely remember that Billy Bush lost his job at NBC after the Trump Access Hollywood tape came out and he was seen laughing along with the Presidential candidate about how women allow him grab their private parts. Good times.

The Group C Finals are next week.

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