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Yanu returns to camp after tribal council. Kenzie says Bhanu is a sweet person, but he wasn’t a good Survivor player. Tiffany is happy with the three that are left. However, the tribe is still in low spirits due to constantly losing. They still don’t have a flint for fire. They’re hopeful they can finally win a challenge and get some food.

The next morning on the Siga tribe, the women notice how Ben has been making an extra effort with Charlie. They’re concerned Charlie could flip to work with Ben and Tim. Maria and Moriah speculate who could have the idol between Tim or Ben. Jem has the idol, but no one is suspecting her. The women agree Ben or Tim will be the next target. In his confessional, Charlie says he and Maria are in the middle of the tribe. He says they are in control.

Meanwhile on the Nami tribe, everyone is searching for a hidden immunity idol except for Liz. Venus follows Hunter and shadows him while he’s searching. He stops since he doesn’t want Venus to know if he finds it, but he does admit to her he is looking for an idol. Venus brings up how Hunter could be viewed as a challenge threat when the merge hits, and Hunter says he’s aware. That’s why he’s searching for the idol. After Venus walks away, Hunter finally finds the Beware Advantage. It has the same stipulation as the Beware Advantages found by Tiffany and Jem.

Back on the Yanu tribe, Q tells Kenzie that he feels like he’s ready to go home. Kenzie is surprised to hear this, but she says in her confessional that that’s good news for her. In his confessional, Q says he will never quit. He just wants to make Kenzie feel comfortable. Q is confident he and Tiffany would vote out Kenzie. However, Tiffany says in her confessional that she would be in a tough spot if they go to tribal council. She doesn’t want to have to choose between Q and Kenzie.

Back on the Siga tribe, Tim wants to figure out who found the Beware Advantage. He suspects Jem, and he asks her about it. She denies it. He also asks about the girls alliance, and she denies this too. In her confessional, Jem is amused how easily she can lie. She says the girls are running the show.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Tribe members must race through a three-level obstacle course to collect keys. They will go through the obstacle course one at a time. They then must untie a hook and use it to release sandbags. Lastly, each tribe member must use a slingshot to knock down a target. The winning tribes will also get pastries and fruit. The challenge begins. Tim gets Siga to an early lead, but Hunter is close behind for Nami. Kenzie gets Yanu to a slow start. Q manages to pass Tim while unlocking the hook, but Tim and Hunter release their sandbags first. Yanu is back in last place. Tevin is the first to knock down a target. Venus knocks down a target too. Q finally releases the sandbags, and it helps that Siga has yet to knock down a target. Hunter knocks down a target next. Nami wins immunity! Tiffany knocks down a target. Jem knocks down a target. Kenzie and Maria knock down their targets. It’s a showdown between Tim and Q. The first to knock down a target will win immunity for his tribe. Q knocks down a target. Yanu wins immunity! Siga will go to tribal council. Yanu’s losing streak finally ends. Jeff announces that there will also be a Journey. Hunter, Tim, and Q will go on the Journey.

Q, Hunter, and Tim talk game at the Journey. They agree the physical threats should stick together when the tribes merge. They discuss forming a six-person alliance with one other member from their tribes. Q picks Tiffany. Tim picks Maria. Hunter picks Tevin. Next, they learn they are presented with a decision. They must test their Survivor knowledge to win an advantage. If they fail, then they lose their vote. Q and Tevin don’t want to do the challenge, but Hunter chooses to compete. After Q and Tim leave, Hunter finds out what he has to do. He must arrange Survivor logos in chronological order. Hunter has watched previous Survivor seasons, but he didn’t watch them in order. As a result, Hunter only gets 8/20 correct and fails the challenge. He lost his vote.

We next see Tiffany and Kenzie enjoying their pastries and fruit reward. Q joins them later after returning from the Journey. Afterwards, we go back to the Siga tribe. This will be Siga’s first time at tribal council. Maria has an extra vote, but Ben has lost his vote at the previous Journey. Jem gets the next steps of the Beware Advantage since Siga lost. It’s the instructions to locate the key to unlock the hidden immunity idol from the box. If she doesn’t get the idol, then she won’t be able to vote at tribal council. Jem manages to figure out she must walk twenty-eight paces from where she found the Beware Advantage. She digs in the dirt and finds the key. She unlocks the box, and the hidden immunity idol is now in her possession.

Maria, Moriah, and Jem talk about the vote. Maria says she is willing to use her extra vote to vote out Ben tonight. The plan is to place three votes on Ben and two votes on Tim. The women are concerned Tim could return from the Journey with an advantage, so that’s why they want to split the vote. The women let Charlie know the plan is to vote out Ben tonight, which isn’t what Charlie wanted to hear. He’s gotten close to Ben the last few days. Meanwhile, Jem approaches Ben and Tim separately. She tells them to let her know how to vote. Ben doesn’t like how Jem cornered him. Ben wants to vote for Jem tonight, but he can’t vote tonight. Tim is on plan with voting for Jem tonight. Ben talks to Charlie and Maria next about voting for Jem tonight. Eventually, Charlie and Maria discuss their options. Do they stay loyal to Moriah and Jem, or do they join Ben and Tim’s plan to vote out Jem tonight? Charlie thinks Ben could be a shield for them, but Maria thinks Jem would be more loyal to them. In his confessional, Charlie says he and Maria must lay their cards on the table tonight and show everyone which side they’re really on.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks their thoughts. Ben says they’re “sussing out the vibe.” Maria says this is the time they rip off the bandaid. It’s going to hurt more than it would’ve on Day 2 or 3. Moriah says they were living in Survivor La La Land. They’ve been doing everything together. Jeff says it sounds like it’ll be a blindside tonight. Charlie says they’re feeling the heat tonight. Moriah adds idols could be in play, and there could be people who may or may not vote. There are a lot of uncertainties. They also tell Jeff how they all looked for the Beware Advantage together. Jeff asks if there’s any debate who to vote out tonight. Jem says she is still thinking who to vote for. She jokingly asks if she can vote for Jeff tonight. Jeff says everyone is still smiling, but someone’s about to be voted out. Tim admits no one feels targeted right now. Maria says everyone is lying by saying they don’t know what to do. Jem says there are so many options, but they have to trust the alliances they made. Ben says they can only do one vote and one challenge at a time. Charlie says they can still be united after losing a tribe member, but there’s a chance trust will be lost among the tribe. Maria says they have to separate emotions and game, but she admits it’s a difficult thing to do. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the vote. The first vote is for…







Jem is the fifth person voted out of Survivor 46.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor 46. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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