X Factor UK S14E20 – Week 2 – ‘Viva Latino’

Girls and the overs perform tonight.

How to watch X Factor UK from outside the UK?

You can watch X Factor live, online. ITV streams the show through the ITV Player. However, ITV blocks viewers from outside of the UK. To get around that, you need to use VPN connection. If Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is your preferred browser, install Hola extension and set them to UK server. Then open the ITV Player, make a free account and pick the right channel. The player will ask you for a ZIP code. Find an active UK ZIP code HERE. Make sure you have the cookies enabled. You can also try to find a working ITV stream on MyiPlayer.com, TVPC.com or FilmON.com.

The X Factor airs tonight at 7:05pm GMT (8:05pm CET, 2:05pm EST, 11:05am PST) on ITV 1 (115min).

Song Spoilers for Tonight

It’s night two of the ‘Viva Latino’ weekend on the X Factor. Girls and the overs are performing tonight. Tonight’s musical guest is Rita Ora.

We are starting the show with Dermot and Mexican band. They descend down the stairs. The judges are already seated.

Grace Davies – Ciao Adios (Anne-Marie)
Grace is doing a cover for the first time since bootcamp and for the second time ever this season. She is also dancing this week. She is happy to do an upbeat song for a change. She and Sharon think doing a cover is more of a risk for her.
Grace gets a big group of dancers and terrible staging. She is clearly out of her comfort zone and what she is doing is not her. I can’t believe the winner of last weekend is now suffering on stage like this. She sounds really mediocre on it and her main talent – songwriting is not on display. I would give her Shakira’s ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ and let her play the piano. Or something in that vein.
Nicole loved the song, but wants to see Grace enjoy the song a bit more. Louis loved the performance, too. He praises her versatility. Simon says this isn’t her or her best. He suggests putting her unique spin on that song. Sharon praises Grace.

Tracyleanne Jefford – Ain’t Your Mama (Jennifer Lopez)
She went to the Pride of Britain Awards. She misses her three children, they come to visit her for Halloween.
Tracyleanne has a band on stage. She sounds terrible on the J.Lo song. She can sound good on the right song, but otherwise her voice doesn’t shine. I think it’s her time to pack her bags and go home. Everything about the performance, from singing to staging screams that.
Sharon loves Tracyleanne’s spirit. Louis says Tracyleanne is here for a reason (Yeah, to go home this week!). Simon is proud of her. She is clearly a fodder contestant, meant to go home this week.

Rai-Elle Williams – Bailando (Enrique Iglesias feat. Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno & Gente De Zona)
She loved Stormzy’s performance last weekend. She likes this weekend’s theme.
Rai-Elle gets unflattering colorful staging. She sings in English and Spanish. She can sing, but her stage presence is lacking. She is not a believable performer.
Nicole is proud of her and praises her ambition and work ethic. Louis says she has everything going on. Simon praises her last week’s performance and everything about her except this performance. Sharon says Rai-Elle is special and multi talented.

Dermot interviews former X Factor judge Rita Ora. She likes Grace and Rak-Su.

Holly Tandy – Despacito (Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber)
We see Holly struggle in rehearsal. She can’t speak Spanish and her vocal coach/producer looks desperate in her VT.
Holly nails Bieber’s opening verse, but then starts singing in Spanish. Yikes. Uptempo song also proves to be challenging for her. I think she could do a good job with more practice.
Nicole thinks Holly nailed it. Louis thinks ‘Despecito’ is the best latino song ever. Simon says he finally ‘got’ Holly this week. He thinks this theme did a lot of good for Holly. Sharon says this is the biggest single in the entire world ever.

Kevin Davy White – Smooth (Carlos Santana feat. Rob Thomas)
Nicole joins Kevin in rehearsal and seems super excited about the performance.
Kevin gets a band on stage and plays electric guitar. It’s cool, but he is no Carlos Santana. He sounds okay on the song, but Rob Thomas’ vocal tone is hard to beat.
Sharon calls him a class act. She finds his guitar playing cool. Louis says Kevin played the guitar live. He calls this the performance of the night. Simon calls the performance ‘brilliant’, he loved every moment of it.

Alisah Bonaobra – Let’s Get Loud (Jennifer Lopez)
Her mum is staying in London with her friends and cousins. Alisah promises us to dance tonight.
Alisah has a big voice and she is totally killing this J.Lo chestnut. She also displays a lot of confidence on stage by strutting from the small stage to the main stage. Alisah might not be very original, but at least she delivers.
Nicole can’t come up with a coherent comment, but she loved the performance. Louis says Alisah turned into a tiger tonight and calls her performance fantastic. Simon wants to see her put an unique twist on a song. Sharon says she came out of her comfort zone by doing an uptempo song.

Matt Linnen – Livin’ La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin)
Matt has the fighter’s theme in his VT this week. He is performing Ricky Martin’s signature hit and that is one beast of a song. He is bringing his guitar back.
Matt rearranged the song in a major way. This is a WGWG version of ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ with added rap in English. The song completely lost everything that makes it so great, but I guess Matt is no Ricky Martin, so he had to come up with something new.
Sharon says he made the song his own. Louis also thinks the rearrangement worked. Simon says Matt’s performance last week was better than this week’s. He didn’t like the ‘box’ that Matt was standing in during the performance. Nicole calls him creative and artistic.

The voting is now open and it will last 5 minutes. Dermot recites the voting instructions before the recap.

The mysterious producer that will be working with this weekend’s winner is SAVAN KOTECHA. He was a vocal producer on the X Factor back in the day and worked with One Direction on the show and after the show.

We are back from the break and it’s time for results.

Tonight’s top vote-getter is Kevin Davy-White.

It’s time for a prizefight!

Rak-Su – Dimelo
Complete reprise of last night’s performance. The song is #3 on iTunes UK.

Kevin Davy White – Smooth (Carlos Santana feat. Rob Thomas)
His reprise is better than his original performance.

The prizefight vote is now open.

Tonight’s musical guest is Rita Ora. She is singing her new single ‘Anywhere’, currently #2 on iTunes UK. She is singing along to the backing track. The song is awesome.

The prizefight vote is now closed. Results after the break.

The winner of the prizefight: Kevin Davy-White

Time for the results:

Kevin Davy-White
Holly Tandy
Alisah Bonaobra
Matt Linnen
Grace Davies
Rai-Elle Williams

Going home: Tracyleanne Jefford

Well, well, well. I predicted her departure tonight about 5 seconds into her performance. Everything about Tracyleanne’s performance tonight was wrong and she was in the death slot.

So, two weeks in, and we said goodbye to 2 boys and 2 overs. All 4 groups and girls are still standing.

Next weekend: double elimination on both nights. Paloma Faith and Harry Styles will be performing.

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