X Factor UK S11E07 – Arena Auditions

Auditions continue.

New Trailer Released for West End&#...
New Trailer Released for West End's X Factor Musical, I CAN'T SING!

Tonight’s episode starts at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT.

XF UK S11E07 Previews:

Chloe Jasmin sings Why Don’t You Do Right?

Major sings I Don’t Care

Raign sings her own song called Don’t Let Me Go





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I think this is the final week of auditions.

Chloe Jasmin – Why Don’t You Do Right

She is still playing the part of a posh lady. She serves another saucy number. Not perfect, but of course she is going through. I think her spot in the live shows is secured. She is this year’s Katie Waissel. Simon thinks she has yet to connect with the right song. 3 YESes (Mel B is not present.)

Fleur East – I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Whitney Houston) / Fine China (Chris Brown)

She is a professional singer. She was in a girlgroup years ago on the X Factor and Louis Walsh voted them off in favor of a joke contestant Chico. She first sings the Chris Brown song. She can also do some dance moves. She gets 4 YESes.

Rachel Rabin (Raign) – Don’t Let Me Go (Raign)

The crazy is back. She is wearing heavy eye make up today and has long and bloodily red claws nails. Seems like is going for a goth image of some sort. She starts with a speech and then asks for a microphone stand. She is singing her original song again. The audience likes the song, but Cheryl still finds her annoying. Simon says that people don’t like her before she sings. Again, Cheryl says NO, the other three YES.

Emily Middlemass – Yellow (Coldplay)

She strums her guitar again. She isn’t bad, but if she plans to strum guitar every week and do cutesy covers of songs that don’t need much vocal abilities … She gets 4 YESes.

Stephanie Nala – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Baby D)

She is 20 and was in a band that was on BGT – The Luminites. She is cute, can sing and the audience likes her. 4 YESes

Kerrianne Covell – I Know You Won’t (Carrie Underwood)

She still has her job in a shoe shop. Simon’s phone call to her manager worked. When she reveals her song choice, Simon reminds her that he discovered Carrie. Karrianne does a pretty good job with the song and Simon is pleased. 4 YESes

Major – I Love It (Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX)
Female duo. Louis isn’t sure they are girls. They could pass for drag queens. They scream the song. Simon says this was his own version of hell. A montage of Simon’s put downs follows.

Michelle Lawson – And I Am Telling You (Jennifer Holiday)

37, mother of 2 boys. She got 3 YESes in her previous audition (Simon said NO).
She sings and we get lot’s of Simon’s blank face. She does lot’s of runs, but the whole thing just isn’t enjoyable. The judges aren’t impressed. Louis says she can definitely sing, but they aren’t looking for a great singer without any originality. Too overcooked. 4 NOs.

Scarlett Quinn – Ain’t No Other Man (Christina Aguilera)

She is Kitten from duo Kitten and the Hip. Hip is backstage for support. I think this song is too big for Scarlett, but the judges give her 3 YESes.

Ben Haenow – Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)
29, van driver. His performance is a bit too screamy for me, but the audience and judges love him. 4 YESes

The End


Barclay Beales sings Robbie William’s Angels

He is the yodeler from last year.

‘I’m SO embarrassed!’ Simon Cowell flashes his famous hairy chest when his button pops open during the X Factor auditions
He loves to flash his hairy chest whenever he wears his trademark V-neck white shirts – but SImon Cowell showed off more than he meant to when a rogue button popped open.

The incident happened during the arena auditions of X Factor, which will be shown on Saturday night’s episode of the show.

The 54-year-old media mogul cringes with embarrassment after his shirt bursts apart, accidentally flashing his chest, before receiving a host of wolf whistles.
Read more: Daily Mail

Furious X Factor contestant Michelle Lawson storms off stage as she brands judges’ decision to eliminate her a ‘bag of c**p’
With X Factor making and breaking the dreams of many countless singing hopefuls, it’s understandable that emotions often run high.

And it was no exception for mother-of-two Michelle Lawson when she appeared on the show on Saturday night, declaring that at 37 it was her last-shot attempt at hitting the big time.

In her initial audition, she got three yes votes from judges Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Mel B and Louis Walsh.
Read more: Daily Mail

‘I’ve still got my job!’ X Factor’s Kerrianne Covell wows judges with emotional performance as she reveals Simon Cowell halted her dismissal from shoe shop
While X Factor hopefuls usually dream of stepping away from their everyday lives to become singing superstars, one contestant is thrilled to still be working at a shoe shop.

When Kerrianne Covell, 23, made her way onto the stage at London’s Wembley Arena during Saturday night’s episode, she revealed that judge Simon Cowell saved her job.

She said: ‘My last audition, Simon rang my manager at work… I got put down as AWOL and I could’ve got sacked.
Read more: Daily Mail

‘I can’t stand her!’ Cheryl Fernandez-Versini expresses distaste for Rachel ‘Raign’ Rabbin… as X Factor contestant says she’s shocked judge wasn’t more compassionate
Every year, there’s an X Factor contestant that the audience loves to hate – and Rachel ‘Raign’ Rabbin may have already taken that crown.

The 31-year-old took to the stage on Saturday’s episode of the talent show and appeared to be grating for the audience and the judges alike – particularly Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Raign, who had originally been rejected by Simon Cowell and Cheryl at the audition stage, was able to perform on stage at London’s Wembley Arena after pleading her case with the judges.
Read more: Daily Mail

‘We’re looking to get married sometime soon’: X Factor contestant Ben Haenow unwittingly ‘proposes’ to girlfriend on show
He won the judges over with his rendition of Rolling Stones’ song Wild Horses and 29-year-old X Factor contestant Ben Haenow might have just won his girlfriend, Jessica over too.

The van driver from Croydon was introducing himself to the panel on Saturday night’s episode of the hit ITV show, when Simon Cowell said, ‘Tell us a bit more about you. Are you married? Single?’

Ben replied ‘Yeah I’ve got a long-term girlfriend. We’re looking to get married sometime soon.’
Read more: Daily Mail

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  1. Raign is an excellent studio singer, not a live performer. Her looks throw people off (she gives off the annoying bitch vibe from miles) and when she opens her mouth to talk, it gets 10 times worse. Her live singing is just average, but her songs are pretty good. She should consider being a demo singer and selling those songs to someone who’ll make them both some money.

  2. Dont agree. I think Reign was happening tho we prefer other styles.

  3. Raign did pretty amazing but she’s just so off putting.
    Ben Haenow is a front runner destined to make the live shows.
    Kerianne Covell has potential.
    Scarlett Quinn I actually liked she’s a quirky powerhouse singer.

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  5. I like Chloe Jasmin, very fresh singer. The show could use some traditional-pop singers for a change. I hope she makes it through live shows.

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ben Haenow’s voice. Man, it’s sound something we don’t hear anymore on the radio, I seriously hope he makes live shows then it’ll make it worth my while to watch.

  7. I did not love any of the acts tonight. I particularly thought Ben Haenow, was very average. I dont get the praise. He is out of tune at times. His voice wont hold up when forced to sing with conviction. Think it is one of the few Stones songs that is any good, but I do not think he did anything great with it. Nothing special here.

  8. Simon did say he was off a few times and i thought so too. I think he was super nervous. But his gritty tone and that soulfulness is something we don’t hear very often anymore and alot of quality voices like his get passed by. I hope he will shine more at judges house and the lives. :)

  9. Chloe sounds like she could sing in an old film noir, she missed a few notes but she is very professional in her approach, so not surprised to read that is the case.
    Fleur East-another professional performance but at least she did not heap on the bullshit like Chloe
    Raign-very erratic. at times it sounded like she sang with something stuck in her throat, at times it was excellent. I would have joined Cheryl in saying “No”
    Emily-lovely tone but this seemed similar to first audition. I worry whether her voice will hold up when tackling more difficult songs. Think it will not which is why she ducked them the first 2 weeks, although for sure I would send her through.
    Stephanie did a good job but she did hit a few bum notes and there is nothing original or striking about her voice
    Kerriann-at least made some interesting choices in her approach to the Carrie Underwood song. Good not great, which is about what we got tonight from most.
    Michelle-Its amazing they told her specifically to keep it simpler and she comes out and does something with almost every phrase so much so that a very good vocal, sound jumbled. Shame probably the voice of the night but there is no way you can keep someone who totally ignored your advice, if your going to have to work with them.
    Scarlett-Did not like this at all, Went for the same runs, could not execute when trying runs with high notes. Just not good enough. No chance to get through boot camp.
    Ben-already wrote a bit. Dont like him at all. Missed too many notes, blogger is 100% correct when he goes for power, it is way too muddled as it sounds like he screams the song. Wild Horses is one of the few good Stones songs, so it is hard to do wrong. I understand why they liked him but I dont think he is capable of singing a song in tune. I think they got wrapped up in a good version of a great song, not in a great version of an average song.

  10. Well stated. I still think a great song helped him sound better than he is. We will find out soon.

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