American Idol alum, Heather Cox, Raising Funds to Remove Brain Tumor


Really, really sad news regarding American Idol season 5 alum, Heather Cox.

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The top 24 contestant is raising funds through GoFundMe to pay for surgery to remove a brain tumor. These days, the 31 year old is a wife and mother to 3 young children. She needs $30,000 to pay hospital fees upfront and other expenses, before the surgery takes place in Los Angeles in October.

In case you need a refresher: Back in 2006, the 23 year old North Carolina native was knocked out of the semifinals at Top 20 after singing Mariah Carey’s “Hero.”

The campaign at GoFundMe was started by her sister:

WE’VE GOT TO GET THE SURGEON’S FEE COVERED!!! My sister Heather Cox Coe needs our support while she prepares for her upcoming brain surgery in Los Angeles, CA this fall. Please join us in your prayers, your words of encouragement as well as your financial donations to make the surgery possible! Please spread the word to others, so that we can reach as many people possible with this cause! Thank you all so much!!

The campaign has raised over $21,000 so far, and the donations are rolling in as we speak, no doubt thanks to the signal boost fellow season 5 Idols have given her cause. Kellie Pickler, Chris Daughtry and Mandisa have all publicized Heather’s efforts to raise money.

Tonight, a fundraiser is scheduled in Elkin North Carolina. The concert/BBQ benefit will feature an auction, raffles and music.

If you would like to donate to Heather’s cause, Click This Link.

Heather and two of her children publicize the raffle in this short video.

Get well soon, Heather.

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  1. How sad and what a beautiful family Heather has. My godmother had to have a brain tumor removed several years ago. Very risky, scary surgery and she ended up losing the hearing in her left ear but it was a small price to pay for surgery that saved her life. Hope Heather gets all the money she needs and keeps on fighting.

  2. It is shameful that in the supposed “richest country in the world”, with the supposed “best healthcare in the world”, that anyone has to use fundraising to get the life-saving surgery they need. Shameful.

  3. It really is. I’m so glad to live in Canada and I’m happy to pay the taxes that guarantee any patient, no matter their ability to pay, would have already had this surgery by now.

  4. Actually, with Obamacare, she could have gotten subsidized insurance and would not have to go through this.

  5. I believe the fundraiser is because she decided to go out of state to a surgeon of her choice. Not that I wouldn’t get who I considered the best but perhaps blame the surgeon who is charging an exhorbitant fee and wants his money up front.

  6. The insurance she got under the Affordable Care Act wouldn’t necessarily cover this. Insurance providers in general, even outside the scope of the ACA, aren’t eager to pay up for major surgery and would absolutely dispute her choosing her own surgeon.

    Insurance companies make their money by refusing to cover things. I haven’t had to analyze one in a couple years — thankfully, as it’s a loathsome task — but one of their metrics that they share with investors is how successful they’ve been denying and/or reducing claims. Higher denials are considered better.

  7. What a beautiful family. I hope that when she has the surgery that it is successful and she can lead a normal, healthy life.

  8. Sad story. Hoping for the best for Heather and her lovely family.

  9. I’m curious, in Canada are you able to go to any doctor or surgeon you choose?

  10. We can go too the GP we choose if they are taking new patients. We have to be referred by our GP to a specialist. We can choose the specialist we want to go to but some have longer waiting lists than others.

  11. I have no clue what her situation is with insurance but I’ll bet anything the surgery, tests leading up to the surgery and any possible post operation procedures are going to add up to a whole lot more than 30,000. The 30k in this case is just for the doctors fee which I’m guessing since she apparently went out of state and chose her own surgeon its possible her insurance isnt covering that but maybe the rest will be covered. Brain surgery is VERY expensive with many aspects to it. Just the hospitalization alone can run into thousands.

  12. Believe me, I know. I am assuming the fund raiser is for out-of-pocket copays, deductibles, and the many, many, many different tests/treatments/aftercare that the insurance company will refuse to cover. The healthcare system in the US is loathsome beyond compare. We rank right up there with any other third-world country. Oh wait, we’re supposed to be the best. I forgot.

  13. Healthcare should never, never, never be a for-profit enterprise. Never.

  14. I’m not going to argue that healthcare isn’t a hot topic and is/can be a sore subject for millions of people. But knowing that a neurosurgeon goes through 4 years of college and 4 years of med school on his dime (close to $300k for tuition alone) works 120 hours a week during his seven year residency, and then spends up to 5 additional years to actually becoming an attending physician in neurosurgery I’m willing to cut them some slack. So a really excellent brain surgeon is 40 before he is making good dime and then over half of his income goes to paying his medical liability insurance because of all the sue happy people here in the US.

  15. The for profit insurance company/industry seems to be the issue. More times than not, it decides the care you will receive, rather than your doctor.

  16. Yes, if your GP refers you to a specialist and you’d rather go to someone else you can ask for a different referral. Of course there are exceptions but generally, yes.

  17. This is not completely accurate. She is probably going out of net work. The ACA insurance plans are not really that different from any other commercial plans. She proably has a deductible and co-insurance but the only reason I can think that she has to pay so much up front costs is that she is choosing to go out of network( which of course is her choice. I am a little weird about her using crowd funding to pay. They are obviously sound financially if not wealthy) Othewrise, the most she would have to pay up front is her deductible and she wouldn’t need to pay anything else until after her surgery, and that would depend on her plan. If she has a brain tumor, her insurance would definitely cover it but my guess is she doesn’t have a great insurance plan.

  18. Truth. Anywhere in Europe, you just get treated. Period.

    Having brain Cancer should be worry enough.

  19. I don’t see any obvious signs they are financially sound or wealthy. Appearances deceive.

  20. If you click on the “You might also like” link, it just says “American Idol Alum, Heather Cox, Raising Funds to Remove Brain.” Unfortunate.

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