X Factor Final 24 Revealed

The X Factor boot camp took place last night and tonight–that’s the American Idol equivalent of Hollywood Week–and the Top 24 have been revealed.

X Factor is Simon Cowell’s competition reality show currently airing in the UK. And, according to press reports, it could be coming to Fox as soon as next year…

There seems to be interest here, so I’m going to keep following X Factor, in a fashion.

Check out the Final 24 after the jump:

Boys (16-24) Mentored by Cheryl Cole
Daniel Fox
Joseph McElderry
Lloyd Daniels
Rikki Loney
Duane Lamonte
Ethan Boroian

Girls (16-24) Mentored by Dannii Minogue
Lucie Jones
Stacey Soloman
Rachel Adedeji
Stacey McClean
Despina Pilavakis
Nicole Jackson

Over 25 – Mentored by Simon Cowell
Daniel Pearce
Danyl Johnson
Jamie Archer
Nicole Lawrence
Olly Murs
Treyc Cohen

Groups – Mentored by Louis Walsh
Tru Colourz
John and Edward Grimes
Kandy Rain
Project A

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  1. I struggled with this weekend’s show to find 24 who could sing in tune, let alone have the X factor.

    Jamie Afro is still my favourite …. his performance tonight didn’t have half the impact that his Sex On Fire Audition had (probably as there was no backing track, just a piano) and he’s not the best singer in the world but I like his voice (he has a good recording voice .. I have a couple of tracks he had available on Amazon before they were taken down last week), he has a lot of stage presence and he seems like a nice guy .. plus he seems different to the usual manufactured kind of pop that we’ve been seeing on X factor recently. So I’m still backing him.

    Danyl “best audition eva” guy was a bit strange for me tonight .. I quite liked his initial audition but he was totally overdoing it tonight, trying to be too clever and losing the melody .. plus he was pullling strange faces which were a bit offputting.

    Also some of the people they put through in the groups, boys and girls rounds really puzzled me .. as they can’t sing for toffee .. and if I could swing for those Irish twins .. so irritating .. I could probably bear them if they could sing, but they can’t.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how they translate to the live stage with proper backing .. I hope some of them improve or we’re in for a pretty mediocre show.

  2. Does Louis always mentor the groups? I feel like he always does.

    lol .. poor Louis . he always get’s lumbered with them .. he has some really dodgy acts this year bless him. Perhaps they just give him them for comedy value

  3. I only know of Leona Lewis from the X-Factor and she was, of course, mentored by Simon. Are the winners usally the ones Simon has mentored? If so, it takes away much of the suspense and it also sucks. Is Simon a little more gracious on the X-Factor if his picks don’t win?

    So many questions … ::grin::

  4. No there have actually been some other winners that were quite good. Rhydian is one of them. From Wales and he has been doing a sold out tour. He was runner-up. The winner that year crashed and burned. Rhydian and Adam are of the same mold. But Adam is so much more handsome. But both have fabulous voices.

  5. Simon doesn’t always mentor the winner .. he mentored the first year winner “Steve Brookstein”, who flopped and he mentored Leona the year she won .. but Louis mentored Shayne Ward and Dannii mentored Leon and Cheryl metored Alex when they won. … so Simon’s had 2 out of 5 winners

    Simon has the over 25’s this year which seem a pretty strong group compared to the others and he seemed extatic that he has them on tonight’s show.

    He seems OK if people he’s not mentoring win who he sees as good and likely to make him money .. ie he seemed happy with Alex winning last year as she’s good .. but he seemed less than impressed when Leon won the year before as he wasn’t very good (IMO ..lol) .. and Simon wanted Rhydian to win as he saw him as a bigger star.

  6. I have to see the first round to get a better idea of the singers but so far no one really impressed me. I liked ‘what a wonderful world’ from Stacey Soloman. I liked very much Laura White last year. She’s supposed to have an album coming out next month and this is something I’ll keep an eye on.

  7. Thank you for answering my questions and thank you for the video. I like that the judges didn’t handpick the contestants. They genuinely were surprised about who they were mentoring. Just what I need to be sucked into another reality show. lol

    I wonder if Simon realized his sweater had a hole in it. He’s too funny. ::grin::

  8. lol .. I noticed the hole in Simon’s jumper too, kind of makes him seem more normal .. ha

    … not sure of how much is acting though when they get to find out which group they’re mentoring .. I can’t imagine Simon not having prior knowledge of his group particularly

  9. Boys (16-24) Mentored by Cheryl Cole
    Daniel Fox (X-Factor Boot Camp – he’s towards the end)
    Daniel Fox 2 (Non-X-factor Song – looks like he’s openly gay. interesting to see how big of a splash that will make over in Britain vs. the adam fiasco in the US)
    Joseph McElderry (1st Audition)
    Joseph McElderry (Boot Camp)
    Lloyd Daniels (Audition)
    Lloyd Daniels (Boot Camp – he’s in the middle)
    Rikki Loney
    Duane Lamonte (1st Audition)
    Ethan Boroian (1st Audition)
    Ethan Boroian (Boot Camp – towards the middle)

    Girls (16-24) Mentored by Dannii Minogue
    Lucie Jones (1st Audition)
    Lucie Jones (Boot Camp 1)
    Stacey Soloman (1st Audition)
    Stacey Soloman (Boot Camp)
    Rachel Adedeji (Boot Camp)
    Stacey McClean(no camera time here – just this techno song)
    Despina Pilavakis (Boot Camp)
    Nicole Jackson (1st Audition)

    Over 25 ‘“ Mentored by Simon Cowell
    Daniel Pearce (1st Audition)
    Daniel Pearce (Boot Camp)
    Danyl Johnson (1st Audition)
    Danyl Johnson (Boot Camp)
    Jamie Archer (1st Audition)
    Jamie Archer (Boot Camp)
    Nicole Lawrence (1st Audition)
    Nicole Lawrence (Boot Camp)
    Olly Murs (1st Audition)
    Olly Murs (Boot Camp)
    Treyc Cohen – ( Boot Camp – shes at the beginning)

    Groups ‘“ Mentored by Louis Walsh
    Tru Colourz (Non X-Factor clip)
    John and Edward Grimes (aka The Little Bastards – 1st Audition)
    John and Edward Grimes ( Boot Camp – Simon hates these guys. and rightfully so. these kids need a good ol’ fashion playground asswhooping if you ask me) – btw, these kids cannot sing.
    Kandy Rain (Boot Camp)
    Miss Frank – Originally the 3 girls auditioned separately. Then they performed as a GROUP and killed it in parts. Then the judges cut all of them unless they continued on as a group. The girls deserved to make it without them, and i’m sure they would have but a little threatening goes a long way and Simon got what he wanted – his new trio of Divas. They should do well on the vocals, but they probably won’t have much chemistry as a group.
    Project A – no vids!
    De-Tour (1st Audition)
    De-Tour (Non-XFactor Song)

    That should be good. I’ll do anything to procrastinate on writing papers for school…

  10. I have never watched X-Factor. Can someone explain it to me? I’ll be back to check in tomorrow. I guess the over-25s are the best, eh? :) Simon’s wardrobe could use some help, that’s for sure. ;)

  11. The live shows (where the public get to vote each week) start off with 12 contestants .. 3 in each category

    Boys 16-25
    Girls 16-25
    Over 25’s

    The four judges are each allocated a category to mentor and it’s their responsibility to choose a song for each of their 3 acts each week to fit in with the theme of that week.

    The public vote each week and the bottom 2 vote getters (regardless of category) then have to sing off (they sing a different song to what they performed on the show) .. and the four judges then each vote to save one or the two acts (regardless of who out of the 2 got the least votes from the public) .. if the judges vote is split at 2 votes for each act then it goes by the public vote and the lowest vote getter leaves.

    It’s often the case where one judge may lose all of their acts quite quickly or that a judge can have 2 of their acts in the final or last few.

  12. Well… you knew that Simon wouldn’t get the groups. Personally I would have loved to see him refuse to let those obnoxious twins on the plane. I pray that Louie sees the light and ditches them pronto. I seriously wanted to smack them through the screen.

    I don’t have a favorite singer yet. But Daniel P gets my vote for the best eyes. Nice, big chocolate eyes. :)

  13. love this show…Love Jamie Archer and Lucie Jones….rachel was good at boot camp

  14. Groups:
    Louis should be happy … he got those bratty twins John and Edward! Lord knows that I would have those boys over my knee … too immature and full of themselves! But then again Louis has Miss Frank.

    Over 25:
    Simon has one of my favs: Jaime Afro (Archer) – he’s been a musician for quite a long time (34 yrs old) and maybe, finally this is his big break.

    Dannii has my other fav: Stacey Soloman – she’s kind of Kelly Picklerish but not in a dumb blonde way … sweet, naive and with a great voice (unlike Kelly). Reminds me of Jim Nabors (strong southern twang with a complete opposite singing voice.) She just comes across as a really sweet kid.

    Cheryl – my daughters (17, 25) and god daughter (20) love Lloyd (but methinks it’s not so much for his talent.)

    Thanks again to mj for covering this show!

  15. Thanks for the videos, Duke. Wow! Excellent song choice by Ethan. I love when I discover really cool singers through these shows. Paulo Nutini’s Last Request! Wasn’t expecting the Scottish accent. lol

    I like Ethan a lot. I need to hear more of what he can do vocally. Perhaps not the strongest singer, but head and shoulders above many. He seems very commercial and contemporary.

    That Nicole Jackson has an Adele vibe in her vocals.

    Back to Ethan … this might seem far-fetched as it’s so early in the competiton, but I have an inkling Ethan might be someone they will want to go fairly far in the competition. My theory: Simon wants to bring X-Factor to America. Ethan has roots in the States. As he progresses on the show, the buzz around him will grow at an exponential rate. A free and very subtle way for Simon to promote the X-Factor in America. Look at Susan Boyle — people world-wide took notice of her voice and story. Her preorder CD was #1 on US Amazon.

    As I write this out the more I’m convinced that Ethan might be the one. Of course, if he doesn’t perform well or if the audience doesn’t take to him or the American factor becomes an issue, it might not pan out at all.

    I believe because he was allowed to try out for the X Factor, Ethan being American was not an issue. I haven’t seen all the performers, but of the ones I have seen Danyl, Jamie, Daniel Fox, Lucie Jones, Nicole Jackson, Ethan is my favorite. I wasn’t too impressed with Daniel Fox. Beautiful eyes, but his voice is not contemporary enough.

    All speculation on my part, but fun to watch how it will all play out.

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