The X-Factor 3- Top 12 Becomes Top 10- Live Blog and Discussion

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The Top 12 join each other on stage for an 80’s medley (Tribute to Lou Reed). Jeff Gutt did not sound good on his solo line. Rion’s was too low for her. Lillie killed her little run at the end though. That was hot.

Will we get a “Sing for your life” tonight?

We get some filler sponsored by Herbal Essences. It’s literally one of the worst product fillers I think I’ve ever witnessed.

The First Act Going Home Is: SWEET SUSPENSE
WOW. Did NOT see that coming. Neither did Simon. The audience is booing.

Two more acts will sing for survival. Selena Gomez and Fifth Harmony still need to sing.

Selena Gomez performs. I can tell she’s singing live. That’s a good thing at least.

More Results!
1st Act Safe: Carlito Olivero (Simon is pissed)
2nd Act Safe: Josh Levi
3rd Act Safe: Rion Paige
4th Act Safe: Jeff Gutt
5th Act Safe: Restless Road
6th Act Safe: Tim Olstad (HOLY HELL)
7th Act Safe: Ellona Santiago
8th Act Safe: Lillie McCloud
9th Act Safe: Alex and Sierra

Rachel Potter will sing against Khaya Cohen. Oh shit. Neither of these girls deserve to go home. I’m not sure Rachel can beat Khaya.

Fifth Harmony is about to sing. Some of them… still aren’t great singers. They should have performed to track.

Demi says neither of the vocalists deserve to be in the bottom 2 as she introduced Khaya. I agree.

Khaya Cohen- Don’t Give Up On Me by Joe Cocker
Interesting song choice. She’s singing her face off. I’m worried that she’s lost her spunk and stage presence because she’s afraid of going home, but she’s channeled all that unused energy into her vocal instead. She cracks a bit when she goes into her head voice. I liked that. Rachel has a really tough act to beat.

Kelly teases that Rachel has something big up her sleeve planned for next week.

Rachel Potter- From This Moment On
Really. Really Rachel. Maybe she didn’t think she’d be singing for her life tonight. Kelly looks worried. She knows this is not as good as Khaya. Sorry Rachel. I thought you’d be doing better in the competition, but I think you’re gone. There’s pitch problems all over. To be fair, she’s modulated into another key at least three times. It was a rangier song than Khaya’s pick, but sometimes it’s better to nail an easy song, than fail at a harder song.

Kelly is sending home Khaya. She plays around a LOT before she says it.
Paulina is sending home Rachel.
Demi is sending home Rachel.
Simon could send it into deadlock by picking Khaya.
Simon is sending home Rachel. (he has a lighter in his hand, he can’t wait to smoke, lol)

Rachel Potter is leaving the X-Factor along with Sweet Suspense. Crazy results.

Join me next week for the Top 10… which still inexplicably includes Tim Olstad.

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