Top 9 Results Show Wrap Up – Where do the Contestants Stand?

Wednesday’s results show saw the elimination of Megan Joy, who was already past her expiration date.   I think the poor thing is a little naive.   The judges handed Megan a wildcard spot, despite being the lesser talent to Jesse Langseth and Felicia Barton.

But Megan is a “package artist” doncha know–a blank slate TPTB could mold into something current.   Alas, her lack of experience did her in at the end.   And I couldn’t help but think, as she got up in the judges faces as she sang out, that she just could not believe the way they suddenly turned on her.   That’s the Idol game, baby.

Her results show antics didn’t bug me really.   She made for some pretty damn good TV.   The kids have so little control over what happens on the show, if they can grab the limelight in their last few minutes on the Idol stage, well go for it!   It cost her the judges “pretending” to consider her singout for a Save, but they weren’t gonna save her anyway.

That entire panel must have been seething as Megan flapped, made mocking faces, encouraged others to mock, more or less flipped Simon off, and then delivered a big F.U. with her sing off.   Well, it’s Megan’s party, and she’ll caw if she wants to.

I’ve abandoned the idea that a dark horse is going to gallop up and grab the win away from early front runners Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey.

I think those two will battle it out in the final for the Top spot.

The closest we’re gonna come to a dark horse upset in Season 8 will be Kris Allen sneaking into the #3 spot.   I would not have guessed it early on, but that boy has found his footing and has been gaining momentum every week.   Kris is consistent, has a sense of who he is as an artist, and can re-arrange songs to fit his vibe. He is going to continue to pick up fans as others fall away. The producers will continue to pimp him until he threatens the front runners.

So Anoop Desai makes the bottom 3 for reals this week.   Unlike Kris, I don’t think he’s picking up new fans, and his current fan base can only carry him so far.   Unless he comes up with some super strong performances in the next couple of weeks, I think he’ll be gone at 8 or 7.   Ditto for Matt Giraud who like Anoop,   hasn’t found his voice nor has his comfort zone on the Idol stage.   And despite avoiding the B3 on Wednesday, he isn’t picking up new fans either. TPTB understand this and are done pimping him.

Plus Anoop, Matt and Kris are splitting votes. If Kris remains strong, he will continue to pick up votes and be the last man standing.

Lil Rounds will fail her way into the Top 5. Despite lackluster performances, Lil has managed to avoid the B3 because she isn’t splitting votes with anyone else.   She’s got that staple of American Idol–the female African American big-voiced R&B singer fanbase–all to herself.

Adult contemporary stylist, Scott MacIntyre, isn’t splitting votes either. If he can keep turning in decent performances, he’ll last into the Top 5.   The upcoming birth week theme should provide Scott, born in 1985, with lots of dreck material to suit his special brand of elevator music.   He could pull off another crowd pleasing performance that earns him good marks from the judges. Plus, he’s likely to be the VFTW pick, and that will only help Scott out.

Allison Iraheta will continue to sing well, and will continue to struggle.   Either Matt or Anoop are probably heading out the door next week, but Allison won’t be far behind, I’m afraid.   I’m not sure why, but audiences aren’t connecting to her either.   But hey, maybe Miley mobilizing the youth vote will make a difference!

Who I’d like to be in the Top 5: Adam, Kris, Allison, Matt, Anoop
Who will be in the Top 5: Adam, Danny, Lil, Kris, Scott

Seriously. It’s not like I’m in love with my prediction. I would gladly be proven wrong.

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