The X Factor – FINAL Results!

Joe McElderry wins X Factor 2009!

No big surprise here!   It was pretty clear for the past several weeks that Joe was a front runner.   He’s technically a very good and consistent singer, even if he’s not oozing charisma, but if he’s given the right material, he could sell records.   I’ll be his voice records beautifully.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to Olly.   Maybe he could go the theater route like Taylor Hicks did.   I can’t imagine him as a viable recording artist, although he is really entertaining.   I could forgive his vocal imperfections on his rendition of   “The Climb”, as it was incredibly heartfelt.   I liked it better than Joe’s for that reason.

OMG it was so exciting to see Sir Paul McCartney on the X Factor stage. SQUEEEE is all I can muster at this moment. Sure, his vocals were kind of shot, but he’s a f*cking Beatle!   Enough said.

X Factor voting statistics HERE. Total transparency! What a concept! Joe won decisively, and was in double digits the entire competition. The week that John And Edward were eliminated, Olly Murs had the lowest votes. Olly had a bit of a rocky road to the top. Danyl Johnson fluctuated a lot-probably corresponding to his uneven performances and whatever his press was in a given week.

After the jump, check out the videos and performance recap.

Videos after the JUMP…

Who will win X Factor? Olly Murs or Joe McElderry? Watch the live feed to find out

Oh crap! It’s Paul McCartney!!!!! OMG. squee.

Live Feeds: HERE and HERE and HERE.   The show begins at 2:30 ET.

  • The Final 12 – “Never Forget – It’s fun to see the whole group back together again. I love me some cheesy group numbers. Jedward FTW! –   VIDEO
  • Olly Murs – “Twist and Shout” – Ugh. I hate that Ferris Bueller turned this hot, sexy Beatles raver into a joke.   Just no, Olly –   VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry – “Don’t Stop Believing” – This song is way too big for Joe.   Completely the wrong song for him.   Boring. – VIDEO
  • Alexandra Burke and JLS – Medley – One of Simon’s big-voiced pets.   She’s last year’s winner. Zzzz. – VIDEO
  • Leona Lewis – “Stop Crying” – Simon pet #2. Zzzzzz – VIDEO
  • Olly Murs – “The Climb” –   Yeah, his vocals weren’t all that, but he gave this song everything he had.   I felt that – VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry – “The Climb” –   Joe’s vocals were technically perfect, yet I didn’t feel a thing. – VIDEO
  • George Michael – “December Song” Absolutely gorgeous new Christmas song from George. Love it.   – VIDEO
  • Paul McCartney – “Drive My Car” (The Top 12 join him) – How thrilling it must have been for the kids to take the stage with Sir Paul? I’m a total Beatles   Stan, I have no objectivity. Squee –   VIDEO
  • Paul McCartney – “Live and Let Die” – I hate Wings. Really I do.   But it was still fun to see Paul getting down with the Pyro –   VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry wins X Factor – Joe could barely contain himself.   Olly looked disappointed–I hope he prepared himself at least a little.   This ending was inevitable. –   VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry sings the winners single –   And the confetti falls out of the sky…la la la la – Christmas #1! Unless those Rage Against the Machine peeps manage to knock off it’s perch. – VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry – Studio version of “The Climb” – VIDEO

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