The Voice Season 13 Recap: Top 12 Results Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 12" Episode 1317B -- Pictured: (l-r) Adam Cunningham, Jon Mero, Adam Levine, Carson Daly -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

We’re live blogging The Voice season 13 Top 12 RESULTS here. One contestant goes home after a bottom 2 sing-off for your insta-vote. Plus, Maroon 5 performs.

Will the singer leaving the competition be from Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Miley Cyrus or Team Jennifer Hudson? We’ll be revealing all the details as they unfold.

Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton will each perform with their teams.

No time to waste! Here come the Top 12. NO time to waste, except for dumb questions for contestants. Davon Fleming is first. He’s asked a question about his hometown Baltimore blah blah blah. Everything feels rushed tonight.

OK. Here we go. America saved…from Team Adam…Addison Agen.  America also saved…from Team Jennifer…Noah Mac is moving on! America also saved…from Team Blake…Chloe Kohanski. The obvious ones first. Always.

At the break…it’s time to pimp Toyota. The company presents the Top 12 in concert! CARS CARS CARS.

After the break Jennifer Hudson and her team, Davon Fleming, Noah Mac and Shi’ann Jones sing The Beatles’ “Let it Be.”  Great performance. Three very distinct singer sbringing their talent to an iconic Beatles’ tune.

MORE RESULTS. America saved…from Team Miley…Brooke Simpson! America also saved…from Team Blake…Keisha Renae!

Next, it’s Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 performing their latest single “What Lovers Do” from their latest album Red Pill Blues. La la la. 

Elizabeth Banks is in the house to introduce the Pitch Perfect music video featuring the Top 12 and the movie’s stars. The cover is a mashup of “Freedom” and “Cups (When I’m Gone).  It’s obvious that the Top 12 and Pitch Perfect stars shot their parts in separate places–the last shot is obviously stitched together. The magic of CGI. The movie opens December 22.

EVEN MORE RESULTS. Quick dumb question for Red. The biggest change for him on The Voice has been stepping out of his box and…zzz.  “I’m so nervous I can barely speak,” says host Carson Daly, probably fumbling with the reveal card. America saved…from Team Jennifer Shi’Ann Jones. OK THERE GOES MY PREDICTION BYEEEE.  America also saved from Team Miley…Janice Freeman. She’s hootin and hollerin she’s so happy.

What the frack is Miley wearing? Those gigunda hoops are comical enough. But giant scarlet ruffles? An unfortunate look. 

Next, Blake Shelton and his team, Ashland Craft, Keisha Renee and Red Marlow sing Hank Williams Jr. classic Honky Tonk, “If it Will It Will.”  The song kicks into gear with a fun call and response. Keisha is the standout here. love her voice.

The five remaining contestants take the stage. Ashland Craft says she could not have imagined the support she’s received from coach Miley. America SAVED Davon Fleming from Team Jennifer. America also saved Ashland Craft from Team Miley. Wow. My predictions. OFFICIALLY HOSED. America also saved…Red Marlow from Team Blake. Two members of Team Adam are in the bottom–Jon Mero and Adam Cunningham. I predicted both would be safe. Do did most of our readers.

The bottom two contestants sing for survival:

Adam Cunningham – Fortunate Son by Creedance Clearwater Revival – I’m not a big fan of the singer. But because Adam hosed him with that terrible song choice, “Against All Odds,” I’m kind of rooting for him.  Adam’s voice can be very shouty and tuneless. He’s not a great vocalist, really, but he gets by with his passionate delivery. Coach Adam isn’t going to play favorites. He calls Adam a “badass.” he doesn’t think either belong in the bottom.

Jon Mero – I Want You Back by Jackson 5 – Whooo boy. See ya later Jon. He’s dancing around, doing his corporate band shtick. This performance does not show off what’s great about his voice–a beautiful falsetto and impressive range. He’s just shouting and playing the crowd. No bueno. Adam doesn’t think anybody in the room thinks he should be going anywhere. He reiterates that he won’t play favorites. 

Time to tweet for your favorite:  #VoiceSaveJon #VoiceSaveAdam.  Vote only once, but retweets count.

The vote is 54-46 with Adam Cunningham in the lead. Both singers thank their coaches while they wait for the vote window to conclude. “This sucks,” coach Adam declares. “I don’t deal in competition. I deal in music.” Uh. But it is a competition. If not treated as such, your singers will fail. 

And America instantly saved…Adam Cunningham. Jon Mero is eliminated. Female singers are often the first to go. A country dude in the first bottom two of the lives is a highly unusual result, which is why I and nearly everyone else predicted he’d be safe, despite having arguably the worst performance of the night. Also, the vote was close enough–if Jon had performed an emotional ballad as a save me song, he might have lived to sing another week.


Addison Agen
Noah Mac
Chloe Konhanski
Brooke Simpson
Keisha Renee
Shi’Ann Jones
Janice Freeman
Davon Fleming
Ashland Craft
Red Marlow

Bottom 2

Adam Cunningham – Saved by America

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