DWTS 25 Finale Part 2 Live Blog and Performance Videos

DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Episode 2511" - On night two, the remaining three couples will have one last night of competitive dancing, vying to score some extra judges' points. Additionally, viewers can participate in an online-only vote for the remaining couples, where, at the end of the night, one of them will be crowned the "Dancing with the Stars" champion, culminating an incredible season, which will be announced live from The Grove on TUESDAY, NOV. 21 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST). (ABC/Eric McCandless) LINDSAY ARNOLD, JORDAN FISHER

Hey All.
This is it. We have reached the end of another dancing season. Welcome to the grand finale of season twenty-five of Dancing with the Stars. Tonight, we will crown brand new champions. Who will succeed Rashad & Emma? Will it be Jordan, Lindsey, or Frankie? Before the mirrorball is handed to the winners, we have some finale business to attend to.

Before I get started, I want to personally thank MJ for allowing me the chance to blog another exciting season. And of course, all my thanks to you guys for watching, reading, commenting, and voting in the polls. As I say each season, this is only as fun as it is because of all the spirited and wonderful readers of this blog.

So, what’s in store for us tonight? How about a reunion of all this season’s stars. Also, special guest performances and dances. The final three will dance in two rounds of competition- a repeat of their favorite performance this season and a 24-hour fusion dance which tasks them to put together a routine of two different styles. No worries, even with all that, we are sure to see some filler of backstage packages and funny moments. It is a Christmas theme and the show will be live from both the ballroom and The Grove. Let’s take a look at how you guys voted in the final polls of the season.

These poll results are as of 3PM Eastern this afternoon. In both the who should and who will win polls, Jordan & Lindsay earned far and away the most votes. 63% for the former poll and 70% for the latter. In second in both polls were Lindsey & Mark, 28% thinking they should win and 25% thinking they will. Frankie was in single digits in both polls. For the redemption round, 60% of you picked Jordan & Lindsay‘s charleston, 24% for Lindsey & Mark‘s quickstep and 16% for Frankie & Witney‘s foxtrot. The results for the freestyle had a near tie. Jordan & Lindsay took 47% and Lindsey & Mark had 46%. Frankie‘s freestyle was only able to muster 7% of the vote. In both rounds, Frankie had the least favorite routine, followed by Lindsey, and then Jordan. It is clear from these polls who MJ readers think placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd based on last night’s dances.

Finally, the finale itself earned an “A” grade from 53% of readers, while 35% felt it was more of a “B” show. That brings this entire season average to a solid B+ overall- an above average season in the minds of our faithful readers. That sounds about right. It wasn’t an over the top awesome season but it ranks higher than some previous installments thanks to the quality of dancing and an overall nice crop of celebrity contestants.

There will be an interesting live online vote for five minutes tonight following the fusion dances. This vote will be limited to five and only be available via ABC.COM and Facebook. More on that later during the actual show. I feel pretty confident predicting that Jordan wins and Lindsay gets her first mirror ball trophy. I have had the feeling that the show was his to lose since the early weeks. Lindsey gave him a great run for his money, especially with Mark’s always brilliant choreography, but I don’t think it will be enough. I actually think the real question is who comes in second. Don’t be too surprised if Frankie, the underdog of the three, is able to sneak his way into second place.

I wouldn’t begrudge any of the three a victory at this point, as each have had a great journey. But I think Jordan has risen to the occasion of continuously impressing while giving memorable performances each week. He has been a consistent top of the leaderboard performer and it will be nice to see Lindsay, after so many seasons of quality choreography, be rewarded. All three should be proud of their individual achievements this season. As usual, I will do a segment by segment recap of the show. It is time. Let’s do this for one last night…

Segment 1
We open at The Grove for a huge opening number. The pros and troupe are out and it is one big Christmas celebration. Len as Santa. Here come this season’s contestants. Of course, the final three get a special entrance all their own. Tom and Erin welcome us to the show as Mandy Moore choreographed that piece, which was just one big fun Holiday party. Nice to see all the eliminated contestants back! – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Tom sends us to a recap from last night which includes some exclusive behind the scenes footage. Back live, Len is heading into the ballroom with the finalists. Time for our first commercial break.

Segment 2
Back at The Grove, Nikki Bella is on the turntables as some of the fierce woman of DWTS dance festively. Cute. Time to look at back at Lindsey & Mark’s journey before they dance their favorite routine of the season. Lindsey & Mark dance their fabulous jive from earlier in the season. I adore this routine. So fun and lively and it was one of Lindsey’s strongest. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Len says Lindsey is an accomplished dancer who is great at all styles. Bruno loves how crisp it was. Carrie Ann says Lindsey has a star quality because it is unique and she has become a brilliant dancer.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 10
Bruno- 10

Segment 3
A look back now at Frankie & Witney’s journey before they dance the argentine tango repeat. This Disney night repeat was one of Frankie’s stronger routines this season so I am glad they picked this one to reprise. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Bruno calls it compelling that was even better the second time. Carrie Ann says it was a bigger and better performance. Len says it had a mood and atmosphere and he calls it a fantastic argentine tango.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 10
Bruno- 10

Yeah, everyone is getting perfect scores tonight (not that it hasn’t been deserved thus far). It will truly be up to the audience. Jordan’s favorite season routine is coming up, along with a whole lot more!

Segment 4
Back live at The Grove, Erin welcomes us back to introduce a special guest. Singing her new single, “Legends,” here is Kelsea Ballerini. Aww, cute moments from the entire season appear behind Kelsea as she sings. MEMORIES PEOPLE. MEMORIES. A dance assist from Val and Jenna. Beautiful song and nice dance. Her album by the way, is available now. 

Now, before Jordan & Lindsay do the samba, we get a look back at Jordan’s life story and journey. Great reprise of the samba. Fabulous the first time and even more this go around. I loved it. Let’s go to the judges. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Carrie Ann says even though Jordan is light on his feet, he takes ownership and makes it look easy. Len gives kudos to Lindsay’s choreo and calls the whole thing great. Bruno calls Jordan almost hypnotic. He says the audience is drawn to Jordan.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 10
Bruno- 10

Segment 5
Time to look back at the first three weeks of the season. Yep, it is officially time for major filler or in this case, a repeat of everything we have already seen. Back live, Derek & Sharna reprise the very first routine they did this season. You remember, the basketball themed dance. I’m happy Derek got a chance to redo a number because he was one of this season’s harder working and fun celebs.

Back at The Grove, it is time for the men of DWTS to dance. Len is back as Santa. In case you were wondering, the men’s chests are indeed out. You expected something different? LOL. No, Len is not shirtless before you ask. Erin of course is extremely happy at the moment as the ladies in the crowd hold up 10 paddles.

Segment 6
Tom welcomes us back to look back at the middle weeks of the competition featuring that oh so emotional most memorable year week. Oh lord, Shania Twain as a guest judge. That’s one thing about this season I would rather forget because she added nothing to the judges table.

Time to welcome back Vanessa & Maks, repeating their musicals inspired routine. Hopefully Vanessa’s dress doesn’t fall off at the wrong time this go around. Yep…success on that front. I really enjoyed this performance by Vanessa. She was full of energy and the dancing was really solid.

Back at The Grove, Lindsey and special guest Becky G perform “Christmas C’mon.” Yes, you go Lindsey with that violin playing. Robert from So You Think You Can Dance… I see you. Nice song. The single and album are out now.

Segment 7
Debbie Gibson and Jordan Fisher team up now for a Christmas medley. Nikki & Artem are out to dance. And here come Sasha & Gleb. Alan eventually arrives to dance with Debbie. Jordan is such a showman! Lindsay joins him.

Tom and Erin throw us to a package where we see the children’s hospital visited by various cast members. This is awesome seeing these kids who are so ill being treated to presents and joy. There’s nothing better in life than seeing folks give back to those in need.

Back at The Grove, Victoria & Val and then our pros and troupe are out to dance to “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.” Christmas might be over a month away but you would think it was tonight by watching this finale. That reminds me… I desperately need to do some shopping for gifts. :D

Segment 8
Let’s take a look back at the last three weeks of the competition. Last night, Drew was eliminated but he is back with Emma to perform their jive from most memorable year night. Here comes Drew’s brother to join him!

Package with Len discussing the three finalists before they dance the 24-hour fusion dances. Oh Len… you really think I believe these are your comments and not written for you by producers? Ha. Well, time for the final round of competition. First up, Lindsey & Mark.

Lindsey & Mark – Tango/Cha-Cha-Cha Fusion
Very nice. Easy transitions from tango into cha-cha-cha, lots of recognizable steps, and no missteps. A great way to end Lindsey’s journey on the show. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Len says Lindsey is amazing. He loved that the routine had no messing about. Bruno says you could see the contrast between the styles. Carrie Ann is emotional. She can’t believe it is the end. She thought it was fantastic.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 10
Bruno- 10

Segment 9
Frankie & Witney – Foxtrot/Tango Fusion
Definitely not as sharp and seamless as the previous couple but a nice conclusion to Frankie’s dancing story. I think this dance though sums up Frankie on a whole- not the best dancer but someone you just want to root for and see do well. He should be proud of himself. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Bruno says a little bit of control was lost but he has to say, a good performance. Carrie Ann says Frankie is the heart and soul of this show and she thinks he looked so elegant and smooth and cool. Len says Frankie has not always been the judges champion but he is the people’s champion. He says there was some confusion in the fusion but he loves him and calls him a charming guy.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 9
Bruno- 9

Oh yes. Barbara gets a chance to dance with hot men at The Grove. LOL. She must be in her glory. She’s not much of a dancer but boy is she a hoot.

Segment 10
Jordan & Lindsay – Salsa/Paso Doble
Great. The best of the three fusions. Wonderful salsa steps and strong paso. Love the energy and high performance quality, as usual. Lindsay is such a star choreographer and Jordan has just made her work look so, so good. Brilliant. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Carrie Ann says there isn’t much left to say. She says Lindsay has grown as a pro thanks to Jordan. Len says Jordan is the most complete male celebrity ever on the show. Bruno agrees completely.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 10
Bruno- 10

Go to ABC.COM and Facebook if you want to participate in the live online vote. RESULTS are coming up.

Segment 11
For the first time in the history of the tour, we have two celebs participating. Frankie and Jordan will both be on the tour! So if you want to go see them and all the dancers, head on over to DWTSTour.com for details.

Nick Lachey out to perform a final song in tribute to the three finalists. Memories of the season play as we see the greatest moments of our finalists. Aww. All three look so emotional. They also look like they are ready for this announcement to be over. Sweet song. Nick- a far better singer than dancer.

The couple in 3rd place is… Frankie & Witney

Good job Frankie. Congrats. Coming up in the final segment…. FINALLY- the winner is announced.

Segment 12
This is it. HERE WE GO…



Congratulations to Jordan and to Lindsay on her first mirrorball trophy! A well deserved victory. And congrats to Lindsey & Mark on second place. A truly incredible pairing that gave us some very memorable routines. – Click to Watch Elimination and Winner Crowned VIDEO

Wow. The show is really strapped for time as the credits are playing over the celebration. Tom awards the trophy to Jordan as both he and Linds get lifted up as is the usual for the champions. CONFETTI GALORE!

Tom tells us that in the spring, a special 4-week athletes only edition of DWTS will air. That means season twenty-six will officially air in the fall but the mini-season of all athletes competing should be fun to watch, especially considering the shortness of it.

Again, my thanks to MJ and all of you for another fabulous season. I hope you all have a happy holiday season filled with love, peace, and happiness. Have a good winter folks and hopefully, see y’all in the spring. :D

Season 25 has come to a close.