The Voice Recap Season 19 Blind Auditions 3 Live Blog (VIDEO)

The Voice Recap Season 19 Blind Auditions 3
Pictured: Desz — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice Recap Season 19 Blind Auditions 3

The Voice season 19 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Gwen Stefani rejoins the panel after a season off. Carson Daly returns as host. We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition performances right here.

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The Voice Recap Season 19 Blind Auditions 3

Rio Souma – Cruisin’ by Smokey Robinson – 28 Detroit MI – He describes the city of Detroit as “very gritty.” But he’s doing OK, working the assembly line at Chrysler. He drills fuel tanks into cars. It’s a good paying job, but he’s willing to give it all up for a music career. He chose a Motown classic deliberately, with the goal to make it his own. Gwen hits her button first, followed by John and then Kelly. His voice isn’t four chair turn material, I don’t think. But his falsetto is pretty sweet. He does manage to put his own spin on the song, though. Kelly calls his gift “incredible.” She loves vocalists who take it to unexpected places. Blake didn’t hit his button “out of respect.” Oh. Blake didn’t know the song, didn’t understand the genre. When John mentions the song was by a Detroit legend, Blake jokes, “Kid Rock?” Geez. John loved the combo of Rio’s powerful chest voice and “piercing” falsetto. Gwen loves his confidence. And natch–Rio chooses John Legend. – Kelly, Gwen and John turn, Rio picks John Legend

Ryan Berg – Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer – 27 – Dallas TX –  It’s one of those auditions that starts with the performance and the singer in shadows. Gwen hits her button.  John hits his button next. Oopsy doodle! Gwen blocked him. Ryan has a growly voice suited to the song. But so far, his talents are ordinary. A thousand bar singers have performed the song just like that, I’m sure. Gwen wasted her block, I think. But she seems pretty pleased with herself, nevertheless. Ryan describes growing up singing R&B music in a country/christian environment. When his mom came out as a lesbian, the community shunned them. Both parents are remarried. Ryan jokes that he’s got “3 moms.” Gwen loved his classic sounding voice, and is pleased to learn he is a songwriter. – Gwen and John turn, Gwen blocks John.

Becca Kotte – American Woman by Guess Who – 33 – Fargo ND – She comes from a musical family, and starred in every church play and musical growing up. After majoring in musical theater in college, she performed in Rock of Ages in Las Vegas. After, she toured with Rod Stewart as a background singer. She’s finally stepping out on her own. She’s a good singer, but her sound is very theatrical. However, her range is big and strong. It’ll be shocking if nobody turns. And nobody turned! Kelly thought the song was wobbly in spots. Blake agrees with Kelly. John found her performance too uneven. Hm. The performance was a little too slick and hokey, but on vocal talent alone, she deserved a chance. – No Turns

Jus Jon – Talk by Khalid – 30 – Newport News VA – He comes from a family of pastors and began singing in church at the age of 6. His mom would make him sing to random people. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and he helps take care of her. He’d love John as a coach. But Blake might be good too! I like his voice. It’s smooth, but with a fast vibrato. I like his tone. Nobody turns at first. But finally, Blake hits his button. And he’s the only one. Kelly was waiting for more dynamics. Gwen agrees with Kelly. Blake reminds everyone that he’s won with non-country singers. – Only Blake Turns

Ben Allen – Red Dirt Road by Brooks & Dunn – 42 – Estero FL. He lives in Florida now, but grew up in East Tennessee. He hunts, fishes and rides mountain bikes. He competed on bikes for years. Finally, at age 30 he picked up a guitar and has come to love performing. Sadly, his older brother died a month before his wedding in a motorcycle accident. Ben painted himself as a newbie, but actually he has a very professional sound. Blake hits his button right away, Gwen and John are next. His twang sounds annoyingly put on. But he can sing. Ben teases that he might pick Gwen. But of course, he won’t. Kelly thinks he’ll kill it, and maybe go to the finale. John calls Blake arrogant, imploring ben to “Switch it up!” Blake loves his nasally sound.  Ben pretends to ponder for a bit. But of course, he chooses Blake. – Blake, Gwen and John Turn, Ben picks Blake

Kelsie Watts – I Dare You by Kelly Clarkson – 29 – Nashville Tn – She’s originally from Lubbock Texas. Currently, she works on a showboat in Nashville. The singing and dancing is exhausting! She’s made the risky decision to cover a Kelly Clarkson song. At first Kelly makes a funny face. She seems a little unsure. But when Kelsie hits a whistle note, startled, Kelly hits her button. Gwen turns next. Hm. I think she kind of oversang it. I mean, we get it, you can hit the big high notes. But she got Kelly’s attention. “You just sang the crap out of my song,” says Kelly. She admires Kelsie’s boldness. “You made it even better than it was.” Gwen is toast, and she knows it. Kelsie chooses Kelly, who predicts the singer will make the finale. – Kelly and Gwen turn. Kelsie picks Kelly

UPDATE: Kelsie made it to the Top 51 of American Idol season 15 (The final season on FOX). For her audition she sang…you guessed it…a Kelly Clarkson song (WATCH VIDEO). She sang for a spot in the Top 24, but was eliminated.

James Mays – The Show Must Go On by Queen – 27 – Memphis TN – He’s a huge Kelly Clarkson stan, His mother was the director of a children’s choir and taught him how to sing. The Covid pandemic “hit his family hard.” Both his grandfathers died of complications of the disease. James has a big, big theatrical voice. Unfortunately, he needs more control. He misses the big note and is pitchy at times. John, Gwen and Blake didn’t know the song. Hm. Kelly, Blake and John are all “you belong on Broadway.” Kelly suggests that he needed a different song choice. – No Turns

Carter Rubin – Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi – 14 – Long Island, NY – Carter’s audition was previewed a few days ago. He’s only 14 years old, but sings with a ton of control and maturity for a singer so young. He’s like a young Jordan Smith. Only Gwen and John turn, however. The coaches are shocked that he’s so young. Carter explains that his singing talent comes from his grandfather. He’s very close to his older, autistic brother. OH HIS GRANDFATHER WAS IN JAY AND THE AMERICANS! John notes that Carter is the youngest artist he’s every turned for. After a commercial break, we learn that Carter chooses Gwen. OK. I am surprised. Oh wow. Gwen offering herself as a “mother figure” sold it for Carter. Yes, he’s very young. – Gwen and John turn, Carter picks Gwen

Casmé – Baby I Love by Aretha Franklin – 39 – New Orleans LA – Her eyelashes are something. She started a mentoring program to help young women. She wrote a book of 100 rules for young ladies. As a result of her mentoring, she had 39 bridesmaids in her wedding party! She performs a slinky version of the song. The phrasing feels a little off. Also, she better hit some big notes if she wants a chair turn. She finally lets loose a little, and John hits his button. John calls her performance full of energy and spunk. Gwen loves her look. Blake predicts she’ll be a beast in the competition. Casmé is so excited: “Can we mix it up John!” She is spunky.  – Only John Turns

Michelle Moonshine – Carolina in My Mind by James Taylor – 28 – Salt Lake City UT – She’s always felt like she had an older soul. She calls her style a mix of country, folk and rockabilly. At 21 she was set to audition for The Voice. But then she found out she was pregnant. Her current partner, Andrew is a big help. Oof. Her singing is mumbly and pitchy. Also nasal. I’m not impressed at all.  That was not good. Kelly says “pretty tone.” Not really. Blake thought she was a little timid. Gwen noted her enunciation problems. Kelly calls her phrasing “lackadaisical.” but complimented her tone. – No Turns

Desz – Unbreak my Heart by Toni Braxton – 30 – Houston TX – A shy child, her mother discovered she could sing. When Desz was 11, mom passed of a heart attack and aneurysm. She sang for the first time at her funeral. She studied music and opera in college, and sang with the Houston Symphony. She auditioned for Kanye West and travelled all over the world with him. She has a deep alto tone, but with an excellent range. Kelly turns first, John is next. Gwen hits her button. Finally, Blake. John notes her incredible range and her inventive runs. Gwen offers her help with the entire package, beyond singing. Kelly notes she turned first, and offers her experience winning a talent competition. Blake says he turned because her last few notes were so spectacular. AND CLIFFHANGER. Viewers won’t learn who Desz chose until tomorrow’s show. – 4 chair turn


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