The Voice 9 – Live Playoffs Part 2 – Live Blog and VIDEOS

The Voice 9 Recap Live Playoffs Part 2 -- Pictured: Madi Davis -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 9 Recap Live Playoffs Part 2

Tonight, join us as we live blog The Voice 9 Live Playoffs Part 2. Team Blake Shelton and Team Pharrell Williams will perform tonight for YOUR VOTES. Click for tonight’s Song Spoilers. Fellow coaches Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams will be on hand to offer their critiques before their respective teams are up Tuesday night. Host Carson Daly will announce the results Wednesday night at 8 pm. Two singers from each team advance based on your votes. A third is chosen by the team’s coach.

For the first time ever, each coach brought back a singer who was eliminated in a prior round. Blake brought back Nadjah Nicole and Pharrell’s pick is Celeste Betton. Will a second chance mean a spot in the finals? Follow our live blog tonight and for tomorrow night’s results to find out. Click for the Top 20.

The singers compete for YOUR VOTES. Click for Voting Rules.  No phone. No texting. Online voting only at or via The Voice smartphone app. And of course, iTunes downloads count as votes!. Don’t download until 10 pm ET!


Team Adam and Team Gwen are in the house to watch performances. HI THERE. Blake calls the bring back thingy the greatest ever. He basically admits that he set up the knockouts knowing he’d bring one back. Oy. Pharrell had a heavy heart about eliminating his wildcard. Celeste Betton. As well he should.

Darius Scott – Team Pharrell – Love Lockdown by Kanye West – Darius picked the song AND arranged it. Pharrell tweaks his performance a bit, but is giving the singer mostly free rein. Pharrell admires his producers chops. Darius’ dad built him a studio when he was a kid! Pretty cool arrangement of the song. Darius is talented. Not sure this was the thing he needed at this moment. There’s a lot going on for the average ear. To advance, you need a great vocal performance calibrated with big moments. I’m digging this, though. His adlibs at the end were kind of pitchy, but overall, that was a dynamic performance. Music just lives inside of you! says Gwen.  Adam can’t believe the way he maneuvers through a vocal. Blake doesn’t know the song OF COURSE. Cue the mocking. He doesn’t care. He likes Darius’ version. “You’re the guy on Team Pharrell we’ve got to be all worried about,” he says. Pharrell thinks EVERYBODY should be voting Darius through. –  Download from iTunes

Ivonne Acero – Team Blake – One of Us by Joan Osborne – Ivonne was crowned homecoming queen at her high school AFTER The Voice made her famous. She dedicates the song to her mom, who always wanted to be a singer. Blake calls her one to watch–but cautions her not to sing sharp. She’s got tuning problems on some of the big notes, but she’s belting it out effectively. The performance gets better and better, peaking with a crescendo, that dissolves into a quiet ending. That was solid. She really is the most improved contestant. She’s up against some talented singers, however. I’m not sure that was enough to advance. Pharrell notes her big stage presence versus her quiet personality. Gwen was totally drawn in. Adam waits for her emotion to bubble over and admits that Blake has done amazing work with her. Blake calls her the perfect example of what makes The Voice cool, because growth. “Enjoy this moment,” he says. –  Download from iTunes

Morgan Frazier – Team Blake – Lips of an Angel  by Hinder (Jack Ingram version) – At 15, Morgan was signed by the same guy who also signed Blake. Nashville is a small world.  She gifts Blake with a copy of a CD she recorded as a tween, and promises to sign it for him. Heh. Blake says she’s going to flip this cover of a cover one more time, singing it from a female point of view. He thinks Morgan has the potential to be a country star. I’d never heard the country cover. But boy, is this better than the tepid original. Having said that, I wish Blake had chosen a more dynamic song for Morgan. She’s talented and deserves to move on. She’s doing the best she can with a mediocre song. I hope it’s enough to advance. Pharrell understands why Blake stole her back, after that performance. Gwen loves the tone in her voice. Her belting is crazy! She says. Blake thinks she’s already a pro. “If people don’t vote you through, they must be full of hate,” says Blake. Alrighty then. I’m not full of hate! Vote for Morgan.   Download from iTunes

Evan McKeel – Team Pharrell – Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder  – Genius. Evan had a moment singing this off the cuff during the blinds. Now, he’ll sing the full song. Pharrell believes the singer was born with something super special.  I really like Evan singing alternative rock, and it’s probably what he wants to do in his career. But at this point in the competition, to pander for a few votes like this, isn’t a bad thing. His sweet tone is so….melty. So pretty! The girls are gonna love this. He really opens up on the last verse, and it sounds real good. Real, real good. Gwen thought he sang it perfect. She suggests that he curb the theatrics in his stage presentation.  But, Pharrell read his body language as genuine. “When you tell somebody you love them, it doesn’t always look cool,” he says.  – Download from iTunes

HI SAWYER FREDERICKS! The Season 8 winner is in the house! He says it’s SO GREAT TO BE BACK. He’ll be back tomorrow to perform his new song, “Take it All.”  OHHHHHH He’s releasing a four song EP TOMORROW! SURPRISE.

Madi Davis – Team Pharrell – Songbird by Fleetwood Mac – Her mom loves that song.  She hasn’t had it easy, so this one’s for her. Pharrell adds some bongos to the mix. Random! Pharrell wants to makes sure Madi is comfortable, and she assures him that she is. Madi is doing a beautiful job on this classic. Her phrasing and how she handles the intricacies of a song is really special. Whoa. She just hit a sweet spot in her head voice that I did not see coming.  Really moved by that performance–I’d love to see her live. She’s a wonderful performer. So much competition on Team Pharrell tonight. This is going to be a tough one.  Overcome, Madi sheds some tears after. Adam fell in love with her recently, he says.  Blake compliments her transition into her falsetto. He calls it a breakout moment. SHE’S ONLY 16 YEARS OLD Y’ALL says Pharrell. He asks America to vote her through. That’s alongside his request that America vote for Daurius. –  Download from iTunes

Pharrell introduces his comeback artist, Celeste Betton. After her battle with Mark, there was no one he would consider bringing back.

Celeste Betton – Team Pharrell – Something in the Water by Carrie Underwood – Remember when Celeste sang her way off the stage with a hymn? That was a strange moment.  This country tune is actually right in Celeste’s gospel wheelhouse. Pharrell works with her on breath control. Celeste performs with conviction, but there’s something missing here, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. She’s got pitch problems and her vocal is a little shouty. This isn’t as good as her earlier performances. I’m fairly certain Celeste is headed right back out the door. She points to the Lord as she finishes. Gwen says she’s “literally crying.” I believe you so much, she says. Pharrell called the performance “all we could ever ask for.” He says everyone at home is voting for her right now. Pharrell shilling for more votes.   – Download from iTunes

Zach Seabaugh – Team Blake – Brand New Girlfriend by Steve Holy – OMG. There was a “Go to homecoming with Zach” contest on some radio station, and mothers were calling. Eep. Blake admits he’s positioning the 17 year old as a heartthrob. Did he instruct him to gyrate his hips like that? Hm. This honky tonk song with accompanying hip thrusts might be fun in a bar, when everyone is drunk, but it’s not going to help him advance to the finals. Blake saddles Zach with a throwaway tune. He’s a goner. Blake’s laughing. He thinks it’s funny! It was one of Adam’s favorites because he pulled off “all the gyrations.” I’d beg to differ. But. Blake wants to start the Elvis talk. Nope. “I think you just bought your ticket to the lives.” I trust, America, you will just say no to this child.  –  Download from iTunes

Riley Biederer – Team Pharrell – Should’ve Been Us by Tori Kelly – Holy cow. She sounds terrific in rehearsal! Pharrell gives her tips on how to present her gift, along with a pep talk. Riley is a pretty big Youtube star, just like Tori was!  Riley might be one of the most marketable contestants on this season. I love her tone. She’s got that amazing range of a Tori or a Kelly, and a distinctive sound. She’s a work in progress, though. Her confidence lacks sometimes. Tonight, she’s bringing it, comfortable in her own skin. Former coach, Gwen, misses her! She loves her belty voice. Pharrell asks the audience to make some noise for Riley. He should be asking them to vote for her. He calls her a fighter.  –  Download from iTunes

Blake introduces his bring back, Nadjah Nicole. Dude, you blew it not bringing back Krista Hughes.  Also, it’s clear this bring back deal was decided before the Knockouts happened, with Blake determining his strategy around it.

Nadjah Nicole – Team Blake – Upside Down by Diana Ross –  Emotionally, Nadjha had a hard time losing the Knockouts and is grateful to be back. The song choice shows her playful side, says Blake. It’s unclear if he chose this song. Maybe not. Does he even know any R&B tunes?  Hard to imagine 80s era Ross being his jam. But I can’t wrap my head around this song choice. She’s got a beautiful voice, but it’s wasted on this dated and irrelevant song. If she did pick it out, too bad he doesn’t understand the genre well enough to steer her in another direction. Geez. Bring someone back, so you can TOSS THEM RIGHT BACK OUT AGAIN. Kinda pointless. Adam congratulates her on returning. Faint praise. Blake is having so much fun watching her. Enjoy it while you can! –  Download from iTunes

Emily Ann Roberts – Team Blake – In The Garden (gospel standard) –  Aw, Emily celebrates her 17th birthday at rehearsal. This hymn is her grandfather’s favorite song. She never met him, though. This is her sound, she says–gospel with a tinge of bluegrass. Blake compares her to Carrie Underwood. Hm. Oh man, this is going to grab a boatload of votes for Emily Ann. She’s doing a nice job–but it’s the nostalgia that will get to folks. It’s too bad phone voting is kaput. Some of the elderly types at home crying might not know how to use a computer.  Gwen compliments her sparkly boots and her instincts. Adam calls Emily AMAZING and touts all the talent The Voice produces.  “You have the voice of an angel,” says Blake. “You just laid your heart and who you are for America to see.” – Download from iTunes

Mark Hood – Team Pharrell – What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber – Bieber. Ew. I know, but this is a great song pick for Mark, allowing him to woo the crowd with his entertaining dance moves. In rehearsal, Pharrell advises him to dial it back a little, until the end. Mark admits that he isn’t used to singing in his falsetto, which surprises Pharrell.  Dialing it back means beginning the performance at the keys, before getting up to work the stage. He’s bringing his own thang to the Biebs, sans autotune. Mark is a born entertainer, so fun to watch. He’s working that falsetto. DANG TEAM PHARRELL. Now, I want Mark to advance too. Can we eliminate some of Blake’s team? Sigh. Gwen is crying? Really? He’s one of her favorites. Well, OK. Adam is glad Pharrell is helping him realize his potential. Pharrell asks the crowd to stand, as Mark points heavenward, visibly moved.  His Knockout performance kind of misfired. This is Mark, back on track. –  Download from iTunes

Barrett has the pimp spot with a weepy country song about dead relatives. Who didn’t see that coming.

Barrett Baber – Team Blake – I Drive Your Truck by Lee Brice – He went back to the school where he taught and played at a pep rally. He’s just a regular guy, doing regular things. The song he’s performing is a weeper about losing someone dear. He takes the stage and sings his heart out. His vocal talent is solid, but his relatability is what will propel him to the finals. It will probably be him and Jordan. Blake knows what to do with singer like Barrett, too. He won’t stretch the singer either. He’ll just have Barrett hitting that sweet spot over and over again.  Gwen loves the emotion he gives. “It’s a lot,” she admits. Adam is still disappointed he isn’t on his team. Blake goes for the gold standard, comparing Barrett to the king, Garth Brooks. Bringing out the big guns!   –  Download from iTunes

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