The Voice 9 Knockout Rounds #2 – Live Blog and VIDEOS

The Voice 9 Recap Knockout Rounds #2 -- Pictured: Korin Bukowski -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 9 Recap Knockout Rounds #2

The remaining 32 contestants vie for a spot in The Voice 9 Live Playoffs, which begin in two weeks. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams pair up team members, who will each perform a song of their choosing. The coach chooses the winner of the battle. Each coach can steal ONE eliminated contestant from another coach.Pop star, Rihanna, serves as key adviser to all four coaches.

Check out our Guide to the Knockouts. Tonight’s The Voice 9 Song Spoilers and The Voice 9 Top 20 spoilers.

Korin Butowski vs Summer Schappell – Team Gwen

Korin Butowski – “All I Want” by Kodaline – She calls Rihanna “glitter in human form.” Rihanna calls Korin adorable. The singer has fought self-confidence problems all her life. Gwen loves how sweet and vulnerable she is, and the way she she goes in and out of her head voice. Rihanna notices she TRIES not to be herself, and advises her not to do that! Gwen suggests she ditch the glasses, to open up her face. Awkward, being different is cool. The gals have a dance party to celebrate weirdness!

Performance: Her shoulders are so tight and clenched up! She needs to loosen up her body language on stage. Some of the high notes were shaky. She’s nervous. But Korin has a beautiful tone. And that head voice is like heaven. She could be a grower, if she can find her confidence.

Summer Schappell – Little White Church by Little Big Town – Gwen has helped Summer change the way she thinks about country music. She wants to bring something different to the genre. “Tell the story a little clearer,” advises Gwen. Rihanna suggests she push the vocal. Be all: “You’re not getting some till there’s a ring on it!” Rihanna says. Gwen wants her to be flirtier and calls her style “alt punk country.” Well, she does have purple hair.

Performance: Summer is trying to be flirty, but she doesn’t seem comfortable, and there are pitch problems galore. Also: Breath control. This isn’t even a contest. Korin’s vocal wasn’t perfect, but she out sang summer, for sure, and did a better job owning her performance.

Adam calls Summer and her performance, “some serious spunk.” But he would go with Korin’s interior performance. Gwen can’t decide! Blake finds Korin just as dynamic as Summer, even if she doesn’t work the stage. Pharrell compares Korin’s head voice to Joni Mitchell. Pharrell calls Summer a “firecracker” but feels Korin is able to deeply connect. Exactly. I felt what she was singing. Summer wasn’t connected. Korin wins the Knockout. Oh. Summer’s family, in the audience, look really upset!

Korin Bukowski – Team Gwen – All I Want by Kodaline – Download from iTunes

Dustin Christensen vs Keith Semple – Team Adam

Dustin Christensen – Free by Zac Brown Band – Adam stole Dustin from Blake. Rihanna LOVE LOVE LOVES his voice. She advises not to push the vibrato too early. Adam thinks that’s perfect advice.

Performance: Dustin says he’s going for that Springsteen vibe, but crossing the line into country. This is a good song choice for him. He’s a little pitchy on the higher notes, but he connects effortlessly to what he’s singing. His middle register is very rich. Such a nice, full sound.

Keith Semple – I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner – He’s the Irish classic rocker–his wife is pregnant again. Ugh. This song. CLICHE. Rihanna notices his voice goes tight on the hook. “Let it fly out of you,” says Adam. She has him sing the line over and over again. Rihanna and Keith talk about singing with accents. She has some helpful techniques.

Performance: I can’t get excited for this song.  He’s singing it competently.  But the dude is so corny.

Blake thinks they’re both great singers. Blake liked Keith’s big notes. Pharrell appreciates natural talent. Pharrell notes Keith’s fighting spirit. Gwen likes the way Dustin tells a story. She notes Keith’s energy and vibe. Adam thinks they both took notes. He thought he had an idea, but now he’s not sure. Keith wins the Knockout. Meh. Dustin deserved it, but he was a steal. I don’t think Adam wasn’t committed.

Keith Semple – Team Adam – I Want to Know What Love Is  by Foreigner – Download from iTunes

Darius Scott vs Morgan Frazier – Team Pharrell

Darius Scott – On Broadway by The Drifters & George Benson – Darius’ goal is to be an artist and a music producer. Pharrell is perfect for him! He’s praying to stay on his team. He loves Rihanna’s showmanship. Boy, this dude is self-aware and a schooled musician. Darius needs a little work on his performance. But, says Pharrell, he’s a fearless vocalist.

Performance: This dude can SANG. Wow. His adlibs are incredible, and he’s so naturally musical, and performs with an effortless groove. He sings jazz like it was born inside of him. How did I miss how special Darius is? That was amazing.

Morgan Frazier – Team Pharrell – Even if it Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band – Morgan has struggled–she lost a major label deal. She’s not having an easy time on The Voice, either. Pharrell stole Morgan from Blake in the Battles. She’s the first country artist on Team Pharrell. Pharrell sees a girl who is not telling a story, because she’s too inside her head. Rihanna likes that she’s bossy on stage. Bring more of that! Morgan tears up during her session. Rihanna says “The more you show of yourself, the more people will root for you.” Morgan has some self confidence issues! Pharrell advises: Don’t hide behind a veil of perfection.

Performance: I love this girl! She sings with passion and emotion, and with a tone that pierces like a knife. She uses the upper reaches of her range really well. She’s not as impressively razzle dazzle as the amazing Darius, but that doesn’t matter.  Can’t compare them.

Gwen is going to be Darius’ stalker. She says Morgan’s tone cuts through. Adam calls Darius a “vocal mechanic,” but he’d choose Morgan. Blake thought they both blew people away, but he’d choose Morgan too. Pharrell compared Darius’ voice to a baritone sax. He compliments Morgan on taking his notes. It’s pretty obvious where this is going! Of course, Darius wins the Knockout. Pharrell calls him an inspirational artist and chooses him so Blake can Steal BACK Morgan! He mentions how he stole Craig Wayne Boyd back a couple of seasons ago (from Gwen). He was hoping he could get Morgan back. All is well, that ends well.

Darius Scott – Team Pharrell – On Broadway by The Drifters & George Benson – Download from iTunes
Morgan Frazier – Team Pharrell – Even if it Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band – Download from iTunes

Advancing to the Live Semifinals

Korin Bukowski – Team Gwen
Keith Semple – Team Adam
Darius Scott – Team Pharrell
Morgan Frazier – Blake Shelton Steals BACK from Team Pharrell


Summer Schappell – Team Gwen
Dustin Christensen – Team Adam

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