The Voice 7 Premiere Week – Take the Polls!

The Voice 7 premiere week is over! We’ve seen the new coaches panel critique and choose from 16 different contestants.

Which singers were your favorites? Which coach did you like best?

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Broadway Crash Course- Brush Up on the Nominated Musicals of the Season!

I have to say, Pharrell Williams is a phenomenal addition to the coaches panel! Not only does he know how to deliver a soundbite (we’re going to be quoting him all season, I suspect) but he sells himself in the most entertaining way.

I also anticipate his team mentoring sessions to be A+. As a producer/songwriter/singer/performer extraordinaire, it’s no wonder all of the best contestants are clamoring to work with him.

Pharrell already has 5 on his team–when he turns his chair, contestants tend to choose him. Sorry Adam Levine! All the whining and grandstanding you do will be for naught. Bow down to the mighty Pharrell! Heh.

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The Voice 7 Premiere Live Blog – Blind Auditions #1 (VIDEOS)

Gwen Stefani, as charming and adorable as she is, seems to be attracting mostly fodder to her team. She may redeem herself when she finally sits down to work with them. If she can markedly improve their performances, I’ll be impressed.

Unlike other years, singers are not choosing Blake Shelton just because he’s a proven winner. He’s got mostly country acts on his team so far, rather than an eclectic mix. But I would not count him out. I’m sure he’ll give Pharrell a run for his money.

As far as the talent is concerned–unless the first two days are super top-loaded, Season 7 looks to be promising. There are some unique and talented artists from all genres here. My personal favorites are country throw backs, Allison Bray and Taylor Brashears, soul singer Elyjuh Rene, and alt-rocker, Taylor Phelan.

What about you? Which are your favs? Take the polls!

The Voice 7  Premiere Week – Choose Your Favorite Contestant

The Voice 7 Premiere Week – Choose Your Favorite Coach

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  1. Oh man, I’m so excited for Pharrell, he’s truly a gem.
    This is the kind of “we love the coaches” dynamic we should have. Much more tasteful than the whole Shevine thing has become.

  2. I’m surprised Gwen is so low in the poll (maybe it’ll be higher when more people vote). She’s obviously the breakout coach this season, at least based on this first week.

  3. I’ve heard Gwen use two selling points so far 1) I’ve been in a band for years so I get along with _____ (guys, brothers, fill in the blank as appropriate) and 2) I can get you clothes.

  4. The Voice is only about personality (since it’s an entertainment game show and not a singing competition show), so based on that, Gwen takes it in my eyes.

  5. maybe I’m the odd-person out, but I watch it for the performances by the competitors not the caches/judges. If a coach/judge can’t be constructive, I hit FF real quick. The more Blake drinks, the quicker I hit FF.

  6. Yeah, I watch for the performances as well. That’s why I watch any of these singing/talent shows. But The Voice has never been able to position itself as a show that creates stars of its contestants, only creating stars of the coaches. That’s why I said what I said. Cause whenever you hear anybody talk about the show, you rarely hear people talk about the singers, everyone’s only talking about the coaches and their antics.

    But I will say that in last night’s episode, Pharrell did step it up quite a bit compared to the premiere episode.

  7. The Voice may not have created “stars”, but it has introduced me to several artists I’m interested in and continue to follow. Definitely more than AI or any other show. I end up supporting a lot of kickstarters (or similar) and buying a lot of independent CDs. In fact it is rarer for me to buy a CD produced by a label the last few years.

  8. I thought Pharrell was the breakout coach as well as the show stealer, tbh. Nothing against the lovely Ms. Stefani.

  9. Imagine a season with Pharrell and Usher? (Phusher? Ushrell?) Think I’d kinda love that.

  10. We’re opposite in that way, lol. You follow a lot of The Voice people, I do the same with a bunch of the Idol alumni. I’ve never bought any Voice music, though Cassaddee Pope’s first single I’ve thought about buying.

  11. Do you have commitment issues, LOL? A single that was released more than a year ago and you’re still thinking about it!

  12. No, I probably worded it wrong, haha. At the time, I thought about buying the song, then I just forgot about it. But now that it’s back on my mind, maybe I will, lol.

  13. We’d have to call that season the Swoon season because between Usher and Pharrell being charismatic as hell and Usher just being too damned beautiful along with Pharrell saying things that make my heart flutter I’d just be a mess.

  14. Thinking about it, I probably follow about an equal amount of AI and Voice people. But the only winner from AI I had any interest in was PP.

  15. I would have liked to see Adam and Blake take a break and kept Usher and Shakira at this point. Pulled in Gwen and Pharrell. Shakira wasn’t that great but I’m tired of the Blake/Adam show.

  16. I’m a little surprised that Taylor Phelan is way out in front in the poll considering he wasn’t strongly featured, but then again, that’s who I voted for, so I’m glad to know I’m not alone. So far, I’ve liked a number of auditions, but no one has really blown me away yet. But perhaps that is a good thing for the contestants, since it’s never a good idea to peak early and show everything you’ve got in the audition (i’m looking at you, Sarah Simmons and Preton Pohl), and for the audience too, since there’s no clear front-runner yet.

  17. I’m an Xtina adherent so would love her back in place of Adam or Blakey. Shakira was a rather shite coach, tbh.

  18. Usually most of my favorites are gone by the time the live shows start, so I try not to get too attached. I voted for Taylor also. He’s doing well on iTunes as well.

  19. I think Xtina and Shakira have about equal skills as a coach. But I also don’t like Xtina’s style of music so maybe I just don’t “get” her.

  20. I agree. Thanks to the Voice, there are a number of new artists that I listen to regularly like Vicky Martinez, Melanie and Dia. You don’t have to be a “star” for me to appreciate your music and it sounds like some of these guys have a decent music career now. I’m actually tired of the whole obsession that certain viewers have with the coaches. I’d rather talk about the contestants.

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