The Voice 7 Live Blog – Blind Auditions #2 (VIDEOS)

The Voice - Season 7

Who’s ready for The Voice tonight?? I have to say that last night I was pleasantly surprised with both Gwen and Pharrell, and though I had full confidence in them, I liked the vibe between all of the judges. Not to mention the talent pool was quite impressive!

What does tonight bring? We’re about to find out. This is….The Voice!

Contestant wise, so far the coaches have
Adam- 2
Blake- 2
on their respective teams.

I’m liking Pharrell’s incredibly accurate analysis of the rest of the coaches.

Danica Shirey, York PA- “Big White Room”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Singer/songwriter, whose father passed away from cancer. Her voice is very pretty, her runs are ON POINT. Adam, Gwen, and Pharrell ALL turned their chairs for her. Coaches are on their feet!

Adam is happy Blake didn’t turn for her, it benefits him. He thinks she has one of the best voices he’s heard (and I feel like we have heard THAT before a million times). Gwen is giving her a straight pitch, and thought it was beautiful. Pharrell admires her technique and compares her voice to a snake charmer. He is pleading with her to be on his team. He “knows what to do with that voice!”

Decision time….

Danica chooses Team Pharrell!

Joe Kirk, Nashville TN- “Lego House”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Family band with his brothers, seems like a sweet guy. He’s only sang at school events and fairs previous to his audition. My first impression? I adore the tone of his voice. Joe gets a 4 chair turn!! I think the beginning of the song sounded better than the last half.

Blake is the voice “Jedi”, busts out a HUGE Pharrell hat of his own. Adam likes Joe’s vibe, like he’s his little brother. He thinks he has a lot of confidence. Gwen liked him too, his tone, but would like him to work on loosening up on stage. Pharrell thinks he’s a “beast” and knows how to work the girls in the crowd, but wants to find out who he is.

Joe picks….Team Adam!

Menlik Zergabachew -“Santeria”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Got into singing from his friend, started a reggae band when he dropped out of high school. He’s a fan of Season 5’s winner Tessanne Chin. Yeah, some Sublime on The Voice! Gwen seems to be digging so far. Blake pushed his button! Andddd there goes Gwen right at the last second!

Blake knows he’s screwed going up against Gwen. Gwen loves that song, she likes his style and his overall look. Blake says it was technically perfect. “Dammnit Gwen!” Blake offers to make him a drink instead of getting a Team Gwen shirt.

Menlik chooses Team Gwen! (sorry Blake, better luck next time)

Next is Jimi Milligan, Philadelphia, PA – “Get Ready”
Father was an oldies singer, influenced by his dad. His dad passed away when he was 19. Family man, plays in a band on the side. The coaches seem to be liking it, but while his voice is technically good, it’s a big song to sing. Some pitch issues (nerves maybe?) No one pushed their button. Blake said it wasn’t quite solid enough, Pharrell and Adam both wanted him to make more chances with the song.

Reagan James, Burleson TX- “Give me love”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Parents are divorced, her stepdad has been a huge influence for her musically. Loves Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, and she is very poised for her age (only 15!) Her voice is gorgeous! Very whispery and airy. Blake and Gwen are on board! Her voice reminds me of Maria Mena.

Gwen is out of her seat and begging for her to be on her team. She pitches herself by telling her she was 17 when she started No Doubt. Blake says he knows what it takes to win this competition. He loves Reagan’s voice and her mix of falsetto/full voice. Thinks she is very special. Surprisingly her favorite genre of music is r&b (wahhhh Pharrell, why didn’t you turn??)

Reagan picks….Team Blake!!

Taylor Phelan, Sherman, TX- “Sweater Weather”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Was in an indie rock band until his daughter was born. The Voice is his “second chance.” His mom was a single mom and did not know his father very well, so he wants to do this for his mom, his wife and his daughter. Is it bad if I still have NOT gotten sick of this yet? Another 4 chair turn! Very good timing and phrasing with his words, reminds me a little bit of Adam as far as stage presence goes. Everyone is on their feet!

Adam reminds everyone that he pushed his button early. Admires Taylor’s “feet movement” and think he’s awesome. Gwen forgot where she was, she felt like she was watching a regular band play. Pharrell stands up (again), and felt like Taylor’s guitar was part of his body. Thought he was very melodically articulate. Blake has never seen an artist so locked in on stage presence, compares Taylor to Ryan Tedder.

Anddddd Taylor picks….Team Pharrell! (good choice/fit!)

Caitlin Lucia, Huntington Beach CA – “You’re the one that I want”
Awkward and quirky, has an obsession with pez dispensers. She started gigging at her local mall to gain experience. Different take on this song though, I have to admit. She reminds me of the lovely Caroline Pennell from Season 5. No chairs turned for her.

Gwen liked her voice, thought it was pretty. Pharrell thought her voice had personality, wanted her to do more. Adam felt like she was battling with her musical influences. Blake wanted her to be able to hold out her notes better.

Sugar Joans, Los Angeles- “Chain of Fools”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Her dad was a singer back in the 80s and had a successful career. She hopes to have a similar path for herself. Right off the bat, pretty powerful voice! She does a lot of growling though, which can get old. Gwen and Blake pushed at the VERY last second!

Gwen says her voice is perfect. Blake thinks she is unique, and that her vibrato is slow, but perfect. Gwen wants to find her personality behind the vocals. Blake wants to do “Me and Mrs. Jones” with Sugar very desperately.

Sugar chooses…..Team Gwen! (and LOL at pour some sugar on me playing in the background. A+ usage)

Next up is Taylor Brashears, Nashville TN- “You ain’t woman enough (to take my man) DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Is at cashier at her brother’s food truck, her real passion is music. She learned how to the violin when she was little, and became more interested in music. Started a retro-country band right out of high school. Her sound is right up Blake’s alley. He’s smiling a lot but no button push yet. Adam and Pharrell beat him to it! Anddddd there Blake goes right at the VERY end.

“No No No Noooo!” ~Adam

Adam wants her to break the mold and go with his team. Pharrell says he can listen and learn from her, and that Taylor has so much swagger. Blake says it took him awhile to turn around because it’s a classic song to his heart, so he had to hear it all entirely (and of course he was going to hit his button!)

And, like we all could have already predicted, she chooses Team Blake!

Andy Cherry, Charlotte NC- “Everybody wants to rule the world”
Started singing at church, has been a worship leader and also worked at a coffee shop where he met his wife. Had a record deal but it didn’t go the way he wanted, he got let go. His wife is the one who told him to audition for The Voice. He’s incredibly nervous, his voice needs to warm up more. Another no chair turn, poor guy. I was rooting for him.

Blake thought it was nerves, Gwen said he was doing vocal Olympics on parts where he shouldn’t have. Adam said it was a little too different than the original.

And now we have the last contestant of the night
Maiya Sykes, Los Angeles CA- “Stay with me”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
She comes from a very musical family. She went to Yale and triple majored (wow), and she has sang at a lot of weddings/events in the past. 4 Chair turn within the first 5 seconds! She has a lot of soul and depth to her voice, you can tell she is a powerhouse vocalist. Pharrell has been on his feet for the entire song.

She made Blake’s day. He says he knows he’s in over his head, but he thinks she can win this show. Pharrell stands up again and says she sings with conviction, and that she has her own story. He hears a lot of influences but is interested in amplifying HER story. Gwen welcomes her to her team LOL, she wants to talk to her about clothes, fashion because that a huge part of it in the industry. Adam wants her to be able to evolve on the show, but that the show pushes her to evolve and grow. Pharrell stands up AGAIN but wants to push HER ambitions, not anyone else’s. Gwen says she has access to lots of goods. “Are you bribing her?” ~Adam “I have 3 trophies and a credit card so I can buy you some damn clothes” ~Blake

And Maiya picks….. Team Pharrell!!

The Teams:

Team Adam

  • Clara Hong
  • Damien
  • Joe Kirk

Team Blake

  • James David Carter
  • Allison Bray
  • Taylor Brashears
  • Reagan James

Team Gwen

  • Bryana Salaz
  • Taylor John Williams
  • Sugar Joans
  • Menlik Zergabachew

Team Pharrell

  • Luke Wade
  • Elyjuh Rene
  • Danica Shirey
  • Maiya Sykes
  • Taylor Phelan

That’s all for tonight folks! I will see you all next Monday. Same bat time, same bat place! =)

xo Kelly
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