The Voice 7 Live Blog – Blind Auditions #2 (VIDEOS)

The Voice - Season 7

Who’s ready for The Voice tonight?? I have to say that last night I was pleasantly surprised with both Gwen and Pharrell, and though I had full confidence in them, I liked the vibe between all of the judges. Not to mention the talent pool was quite impressive!

What does tonight bring? We’re about to find out. This is….The Voice!

Contestant wise, so far the coaches have
Adam- 2
Blake- 2
on their respective teams.

I’m liking Pharrell’s incredibly accurate analysis of the rest of the coaches.

Danica Shirey, York PA- “Big White Room”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Singer/songwriter, whose father passed away from cancer. Her voice is very pretty, her runs are ON POINT. Adam, Gwen, and Pharrell ALL turned their chairs for her. Coaches are on their feet!

Adam is happy Blake didn’t turn for her, it benefits him. He thinks she has one of the best voices he’s heard (and I feel like we have heard THAT before a million times). Gwen is giving her a straight pitch, and thought it was beautiful. Pharrell admires her technique and compares her voice to a snake charmer. He is pleading with her to be on his team. He “knows what to do with that voice!”

Decision time….

Danica chooses Team Pharrell!

Joe Kirk, Nashville TN- “Lego House”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Family band with his brothers, seems like a sweet guy. He’s only sang at school events and fairs previous to his audition. My first impression? I adore the tone of his voice. Joe gets a 4 chair turn!! I think the beginning of the song sounded better than the last half.

Blake is the voice “Jedi”, busts out a HUGE Pharrell hat of his own. Adam likes Joe’s vibe, like he’s his little brother. He thinks he has a lot of confidence. Gwen liked him too, his tone, but would like him to work on loosening up on stage. Pharrell thinks he’s a “beast” and knows how to work the girls in the crowd, but wants to find out who he is.

Joe picks….Team Adam!

Menlik Zergabachew -“Santeria”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Got into singing from his friend, started a reggae band when he dropped out of high school. He’s a fan of Season 5’s winner Tessanne Chin. Yeah, some Sublime on The Voice! Gwen seems to be digging so far. Blake pushed his button! Andddd there goes Gwen right at the last second!

Blake knows he’s screwed going up against Gwen. Gwen loves that song, she likes his style and his overall look. Blake says it was technically perfect. “Dammnit Gwen!” Blake offers to make him a drink instead of getting a Team Gwen shirt.

Menlik chooses Team Gwen! (sorry Blake, better luck next time)

Next is Jimi Milligan, Philadelphia, PA – “Get Ready”
Father was an oldies singer, influenced by his dad. His dad passed away when he was 19. Family man, plays in a band on the side. The coaches seem to be liking it, but while his voice is technically good, it’s a big song to sing. Some pitch issues (nerves maybe?) No one pushed their button. Blake said it wasn’t quite solid enough, Pharrell and Adam both wanted him to make more chances with the song.

Reagan James, Burleson TX- “Give me love”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Parents are divorced, her stepdad has been a huge influence for her musically. Loves Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, and she is very poised for her age (only 15!) Her voice is gorgeous! Very whispery and airy. Blake and Gwen are on board! Her voice reminds me of Maria Mena.

Gwen is out of her seat and begging for her to be on her team. She pitches herself by telling her she was 17 when she started No Doubt. Blake says he knows what it takes to win this competition. He loves Reagan’s voice and her mix of falsetto/full voice. Thinks she is very special. Surprisingly her favorite genre of music is r&b (wahhhh Pharrell, why didn’t you turn??)

Reagan picks….Team Blake!!

Taylor Phelan, Sherman, TX- “Sweater Weather”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Was in an indie rock band until his daughter was born. The Voice is his “second chance.” His mom was a single mom and did not know his father very well, so he wants to do this for his mom, his wife and his daughter. Is it bad if I still have NOT gotten sick of this yet? Another 4 chair turn! Very good timing and phrasing with his words, reminds me a little bit of Adam as far as stage presence goes. Everyone is on their feet!

Adam reminds everyone that he pushed his button early. Admires Taylor’s “feet movement” and think he’s awesome. Gwen forgot where she was, she felt like she was watching a regular band play. Pharrell stands up (again), and felt like Taylor’s guitar was part of his body. Thought he was very melodically articulate. Blake has never seen an artist so locked in on stage presence, compares Taylor to Ryan Tedder.

Anddddd Taylor picks….Team Pharrell! (good choice/fit!)

Caitlin Lucia, Huntington Beach CA – “You’re the one that I want”
Awkward and quirky, has an obsession with pez dispensers. She started gigging at her local mall to gain experience. Different take on this song though, I have to admit. She reminds me of the lovely Caroline Pennell from Season 5. No chairs turned for her.

Gwen liked her voice, thought it was pretty. Pharrell thought her voice had personality, wanted her to do more. Adam felt like she was battling with her musical influences. Blake wanted her to be able to hold out her notes better.

Sugar Joans, Los Angeles- “Chain of Fools”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Her dad was a singer back in the 80s and had a successful career. She hopes to have a similar path for herself. Right off the bat, pretty powerful voice! She does a lot of growling though, which can get old. Gwen and Blake pushed at the VERY last second!

Gwen says her voice is perfect. Blake thinks she is unique, and that her vibrato is slow, but perfect. Gwen wants to find her personality behind the vocals. Blake wants to do “Me and Mrs. Jones” with Sugar very desperately.

Sugar chooses…..Team Gwen! (and LOL at pour some sugar on me playing in the background. A+ usage)

Next up is Taylor Brashears, Nashville TN- “You ain’t woman enough (to take my man) DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
Is at cashier at her brother’s food truck, her real passion is music. She learned how to the violin when she was little, and became more interested in music. Started a retro-country band right out of high school. Her sound is right up Blake’s alley. He’s smiling a lot but no button push yet. Adam and Pharrell beat him to it! Anddddd there Blake goes right at the VERY end.

“No No No Noooo!” ~Adam

Adam wants her to break the mold and go with his team. Pharrell says he can listen and learn from her, and that Taylor has so much swagger. Blake says it took him awhile to turn around because it’s a classic song to his heart, so he had to hear it all entirely (and of course he was going to hit his button!)

And, like we all could have already predicted, she chooses Team Blake!

Andy Cherry, Charlotte NC- “Everybody wants to rule the world”
Started singing at church, has been a worship leader and also worked at a coffee shop where he met his wife. Had a record deal but it didn’t go the way he wanted, he got let go. His wife is the one who told him to audition for The Voice. He’s incredibly nervous, his voice needs to warm up more. Another no chair turn, poor guy. I was rooting for him.

Blake thought it was nerves, Gwen said he was doing vocal Olympics on parts where he shouldn’t have. Adam said it was a little too different than the original.

And now we have the last contestant of the night
Maiya Sykes, Los Angeles CA- “Stay with me”DOWNLOAD FROM ITUNES
She comes from a very musical family. She went to Yale and triple majored (wow), and she has sang at a lot of weddings/events in the past. 4 Chair turn within the first 5 seconds! She has a lot of soul and depth to her voice, you can tell she is a powerhouse vocalist. Pharrell has been on his feet for the entire song.

She made Blake’s day. He says he knows he’s in over his head, but he thinks she can win this show. Pharrell stands up again and says she sings with conviction, and that she has her own story. He hears a lot of influences but is interested in amplifying HER story. Gwen welcomes her to her team LOL, she wants to talk to her about clothes, fashion because that a huge part of it in the industry. Adam wants her to be able to evolve on the show, but that the show pushes her to evolve and grow. Pharrell stands up AGAIN but wants to push HER ambitions, not anyone else’s. Gwen says she has access to lots of goods. “Are you bribing her?” ~Adam “I have 3 trophies and a credit card so I can buy you some damn clothes” ~Blake

And Maiya picks….. Team Pharrell!!

The Teams:

Team Adam

  • Clara Hong
  • Damien
  • Joe Kirk

Team Blake

  • James David Carter
  • Allison Bray
  • Taylor Brashears
  • Reagan James

Team Gwen

  • Bryana Salaz
  • Taylor John Williams
  • Sugar Joans
  • Menlik Zergabachew

Team Pharrell

  • Luke Wade
  • Elyjuh Rene
  • Danica Shirey
  • Maiya Sykes
  • Taylor Phelan

That’s all for tonight folks! I will see you all next Monday. Same bat time, same bat place! =)

xo Kelly
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  1. I”m glad that Pharrell isn’t wearing that goofy Mountie hat any more. He looks good in a regular fedora though.

  2. Danica – Not my cuppa and I don’t see a place for her in mainstream music today, but she’s obviously talented.

  3. Well Tessanne ‘s blind had the final pimp spot at the end of the episode ….

  4. Danica has a pretty voice. I thought she may have gone a little far on the runs near the end, but overall, that was a solid audition.

    Her daughter is adorable

    She should go with Pharrell if she wants to do r&b

  5. Oh, I thought the same thing. And it is her ruin. I think though, if she softened her look – a lot – like pastel lipstick and hair light brown/blonde, she would be fine. Her face isn’t really old; she has created it that way.

  6. We’ve finally found a solution to coaches constantly losing contestants to Adam:

  7. Fuuuu, missed the first audition. Thank you, videogames, stealing my time as usual.

  8. I think D’s is post-baby image. Tessanne didn’t have that excuse.

  9. Is it just me, or is Adam particularly obnoxious already this year? lol

  10. He really does. I watched the 2 blind previews on youtube for tonight and he shuts Adam down entirely in each. It’s beautiful

  11. Yeah. He is way too aggressive and he needs to perfect the fake sincerity.

  12. I think it’s because someones actually turning his words of bs against him.

  13. It’s crazy that the producers were worried about contestants not choosing Pharrell.

  14. I tuned in late, thought she was an older woman too til I read this! Thought she was a “last chance” contestant!!

  15. Usually he annoys me for good in the Battle Rounds. This season it already started yesterday.

  16. Yes, his pitch is blatantly insincere! It’s like when he opens his mouth, it’s blah, blah, blah – same shit, different contestant, and none of it is remotely sincere.

  17. I have a feeling that the contestants did their homework on him.

  18. He needs to sit through a class called “Pharrell and Usher 101” and learn the art of sincere talking, even if it’s just for show.

  19. I don’t understand how one could pursue a singing career w/o knowing about Pharrell’s greatness. Like, is that allowed?

  20. I really, really like this kid’s tone. VERY reminiscent of David Archuleta. Really like this kid.

  21. Easy. Look at how many Idol contestants don’t know Beatles’ songs. lol

  22. Fodder.
    He better be.
    Cause the less I have to hear Carson say “S/He’s only 17!”.

  23. He’s good, and he has a nice voice, but this is a bit karaoke-ish. He needs serious training.

  24. good enough voice, but where was the originality? that was basically a copycat of Sheeran’s original, just without a British accent

  25. No, I am friends with him, though. He’s always been a great singer and I’m so glad that he’s finally getting recognized for it!

  26. oh, cool. :) maybe you can answer this — how come he isn’t in his brothers’ band?

  27. That’s what won this boy over?
    Oh, 17 is such a wonderful age.

  28. True, the timing of him being on this show coincided perfectly with his breakout as a solo artist.

  29. His 2 older brothers evidently have a band. At least that’s what it said in his video package

  30. DaNIca research:

    In 2008 she won something called Total Popstar, a national online competition.

  31. I can’t figure how one saves enough money to start a business as a janitor and Mcd’s workers with a family. Is that actually doable?

  32. They probably worked many side jobs, but that’d just be too much to go into I assume

  33. The guy’s a looker, that’s for sure. I would have much preferred a reggae twist on a “regular” song rather than a straight cover but I think he deserves to move on.

  34. Only one chair for this guy and 4 for the last? Someone better turn…
    There we go Gwen

  35. Interesting that Blake was only one to turn…

    whoops, there goes Gwen, nvm, lol

  36. On both of those jobs, there is barely enough to live – badly. It could not have happened quite as presented.

  37. You can start a business as a janitor with a mop, pail, and home-made business cards.

  38. Depends on where you live really. Working part time as a hostess at IHOP I was making enough to live on my own in the current town I live in, if I had wanted to.

  39. You live in Iowa, right? And rent a room? No kids? No spouse? I have had lots of bad jobs. Hard living. Saving pretty impossible.

  40. Reggae dude is looking even hotter as the minutes pass . Is it the wine?

  41. Agreed. I think he could end up severely underrated and be a dark horse if Gwen plays her cards right.

  42. Okay, lol you really don’t need to go so far into it. We don’t know their story whatsoever so might as well let it be.

  43. Sorry dude, you’re Mr. Z from now on.

    I always like the ones with the straight-laced parents best.

  44. Gwen was really the only choice he could make.

    He’s nice looking but he was only okay for me (for you). So far tonight, 3 nice but less than exciting auditions (IMO, YMMV, of course)

  45. Lol, he’s looking quite nice to me.
    Let’s hope Team Gwen hosts all the hot folk

  46. LOL! All I can say is where I’m from a janitorial service is one that cleans office buildings, banks, places like that. It requires simple cleaning tools – vacuum, mop, bucket, rags, some chemicals, etc. It really would not take a huge investment to get started and clients are pretty easy to get via CL and then word of mouth. I also have a good friend who owns his own janitorial service for several decades now and his overhead is very low. Most expensive thing is bonding and insurance, which he did not have the first few years in business, until he got some really big clients.

  47. Apple advertising their “big ass” iPhones as though this is some new invention.

  48. Those are big contracts. And everyone is now looking to do something like it. I dunno. Decades ago I suspect it was easier.

  49. Yep. Look how far Jason Castro got with a very weak voice. I think if Gwen pushes him to current mainstream stuff, he puts a reggae spin on it – there is a possibility he goes very deep in this competition.

  50. They want people to be as obsessed as possible with Apple products. And it’s working. lol

  51. He’s got a really good attitude. That performance wasn’t awful, but it seemed very bar band singer-y

  52. Back to your tenor sax sir.
    Unless he said it was a plain sax, cause that looked like a tenor

  53. I really really like that this show doesn’t beat the hell out of people. Even the not-so-good ones.

  54. We know the voice isn’t notorious for its brutal honesty, and whenever it was Xtina was demoted to “petty bitch”

  55. Yes, they don’t do the mean-spirited ridiculing that Idol used to do.

  56. You’re right. But season 5 Xtina was actually honest without the bitch thing. My favourite female coach so far.

  57. Isn’t that the song everyone would expect him to do, though? I think he needs to find something less predictable to cover that he could make his own by putting a reggae twist on it

  58. Mine too. My favourite judge, regardless of gender actually. Usher is a close 2nd.

  59. You’re right about s5, but I still saw sooo many people call her a bitch. It was tiring.
    I feel for women when they have an unpopular (yet true and warranted) opinion on these shows

  60. Oh Lord, this girl has some SHOES to fill.
    What if she’s the breakout star The Voice is looking for?

  61. Yeah. Season 1-3 she actually kinda deserved it (Melanie Martinez LOL) but season 5 she was flawless. I really enjoyed her.

  62. Well S2 was the B**tch season because of that Adam/Tony Lucca fight…It made Chris Mann and Tony cancel out each other in the finale….

  63. I was totally on her side s2. It solidified my hatred for Adam.

  64. Before that season, she was very bitchy and bias. I remember clear examples but I think that time away gave her a new perspective.

  65. Guarantee this will be one of the songs high in the charts tonight.

  66. okay, first time in tonight’s show that I’m sorta kinda excited about a singer. Not perfect by any means, but you can see and hear potential in this girl. She may have been better off waiting until she was a little older, though…

    if she wants to be a r&b artist, why did she do that song, though. Or that performance? There was nothing r&b about that.

    And how does picking Blake make any sense?

    Lol at them playing “Breakaway” behind this

  67. I couldn’t really pick sides during that S2 fight since I’m a major #Mannfan but also loved Tony…Xtina really ruined it for me S5 with Matthew Schuler not making it to the semi-finals

  68. I agree. The performance wasn’t bad, but her voice is a bit thin.

  69. Can we cease with the terms “We have never heard anyone like you on this show” and “There’s no one like you on my team/on the show!”

  70. That would require the thorough elimination of the ages under 18

  71. Which we will hear ad nauseum for the rest of the time she’s on the show. lol

  72. I liked her too but I think she chose the wrong coach. Although Blake does love his quirky girls. He did right by Dia and that other one who’s name escapes me at the moment.

  73. just said that to my friend I am watching this with. And they grow old fast

  74. I thought it started off really cool and got weaker as it went along. But she is still more interesting than any of the others so far tonight, IMO

  75. She was very talented. And very earnest. She is serious about herself.

  76. I think that Blake may ditch her and we’ll see if Pharrell is sincere about letting her get away if he has the opportunity to steal her.

  77. Usually 2 singers like her show up per season and one is normally better. So I expect a better contestant like her to appear.

  78. Do you mean that he won’t steal her if he has the opportunity or that she’s so good that she’ll win all of her battle rounds?

  79. Blake would have to be insane to ditch her. She is good. Not country, but good.

  80. That’s the one. I knew it was either an X or a Z and just couldn’t grab the rest of it.

  81. I’m not as enthusiastic about Reagan as a lot of people are. I’m interested in seeing her again though. ETA: I think that Blake will ditch her eventually because she’s not a country singer.

  82. Everyone is sounding alike to me. haven’t heard anything that hasn’t been done already. Is there anybody unique left in the universe?

  83. I thought it as I wrote it. But Kimmy is right; it could all depend on the match-ups. We lose good people there.

  84. Not so sure about that since thinking it over for a few minutes. Blake really did do right by Dia and Xenia. He had them tour with him and everything. And Dia’s album is really, really good. I play that thing constantly.

  85. Or she won’t do as well battle rounds and doesn’t get stolen…. he didn’t seem to sincerely like her, tbh.

  86. I know she doesn’t belong with Blake but he would be a fool to give her up!

  87. I agree. But his most recent winners were country singers. And last season Jake was a close call. So…

  88. Pharrell and Gwen will ascend to a new level of badassery if he gets this guy out of the claws of Levine.

  89. This guy is about as current as you can get. He’s got a real shot to win this thing and have a career.

  90. I like what he did with the song in the 2nd half of the performance.

  91. I like, a lot.
    He wants Adam, but…ya’ll know I’m partial to Pharrell

  92. Pharrell really liked his perfomance. Well, I’m leaning to Pharell. Hope he doesn’t mess. Adam Bus is waiting.

  93. While I think either would be good for this guy, I won’t cry if he picks Adam because this is exactly the kind of contestant Adam should have.

  94. Not bad not bad. I can see him being in an indie band, so his backstory fits that performance

  95. Oh no. I think this guy would lead Adam’s team to the very end.

  96. You say that…then we remind you of Adam’s piss ability to pick songs

  97. Blake’s never seen a performer who’s locked in on stage like that? Lol…I see it all the time when I go to shows

  98. Old Lady reference. But this guy does nothing for me at all. I don’t get it. I don’t like his look, although he does not have cool whip hair, and I didn’t think his song was spectacular.

  99. Pharell’s lines are gold. Seriously. He could be a politician hands down.

  100. “I don’t know anything about baseball, but I think he just stole a base”
    Did ya’ll see Pharrell’s face when Adam interrupted him? Golden

  101. The basic premise here is celebratory: if you’re good enough to get even one chair, a major star is paying attention to you. Two or more, and YOU, Joe/Jane Ordinary, get to choose among stars who are asking for YOUR approval.

    I hate Idol auditions but checked out The Voice at this stage for the first time last night and it was CHEERFUL.

  102. This sounds too easy, but if he gets to the lives I’d like to hear his take on Sheeran’s “Don’t”

  103. Cool whip hair has been around a while. Ryan Seacrest did it for a while and one earlier singer did it. Lots of product for a look you can buy at a soft-serve shop.

  104. Adam’s ego is going down and down. Too bad. Time to pay your duties, dude

  105. Yep. Smart choice. Pharrell’s accumulating a very strong team already.

  106. How many more days do we have to see Adam in his bowling shirt? I forgot they have no wardrobe changes during this round.

  107. Okay, is this girl off the Breaking Amish show? And she collects Pez dispensers? Omg. Can we all say “quirky” together now?

  108. Yeah. But really. Pharrell seems very confortable in the show. I’m hoping great things from him.

  109. Holy cow, totally forgot. This girl didn’t have a sob story!

  110. I generally love the quirky gals, and this one’s cute enough, but I am not digging the treatment she gave this song at all.

  111. Yeah, sure, but I think some people didn’t like the way he treated Will Champlin.

  112. A year ago actually, but nobody is forgetting that Will Champlin crisis

  113. I”m looking forward to this black girl with the JHud voice. I loved the preview video. If she can stay with current material she can go far. But I sure hope whatever coach doesn’t give her Whitney/Mariah/etal material – way too dated and old for this gal.

  114. Haven’t heard Stompa in a while, good to hear it on TV outside of the Voice

  115. Five 4-turn chairs in two days and it isn’t even over. They are over-excited this season.

  116. Someone named Sugar Joans…and they’re not black?
    Wow. Impressed

  117. So she comes out and does an older-than-dirt wedding song like a wedding singer. Sigh.

  118. uhhhhhhhhh….no. And what’s this? Another dated crap song? Sorry daddy…

  119. yea, that was jarring, she improved as the song went on, but something was not right

  120. Pharrell said that she vomits in key. Ok. This guy should stay on this chair forever.

  121. Very good point. Adam treated Will terribly and I hope that is coming back to bite him in the ass.

  122. It’s comical actually. Poor Gwen is saddled with her… #cannonfodder

  123. Have we forgotten Shakira and her conga-line of montaged 1 chairs already?

  124. Stop this seemingly continuous play U2 commercial please. Hate them….

  125. We have heard that voice so many times. This woman couldn’t maintain it – and shouldn’t.

  126. All Gwen does is look on each side of her to see who’s going to press their button instead of focusing on the performer.

  127. I noticed that too. She waits to see if anyone else is going to hit their button before she decides what to do

  128. K. We cannot have this girl on Pharrell’s team. Blake turn around

  129. This is OLD country. This gal puts to shame a whole mess of the new ones on the charts these days. Unfortunately nobody seems to be buying this stuff these days.

  130. Sissy in that movie was the original “quirky” girl singer, lol. Her twang was legit, that’s what sold it.

  131. You don’t have to feel weird not turning around Gwen. You have ears, praise the Lord for that

  132. I totally agree with Blake. If she wants to go old country, she needs to pick him. And she does.

  133. That movie was just on like, two weeks ago. And of course I watched it.

  134. Blake’s moves are a lot better this season. Adam’s charm is over.

  135. Can there be a formidable lack of country singers this season?
    Blake turns around for just about all of them and they always dominate his team since s3 I believe

  136. Like he said, that’s a sound in country that’s not around anymore. Maybe he can bring it back with her.

  137. I agree. Some good singers, but no one who I’m excited about yet.

  138. You really think so? I have 4-5 I really like a lot so far and look forward to seeing what they bring to the table.

  139. He’s not good. Not even a little… Sorry, stick with the Christian label, dude.

  140. This guy has a weird tone and a strange pronunciation. Kind of cheesy phrasing.

  141. Yes, “forced” was the description that I meant to apply here.

  142. Seriously, this is pissing me off! It seems like season 1 again, when all the coaches were learning how to do the show.

  143. Cmon guys, lol. It was just the last singer that she was the only one who didn’t turn, lol.

  144. I’m gonna go listen to Kris do his cover of EWTRTW now to get the sound of this guy out of my head

  145. Adam only landed one person tonight?
    This woman is probably on his team.

  146. Yale! Go Bulldogs. Okay…you can’t triple major there…just sayin’.

  147. boola boola! My sister went to Yale….she was a double major, I think :)

  148. It would be awesome if she goes with Pharrell LOL.

    OK. I’ll stop with my Pharrell-partiality.

  149. Good choice. I was expecting Whitney, and I got something better. I love her for her song choice alone.

  150. This gal is everything I should dislike – not a fan of divas, r&b, power vocals, runs, etc. And I simply love her. Quality stands out, no question. Love this girl.

  151. I saw the preview to this audition. Pharrell shuts shit down. He shuts them all down aside from Blake entirely

  152. Agreed. Though I didn’t hate the vocal. Just would’ve preferred it on another song. This song is great because of how subtle Smith sounds.

  153. You got me, LOL! (We have Greeks in the family through marriage and that wedding was FUN!)

  154. Yes, you can double (depending on the concentration area) and do a 3rd citation. But no triples there, ever. Doubling isn’t even easy to do. And I noticed she was unspecific with her concentration.

  155. Not my style of singer with her OTT style…but she has a very strong voice, no doubt. Reign it in a bit girl.

  156. I’d rather hear “I Have Nothing” than “Stay” for the 87920089th time.

  157. Ooooh! Great pitch, Pharrell! “I’m only going to push YOUR ambitions, not mine”. lol

  158. Pharrell is effortlessly capable of shutting Adam down.
    Is he made of everything Adam isn’t?

  159. She gave me goosebumps. These women who have been background singers for a long time with these amazing voices almost always over emote, however. I would rather listen to her without the expressive hands and such. She is very good, but, yes, a little plainer, please.

  160. I think that Adam is realizing that he needs to be more thoughtful and careful in what he says, because of Pharrell. lol

  161. remember everyone gwen was the one who put Pia in that outfit lol

  162. It’s hard to find these kind of singers who know the value of restraint.

  163. We have a new king of 4 chair blind audition previews.
    3/4 have gone to Pharrell.

  164. Pharrell was made for the show. Or the opposite. I still don’t know.

  165. Adam is PISSED! LOL! Pharrell is the MASTER of the show. Sorry, Blake.

  166. Yup. We kind of know how she will sing everything for the rest of the season. She has left herself no room.

  167. This also means that Battles and knockouts will be bloodbaths, and steals may be decisive like last year.

  168. I’m liking Pharrell.

    Seems like maybe even the contestants are tired of Adams nonsense. It’s a much wiser choice to choose Pharrell.

  169. I’m gonna say this early.
    I like this season a LOT better than season 6 already.

  170. What I notice about Pharrell is his comments are focused on the contestants, not him winning as a coach. That has to be very influential for the contestants.

  171. What stood out is him saying “I can win YOU a trophy”.
    I swear I’ve never heard a coach forfeit possession of this trophy to anyone but themselves when speaking.

  172. If he could teach her the value of restraint and nuance, she might be a real contender.

  173. Pharrell has a good mix, with great artists.

    Blake has a good looking male country singer (who actually knows how to sing).

  174. Laughing at Gwen bribing the contestants. Because you know, she’s a Rich Girl. Ahahah

  175. I think it’s just the difference in musical experience.
    While Blake and Adam can claim they’re experts as working well with amplifying artists because they’ve been doing it on the Voice (and only since the Voice), Pharrell’s entire career has been about doing that outside of the scope of a silly reality singing competition.
    And something tells me Pharrell knows he’s the best qualified coach of them all.

  176. trying to remember, has Gwen hit her button first on any of these contestants? She seems to follow the crowd a lot

  177. It’s not just musical experience, it’s the difference between being an artist and being a producer. As an artist, you learn how to develop your artistry and singlemindedly pursue your career. That’s helpful to a certain extent in the blind auditions because the artists can try to identify with the auditioner and tell them what they themselves would have wanted to hear at a particular point in in their own development. That’s partly why Adam’s confidence and enthusiasm has been so successful at persuading people to choose him in the past. He’s telling them something they want to hear: a famous artist thinks they’re great, loves the music they do, and really wants to mentor them. What young or hardworking artist wouldn’t want to hear that?

    Producers, however, have a lot more practice at the business side of the industry: getting artists to agree to work with them (or figuring out who to work with, if you’re in demand), interpreting artistic intentions, convincing artists to take a particular approach, being a counselor, etc. It requires reading people quickly, building relationships, gaining people’s trust, convincing them to do what you think is in their best interest, drawing them out to realize their potential.

  178. I’ll be interested to see if Adam adapts his technique by the time the auditions finish. Right now, Adam’s approach is not so different from hitting on a woman in a bar. He turns on the charm, does silly things to get her to laugh, and does anything he can to break down resistance so she says yes to a date. It’s still working some of the time, but he’s crashing and burning a lot more than he’s used to. His success rate is down a lot compared with past seasons and it’s frustrating him and shaking his confidence. He’s clearly not used to the competition. But, perhaps his seduction techniques are also getting old/rusty now that he’s off the market, and maybe his heart’s not in it like it used to be.

  179. It looks like Gwen and Pharell are not having any problems getting people on their team, which is great (I used to feel terribly for Shakira). It was smart of the producers to pick Pharell because he has so much experience as a producer and a lot of experience promoting artists. I think the other coaches do a decent job helping contestants with their vocals and stage presence, but once the show is done, Pharell will be in the best position to guide these artists. I actually think its great of Blake and Adam to try to continue promoting some of their contestants after the show, but I’m sure their experience is limited. And yes, Adam’s started his own record company, but it’s a small company and only 2-3 years old. I’m also really liking the judge chemistry.

  180. Great having the vids for these two nights – some really fine singers here – looking forward to watching these contestants the next few weeks. And Pharrell – what a terrific addition to the show – love him.

  181. my sister sent me a pic of her with patrick thomas from season 1 of the view. lol. I did not recognize him.

  182. I have a hard time sitting through the blind auditions segment of this show. For me, if there was just a way to make it less time consuming…. So, I generally just watch/listen online. Once more, for me, the banter gets old real quick. And, I want to see someone up there who can sell records and stay the distance. That’s why I watch these shows. I’m tired of “we give you a platform and then you do with it what you will”. I’d like to see a superstar come out of this.

  183. I wasn’t talking about the progress of the entire season as a whole, which includes the battle rounds (ugh!) and then becomes totally conventional in later rounds. I was talking about the blind auditions, which are notably lacking in joke contestants and humiliation. The blind auditions are mostly about watching people succeed.

  184. I’d like to see a superstar come out of this.

    The age of singing-show superstars is over because the various shows’ fanbases have settled into a pattern of overwhelmingly not being interested in buying post-show music, regardless of style, quality, or release date.

    Labels did not sign on in order to find undiscovered talent to market from scratch. Labels signed on to get dedicated, buying fanbases who’d provide cash flow.

    Add to this that voters interpret their mandate as giving an “opportunity” to a singer who would not be marketable by conventional means — so the label gets a mandatory-signed winner whose fanbase doesn’t buy and who will be tough to market, plus a choice of runners-up who don’t have large fanbases (that won’t buy anyway) — and the chances of a superstar are just very small.

  185. I am liking Pharrell and Gwen. I hope they are both judges at least once a year. Christina will be returning in the Fall as she is on maternity leave now. I hope that does not mean we will not be seeing Gwen return. I think there should be a switch up of all judges per season. For instance, one season per year for Adam, Blake, Christina, so then we can get Usher once a year, Pharrell once a year, Gwen once a year and bring in two other coaches and give Blake and Adam a season off..or even a season off every two years. I am just tired of Blake and Adam every single seasons twice a year…

  186. I really hope there will be a duo in the live show this year. I wonder why they haven’t allowed a group to compete on the show. That would make it more interesting!

  187. That’s unfortunate. I do not like the vibe she brings to the show.

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