Dancing With The Stars – Season 19 – Week 2, Part 2

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Dancing With The Stars continues its nineteenth season with the second night of week two. Last night, the contestant danced to their favorite jams (#MyJamMonday) and while some stars arouse to the occasion, there was more than a few hiccups along the way.

Tonight, another couple will be eliminated and Sia will perform. We begin with a fierce dance from some of the female pros and troupe members, before they are joined by the guys.

Tom and Erin welcome us to the show and we learned that viewers will choose the encore dance. It’s between Janel and Val’s Foxtrot or Lea and Artem’s Jive. I suspect the former will win.

The first three celebrities to learn their fate are Lea, Randy and Betsey. LEA AND ARTEM ARE SAFE!!! RANDY AND KARINA ARE SAFE!!! BETSEY AND TONY ARE ALSO SAFE!!!

We are welcomed back from the break with a routine from Artem and Cheryl, and Tom immediately transition us into a live performance of the double platinum single, “Am I Wrong”, from Nico & Vinz. Val, Peta and Karina are dancing along.

Now, the alphabet soup of dancing, and Erin talks to Tommy, Jonathan and Michael, because they are the next trio of celebrities to find out their fate. TOMMY AND PETA ARE SAFE!!! MICHAEL AND EMMA ARE IN JEOPARDY!!! JONATHAN AND ALLISON ARE SAFE!!!

After the break, we will find out whether viewers picked Janel or Lea for the encore dance…. and as I predicted, Janel and Val take it. Great job!!!

The next three celebrities to learn their fate are Bethany, Janel and Sadie. JANEL & VAL ARE SAFE!!! BETHANY & DEREK ARE SAFE!!! SADIE & MARK ARE IN JEOPARDY!!!

Now, we get a different performance of “Chandelier” from Sia, who has elected not to show her face and let the focus stay on the dancing of Allison and Maddie. It’s different, but lovely and her voice is amazing, despite a bum note or two.

Len will be taking a couple weeks off and next week, comedian Kevin Hart will be filling in from him. Funny guy, but what does he know about dancing?

We are once again asked to vote for the audition tape we would like to see and Tom hints that Tony’s is really worth seeing, so I suspect the audience will listen. After the break, the winner will be revealed and Julianne Hough will dance with the guys.

We are back and the audience chose Mark. Now, Julianne Hough is performing… Regardless of how you feel about her as a judge, the chick is one hell of a dancer. In my opinion, Derek & Julianne are the best male and female professionals to ever dance in the competition.

Alfonso, Antonio and Tavis are the next group of celebrities to learn their fate. ALFONSIO AND WITNEY ARE SAFE!!! TAVIS AND SHARNA ARE IN JOEPARDY!!! ANTONIO AND CHERYL ARE SAFE!!! Either Tavis, Michael or Sadie are headed home. My vote is for Michael.

We’re back… Time to see who is headed home. SADIE AND MARK ARE SAFE!!! MICHAEL AND EMMA ARE SAFE!!! TAVIS AND SHARNA ARE ELIMINATED!!! See you next week!!!

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  1. Am I the only one who gets creeped out when Julianne and her brother dance? I mean, look at his eyes…he’s looking at her in a seductive way when she’s only wearing a little outfit. It’s terrible.

  2. Well last week and this week proved one thing..viewers will vote for the ones who actually look like their having fun over the ones who look like their miserable. Geesh! Tavis what great last week but this week he was a freaking sourpuss. Um he had to know he was going to be on a book tour when he signed up for this show. Did he think the show didnt require a ton of rehearsal?

  3. Just because they’re brother and sister, they still have to dance the way it relates to the music. I see nothing wrong with their performances.

  4. I think that was just his “out”. His dance was stiff last week and just as stiff this week. He looked like he had cement shoes.

    Best to leave now while he still had some dignity.

    I like him as an interviewer, etc on PBS but this just wasn’t his area. That bad 70s outfit didn’t help. He should definitely not quit his day job.

  5. The glaring, unabashed conflict of interest in having a pro be a judge on a season in which her brother (and an undeniable favorite of the other judges) is competing… that creeps me out more than the acting they display for their performance.

  6. I was a little uncomfortable and thought maybe he shouldn’t have been in the dance number. I know there are certain moves required of the dance, but… Is Julianne trying to get extra attention by wearing that low cut dress, and now the horrible hair do? Or does DWTS want to know if anyone is paying attention?

  7. I really like Lea, but for some reason Artem isn’t connecting with me. There’s not a naturalism to his dance. I’ll still vote for her. I wish there were more of the stars that I knew. It was for the best that Tavis went home.

  8. Julianne & Derek have been dancing partners before. They’ve actually had to do dances in the past such as the samba, rumba, etc. which are supposed to be romantic or sexy dances. These dances were just the two of them as dance partners. When Julianne was partnered with Apollo, she brought in Derek to help him on a sexy dance. Basically, Derek said if “I can do this dance with my sister you can do it.” I remember when Julianne was still a pro on a results show she danced a sexy dance with Derek & this was more than a few years ago.

    Now I did find it weird at first, but I’ve watched a lot of DWTS that this is not the 1st time they’ve had to do dances like this.

  9. yeah brother sister duos are actually fairly common in dance history so i guess its something ballroom dancers and judges tend to block out of their mind. personally i agree with you on the concept as a whole of brother sister duos but if the dancing is good i can surpress any thoughts i have of this being gross in any way

  10. I honestly think that everyone needs to calm down about Julianne being a judge. Maybe I’m slightly biased, because I agree with many people that she is probably the most talented professional to have been on the show, but at the same time, she is also more qualified to be judging than any of the guest judges they’ve ever had, or even Carrie-Ann, who doesn’t come from a ballroom background at all. Every bit of judging advice she’s given has been constructive and useful, and I guarantee you all of those stars are listening very closely to what she has to say. She didn’t win twice for no reason. Sure, you can make the argument that it isn’t fair for her to judge a competition that her brother is competing in, but she has showed him no favoritism that anyone can see, and in the long run, it’s pretty obvious that the judges scores have very little influence in the outcome of who gets eliminated and ultimately ends up winning.

  11. By the way…..I’m pretty sure that was Sia dancing with Allison. Just watch her video. I’m 99% sure it was her dancing, and Maddie’s back we saw. What do you guys think?

  12. Maddie is amazing, her skill is beyond her years. I was blown away with both Allison and Maddie.

  13. I guess Sia regularily uses a stalking horse when she performs. I really thought the dancer was Sia herself. And I agree. Maddie’s skill level is way beyond her years.

  14. Maddie is the dancer in the video; an eleven year old child. Sia is thirty eight. Maddie is on DANCE MOMS and has done ALL the dancing to Chandelier on ALL the television shows.

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