The Voice 6 Top 5 Predictions, Poll Results, iTunes Rankings

The Voice 6 Top 5 Predictions

The Voice 6 Top 5 Predictions

iTunes Rankings

REALLY AMERICA? Really. Jake Worthington’s “Heaven” sits a top the iTunes chart this week. Hm. I thought the performance was pretty boring, myself. At least Josh Kaufman and Kristen Merlin, with much more emotionally connected performances are right behind him, also earning the 5x iTunes vote bonus!

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Christina Grimmie doesn’t show up until #18.  Her performances this week were risky and didn’t quite land. But going out on a limb what Adam is all about, while Blake knows that crunch time is all about holding steady.  Kat Perkins charts lower than her fellow contestants with one song (Chandelier) that was very odd (and pitchy) and another (Let it Go) which was perhaps too conventional for her fans who love when she rocks

#3 – Jake Worthington – Heaven
#4 – Josh Kaufman – All of Me
#5 – Kristen Merlin – Foolish Games
#12 – Josh Kaufman – Love Runs Out
#13 – Jake Worthington – Good Ole Boys
#18 – Christina Grimmie – Hide and Seek
#27 – Christina Grimmie – Some Nights
#31 – Kat Perkins – Let it Go
#48 – Kristen Merlin – Gunpowder & Lead
#56 – Kat Perkins – Chandelier

Favorite Performance

You all love you some Josh Kaufman and Kristen Merlin! Jake is not a favorite, in contrast to iTunes sales.

  1. Josh Kaufman – Team Usher – All of Me 24.93%
  2. Josh Kaufman – Team Usher – Love Runs Out 16.89%
  3. Kristen Merlin – Team Shakira – Foolish Games 15.81%
  4. Christina Grimmie – Team Adam – Hide and Seek 12.65%
  5. Jake Worthington – Team Blake – Heaven 9.85%
  6. Christina Grimmie – Team Adam – Some Nights 7.59%
  7. Jake Worthington – Team Blake – Good Ol Boys 4.52%
  8. Kat Perkins – Team Adam – Let it Go 3.25%
  9. Kat Perkins – Team Adam – Chandelier 2.98%
  10. Kristen Merlin – Team Shakira – Gunpowder and Lead 2%

Favorite Contestant

Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimmie win this pole, handily…

  1. Josh Kaufman 42.14%
  2. Christina Grimmie 25.72%
  3. Jake Worthington 15.19%
  4. Kristen Merlin 12.29%
  5. Kat Perkins 4.65%

Favorite Team

…and their corresponding coaches win the favorite team poll…

  1. Team Usher 36.74%
  2. Team Adam Levine 32.39%
  3. Team Blake Shelton 18.8%
  4. Team Shakira 12.07%

Who SHOULD Go Home?

…and ya’ll have Kat Perkins and Jake Worthington a the top of the “Who SHOULD Go Home” poll yet…

  1. Kat Perkins 42.3%
  2. Jake Worthington 36.83%
  3. Christina Grimmie 11.3%
  4. Kristen Merlin 8.11%
  5. Josh Kaufman 1.46%

Who WILL Go Home?

…I wonder if the prediction here is wishful thinking? With Jake Worthington topping the iTunes charts, I have to wonder if he made the Top 2? I can imagine a scenario the has Jake and Josh Kaufman in the Top 2.  There will be another insta-vote tonight.  Could Christina Grimmie, Kristen Merlin and Kat Perkins battle it out for social media votes tonight? If that scenario goes down, Christina  would prevail and make the Top 3.  If it’s a Christina/Josh Top 2, Kristen  would win the twitter vote.

  1. Kat Perkins 69.67%
  2. Jake Worthington 15.41%
  3. Kristen Merlin 8.33%
  4. Christina Grimmie 5.14%
  5. Josh Kaufman 1.45%

Prediction:  I’m only really sure of Josh Kaufman making the Top 3.  But this is supposed to be a prediction, so I’ll commit.  Josh Kaufman and Jake Worthington are Top 2. Christina Grimmie, Kristen Merlin and Kat Perkins sing for the Insta-Vote. Christina wins.  Josh, Jake and Christina are Top 3.  Kat and Kristen go home.

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