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Hi all! First off, I would just like to thank MJ for the opportunity to guest blog for tonight’s show. Let’s get this party started!!

We are left with Christina Grimmie (Team Adam), Kat Perkins (Also Team Adam), Josh Kaufman (Team Usher), Kristen Merlin (Team Shakira) and Jake Worthington (Team Blake). Tonight’s two hour show has the Top 5 singing two songs each. I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t read any spoilers yet about song choices so I am keeping an open mind (thank you people of twitter, for being kind today and not spilling the beans right before the show starts).

Carson Daly posted earlier on his twitter that not only are they STILL using the Instant Save but TWO people WILL be going home! That means that there will be a bottom 3, and we will be able to save only ONE.

With next week’s finale fast approaching, tonight means everything. Who do you think is going to leave it all on the stage this evening? The Voice starts….RIGHT NOW!

Hellllooo Carson! Usher starts the show off with a performance of his new song, Good Kisser. I am loving the gold shoes and gold microphone. Nice touch Usher, never change. I wonder if Blake Shelton could pull off some of these moves? Sorry, I digress. I just love Blake’s moonwalk, although Usher makes his look like he’s floating on air. Major props to all of Usher’s dancers, they are FIT. And is Usher a good kisser? *ponders*

Marky Wahlburg and Nicola Peltz are in the crowd tonight, plugging the new Transformers movie. I am sitting here rocking out to Imagine Dragons. The movie looks good! I….actually miss Shia Lebeouf.

First up, Team Shakira’s Kristen Merlin! I love her attitude, she always looks so happy. She is singing Miranda Lambert’s ‘Gunpowder and Lead’. Shakira is rocking out in her seat, looking absolutely radiant may I say. The crowd seems to REALLY like it! Was there ANOTHER technical glich during her performance? I swore at my TV for a second until I realized that it was on their end. Of COURSE it was.

Judges Comments: Adam jokingly asks Blake if that song makes him uncomfortable because it’s about “shooting dudes.” Blake loves how Kristen moves her feet on stage. More jokes about Adam’s hair. Shakira says she knows people didn’t think Kristen would have made it this far, but that her voice is UNIQUE and that’s why people need to vote for her.
Kristen Merlin: Sprint text 1 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2301Download on Itunes

Next is Team Usher’s Josh Kaufman. He’s a really nice, earnest, down-to-earth guy. He is first singing John Legend’s ‘All of Me’. And WOW! His voice is incredibly beautiful. Falsetto for days right there.
Standing ovation from his coach! Shakira is grinning ear to ear!

Judges Comments: Shakira feels like he really knows how to “milk” those kind of songs. Adam says Josh is giving him his weekly slice of ‘humble pie’, and that he is doing an amazing job. Blake says it was beautiful and powerful, and that he knows Josh will be in the finale! Usher gives Adam credit for discovering Josh’s talent first and acknowledges Josh’s connection with America.
Josh Kaufman: Sprint text 2 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2302 Download On Itunes

Adam has a gift for Blake? A “special” gift. Adam via walkie talkie has a back loader truck DUMP manure onto Blake’s truck. Alrightttyyyyy then.

Next is Team Adam’s first artist of the night, Kat Perkins, who was saved once again last week via the instant save. She is singing ‘Chandelier’ by Sia. That note in rehearsal was a little rough. The backdrop is really elegant, kudos to whoever did the staging. I’m not loving it though. What do you guys think?

Judges Comments: Blake thinks that she does everything right to move forward, and that he thought showing another side was a great idea. Shakira loves Sia and knows how her melodies go, and says it was smart that Kat wasn’t trying to sound like her. Adam says Kat has fought her way and should be in the finals.
Kat Perkins: Sprint text 3 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2303Download on Itunes

Up next is Team Blake’s Jake Worthington. You can’t help but love this kid. He seems just as southern gentleman as they come. He is singing ‘Good Ole Boys’ by Waylon Jennings. Blake is already bobbing his head and singing along. His stage presence has improved leaps and bounds since the start of this competition! And proud papa Blake Shelton is ON his feet!

Judges Comments: Usher loves Jake and says that Blake very well could win again. Adam finds Jake to be as real and as genuine as it gets. He’s a fan. Blake says he could not be more proud and that Jake IS the guy that we all think he is.
Jake Worthington: Sprint Text 4 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2304- Download on Itunes

Heyyyy it’s Season 5’s Will Champlin and his Clear Hair commercial! Great to see him on my TV screen! This is his new song ‘Eye of the Pyramid’ which he will be performing on The Voice Results show tomorrow night (and will also be available on Itunes tomorrow for download)! Don’t forget to tune in for an unforgettable performance by last year’s beloved contestant.

And we’re back with Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie! Holy crap, she is singing one of my favorite songs of all time, Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide and Seek.’ Any fans of The OC here? It’s bringing back all kinds of feels right now. Ahhh it’s gorgeous so far. Goosebumps.

Judges Comments: Usher felt disconnected in the beginning until she began to sing without the vocoder. Adam says he is sick with things that people do on the show all the time, so he likes to push new things with his team. He doesn’t want to do karaoke, he stands behind his team full force.
Christina Grimmie: Sprint Text 5 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2305Download on Itunes


Josh is going first this round, singing ‘Love Runs Out’ by One Republic. Nice runs right in the beginning! It looks like we’re at a rave and I’m LOVING this! And his voice is just freaking AMAZING, chills right now. He is coming out of his shell more and more and looks like he’s having the time of his life. That’s what it’s all about!

The crowd is going NUTS!!

Judges Comments: Adam says Josh is amazing, Blake says his voice reminds him of Robert Palmer, and has total command of his voice. Coach Usher is SO proud and that he totally brought the audience into the performance.
Josh Kaufman: Sprint text 2 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2302Download on Itunes

Kat is going to be performing ‘Let it Go’ by Frozen, which will surely now be stuck in my head for the rest of the evening lol. Don’t throw stuff out of me guys, but I have never seen the movie. Am I the only one? *crickets* I prefer Chandelier to this song though, it seems like she’s struggling a little bit on this one. The glory note at the end was on point!

Judges Comments: Blake thought it was strong, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Usher said it’s a complicated song to sing and that people of all ages enjoy it. Shakira loves Kat’s dress and thought the song pick was unexpected, but the song let her know another side of her. Adam says it’s doesn’t get better than Kat Perkins, and that no one has been more consistent.
Kat Perkins: Sprint text 3 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2303Download on Itunes

Next is Kristen singing ‘Foolish Games’ by Jewel and may I say, an excellent song choice for her! Her voice sounds incredibly clear, and the emotion is there. The crowd was so quiet during the song, I got worried for a second.

Judges Comments: Blake said it’s the most connected he’s seen her been with a lyric, that she put her heart and soul into the song. Usher says Shakira is an “Incredible Giant” who is pushing her in the right direction. Shakira has the chills because Kristen is a storyteller who emotes when she sings the lyrics.
Kristen Merlin: Sprint text 1 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2301Download on Itunes

Christina’s second song is ‘Some Nights’ by Fun. Yes! A bit of a rough start but she’s working it out. Glow in the dark paint on people playing bongos? Sweetness. BALLOONS ARE NOW FALLING FROM THE CEILING, that was awesome!!

Judges Comments: Blake says she just won the voice because of all the theatrics.Usher jokes and says “Happy birthday!” but says he can envision how her concerts will be like. Shakira thinks that Christina is so creative and should continue on no matter what (hmm I detect a bit of shade there). Adam says she is sticking to her guns and doing what she loves, and that she always impresses him.
Christina Grimmie: Sprint Text 5 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2305Download on Itunes

Closing the show is Jake, who will be singing ‘Heaven’ by Bryan Adams. I honestly think this is one of the best performances he’s ever done. You can tell he’s really feeling this one.

Judges Comments: Shakira says it was something very different and refreshing. Adam says Blake took Jake from countrytown to poptown, but he loved it. Usher understood that he pushed through his throat problems in rehearsal, and was happy for him. Blake is ‘so proud’ of him to share the stage with him for the rest of his life. Poor Blake is getting cut off, credits are rolling.
Jake Worthington: Sprint Text 4 to 8642 – 1-855-864-2304Download on Itunes

Grades per performance:
Round One:
Kristen- B+
Jake- B
Josh- B+
Christina- A
Kat- B

Round Two:
Kristen: B+
Jake: A
Josh: A
Christina: B
Kat: C+

Predictions for bottom three: Kat, Kristen, Jake
Who will go home: Kat

Alright guys, that is IT for tonight! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hospitality tonight. Feel free to follow me on Twitter!

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