The Voice 23 Recap: Knockouts 2 Results Live Blog (Videos)

The Voice 23 Knockouts Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, Chance the Rapper
Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, Chance The Rapper — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Another Monday means another episode of The Voice, and tonight will see more contestants paired up from each team and taking some advice from mega mentor Reba McEntire before hitting the stage.

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Team Niall – EJ Michels vs Michael B. – “Trip Switch”/”When You’re Gone”

Niall comments on how EJ has switched it up with this song and when he’s finished, Reba applauds. EJ asks Reba has she gets into storytelling with a song and she says she sees it like a story in her mind, and EJ says he’ll remember that advice forever.

Michael explains his emotional attachment to the song, and Niall notes he’ll be able to show off all the different parts of his range. Michael mentions he got emotional near the end so it got sloppy, but Reba tells him she’d take sloppy and emotion over hitting every note. Niall’s only critique is too much love octave.

EJ rocks out with his sparkly jacket and some attitude in his voice that contrasts his previous performances and seemingly balladeer nature. He doesn’t quite nail a note as he jumps to the beat, but brings it back by the end with some high notes and falsetto.

Michael acts as if he can’t top EJ, but takes center stage with his loveable Broadway voice and a song to match. The song teeters between musical theater and pop ballad, and Michael sounds like a star throughout the entire thing.

Chance gives Michael a standing O before noting that because EJ was so into it, his performance lacked pitch, while Michael’s soul wasn’t there at the beginning but it was by the end, so he’d lean toward Michael. Kelly says Michael has a captivating, powerhouse voice and that while she’s never heard of EJ’s song, she’ll be covering it soon on a talk show near you. Blake says EJ’s performance was huge while Michael was exactly in the pocket, so he’d choose Michael. Niall compliments EJ’s diversity in song choice while Michael has shown what he’s capable of.

Niall chooses Michael.

Team Chance – Magnus vs Jamar Langley – “Ordinary People”/”Cruisin'”

Magnus kicks it off with a song Chance revealed was the first song he learned to play on piano. Reba says it was rich and thick when he started, then when he hit the high note she could only think, “Oh my gosh.” She noted how comfortable he feels and compares his voice to a river of chocolate.

Reba says Jamar has a great voice, which was paired with him playing an electric guitar. Reba then offers Chance some notes on the band.

Jamar performs first, crimson electric guitar against his white ensemble and a beautiful, sweet tone as he sings.

Magnus sounds a little shakier compared to his performance in front of Reba, the river a little less chocolatey this time around (see what I did there?). He brings it back with some sort of scatting at the end though.

Kelly says Jamar can sing some baby-making music and Magnus has a beautiful voice but it might be hard for him not to sound like an imitation of John Legend, so she’d lean toward Jamar. Blake compliments Jamar playing guitar but would lean toward Magnus. Niall says Magnus is big and powerful but he’s attracted to someone who can tell a story, so he’d choose Jamar. Chance says Magnus has a specific identity as a vocalist while Jamar has the same thing in a different wheelhouse.

Instead of choosing, Chance asks if they can go to commercial, so they do (LOL).

After the commercial, Chance chooses Jamar.

Team Blake – Grace West vs Neil Salsich – “Here You Come Again”/”Takin It To The Streets”

Blake critiques a few of Grace’s notes and Reba advises that she play with the camera and smile.

Neil admits he couldn’t look at Reba while he was singing but she tells him it sounded great.

Grace sounds like a mini Dolly as she sings this classic, an undeniable twang in her deeper tone.

Neil starts grooving the second the music starts, and has a completely different vibe from the definition of Team Blake, Grace West.

Niall compliments Neil’s arrangement and calls Grace unbelievable, so he’d lean toward Grace. Chance compliments Grace’s tone and Neil’s stage presence. Kelly calls Neil a versatile singer and Grace a star. Blake calls them the best of the best.

Blake chooses Grace.

Just before Neil steps off the stage, Kelly hits her button to steal him!

Team Niall – Jerome Godwin III vs Ross Clayton – “Someone You Love”/”Dirty Work”

I got major Jordan Fisher vibes from the few notes of Jerome’s song they showed, and Reba says, “If you say, ‘How are you supposed to sing?’ and hold your mouth open: Jerome.” She says her only note is that she wants to know that Jerome went through what the song is about.

Ross says he still hasn’t gotten over the fact Reba is there, but throws his twang out there perfectly as he performs. Reba says it’s a good song section that everyone wants to sing along with.

Ross starts the Knockout, and has such a heartwarming voice. He manages to make the performance both emotional and enjoyable.

Jerome seems to have breath issues as he sings, seeming like nerves may be getting to him. Definitely not as good of a performance as his previous ones unfortunately, but it definitely wasn’t bad. He hits a high note near the end that brings it back.

Chance says Ross edged it out and Jerome was trying to find his place in the song more. Kelly says Ross continues to blow her away while Jerome had a wall up. Blake says Ross sang the song like he was halfway through a concert already while Jerome seemed like he was still putting the song together. Niall says Jerome put everything into it despite being pitchy in the first verse, and Ross was unbelievable.

Niall chooses Ross.

Team Chance – Tiana Goss vs Sorelle – “God Is A Woman”/”Blame It On The Boogie”

Chance notes Tiana’s distinct vocal and Reba says Tiana is incredible but it will be harder against a trio.

This is going to sound unnecessarily mean, but Sorelle always sound like a middle school talent show performance to me. They’re not bad, I just can’t see how they’d ever win this against so many notable singers. Reba compliments their three-part harmony though.

Sorelle don’t impress me any more with their actual performance. It’s exactly what you’d expect when a trio of young sisters sing this song and throw in some dance moves.

Tiana does a good job of perfecting the different aspects of this song. She doesn’t do anything that stands out, but I’d say she blew Sorelle out of the water.

Kelly says Tiana has a tender way of singing while Sorelle was crazy (in a good way). Blake says they’re both great and Sorelle sounds perfect. Niall compliments both performances. Chance says the song was Tiana’s style and Sorelle is something the show doesn’t have.

Chance chooses Sorelle.

Team Kelly – Holly Brand vs Rachel Christine – “Blue Moon Of Kentucky”/”Rhiannon”

Reba says the ending of Holly’s performance was incredible and she was mesmerized. She says Holly took the song to different places she’d never heard before.

Kelly says Rachel is the dark horse of her team and Reba says she loves the way she holds her mic.

Despite her typical twang, Holly has a very unique voice that can tackle country of all types. She throws out a lot of falsetto during this one that seems to always impress Niall.

Rachel has a deeper tone than I remember. Her performance is good but verges on boring, especially in comparison to Holly.

Blake says Holly has a great yodel and Rachel did an awesome job. Chance says Rachel came back on his radar and Holly blew him away. Niall says Rachel smashed it out of the park and he’s been a fan of Holly since day one. Kelly says Rachel reminds her of herself and thanks Holly for trusting in herself.

Kelly chooses Holly, Blake steals Rachel the second Carson says she’s available to steal.

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