American Idol 2023 Recap: LIVE Top 12 Reveal (Results, Videos)


American Idol 2023 Recap: The Top 12 is Revealed! Results and Performance Videos

American Idol 2023 Recap: Top 12 Revealed Results! – Season 21 Top 12 results featuring judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan along with host Ryan Seacrest.

Another three-hour episode (Tonight’s episode is only two hours. Kill me. The press release at one point said 3 hours) will find the Top 20 performing again. But not for votes! Ryan will call up each singer, declaring them “safe” or “in danger.” The safe contestant will sing a VICTORY song, while the contestant in danger sings for one of the two wildcard spots determined by the judges.

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Spoiler season is more or less over! American Idol goes LIVE tonight for the first time this season!

The show kicked off with an “in memoriam” card for former Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman who died over the weekend from bone cancer. Rest in peace, Len.

Ryan says 28 million votes were cast. There are two zones. The Victory Zone and the Danger Zone!

We Ani – This is Me from The Greatest Showman

A song not so overplayed would have been appreciated! But her calculation, probably, was to choose a showstopper in case she had to sing for her life. AS IF. She’s a front runner right now. Unsurprisingly, she sings the heck out of the song. I love her yellow jacket and feather accents.

We is IN the Top 12!

Michael Williams – Golden Hour by JVKE

I’m not convinced these performances mean much. The judges probably calculate ahead of time who they will save if they need to. I’m tellin ya. HIS HAIRCUT PUT HIM IN DANGER. Heh. The song choice suits Michael’s sweet tone. His falsetto is a little pitchy though. Katy says jealous people did not vote for him. OK then.

Michael is IN DANGER

Hannah Nicolaisen – Royals by Lorde

Hannah has an interesting tone and a unique way of phrasing a song. But sometimes she has pitch problems. She hits a few impressive low notes! But with the competition she’s facing, she really had to nail every performance, and she has not done that. Lionel says, “Right song, right energy, your personality was shining through.”

Hannah is IN DANGER

Warren Peay – It’s Not My Time by 3 Doors Down

Zach Williams posted about Warren’s performance last night. And unsurprisingly, Warren is in the Top 12. He’s a sneaky little dark horse. He may not win, but he’ll go pretty far. Tonight he picks a southern tinged 90s rock song. He’s a solid vocalist who knows how to pick songs that resonate with the Idol fanbase.

Warren Peay is IN the Top 12

Mariah Faith – If It Hadn’t Been for Love by Steeldrivers

It’s unfortunate, but Mariah has fallen through the cracks. In another season, she might have gone farther. But she really hasn’t made a big impression so far. Regardless, her raspy soulful vibe is a cross between Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin. She sounds a little hoarse tonight. Luke thought her song choice got her last night. He feels tonight’s song was better

Haven Madison – Fifteen (Original Song)

Haven is IN the Top 12. Reprising songs is OK, apparently. Haven auditioned with this song. If she hadn’t advanced into the top 10, reminding the judges why they liked her in the beginning is smart. Haven is a young singer who could use more experience to be a great singer. She tends to overreach in her upper register. But she possesses solid songwriting skills.

Haven in IN the Top 12

Nailyah Serenity – Alive by Sia

Nailyah is for real one of the Top 20’s best vocalists. Her instrument is beautiful. She takes risks and her phrasing is gorgeous. But on the other hand, she picks risky songs and vibe is off-center, which fans don’t necessarily like. She picks a more conventional song for the Top 12. She sounds a little manic at times. This performance should put her into the next round, but it probably won’t. Katy says, “You bring the soul to this show…you are a true star.”

Nailyah is IN DANGER

The Top 12 will attend the Stagecoach Festival on Friday. They’ll be front row at the Luke Bryan concert.

Paige Anne – I am Here by P!nk

It’s a good song choice for Paige. Big ballads are right in her wheelhouse. If she hadn’t gotten sick in Hollywood and had more screen time as a result, she might have made more of an impact. She’s a good singer. She’s nailing this song, but it might not be enough. Lionel says, “That’s how you fight back! This is wonderful for you. That’s the way to come back.” Paige becomes emotional again. “I’ve had every rock thrown at me,” she says, but is grateful for the experience.

Paige is IN DANGER

Matt Wilson – For Tonight by Giveon

He’s reprising his audition song. I’m not surprised he didn’t advance. He smiled through the emotional lyrics of “Say You Won’t Let Go.” Now, he’s singing with the intention and passion he should have brought Sunday night. He’s a little pitchy here and there. But his tone is smooth. Luke says, “Great job…I love the smoothness of your voice.”

Matt is IN the Danger Zone

Tyson Venegas – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John

Well, this pick would have been a hell of a song choice if Tyson was in danger. It’s not much of a celebration. The contestants are choosing their songs very carefully tonight, and in many cases chose barn burners. His falsetto sounds thin, but he hits a persuasive last note.

Tyson is IN the Top 12!

Colin Stough – Dancing on My Own by Robyn

Really America? His performance Sunday night was underwhelming. Even the judges criticized him. He’s hit or miss and the weakest of all the country singers. Country male artists are graded on a curve by America. Having said that, this performance is VERY VERY good. It’s an intimate, out of the box song choice. Vocally, he’s at the top of his game here. It’s his best performance so far. The trick for him, seemingly, is to ditch the band, like he’s doing here. The judges aren’t even supposed to talk. Katy yells, “One moment can change your life. This is it.” He states that he had another song picked, but changed his mind at the last minute.

Colin is IN the Top 12

Marybeth Byrd – Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell

Marybeth is IN the Top 12. Marybeth is nailing her performance tonight, every single note is perfect including the key change. She picked a great song by the great Jason Isbell. It would have been the perfect save me song, if she needed to be saved.

Marbeth is IN the Top 12

Kaeyra – If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight

Really America? REALLY C’MON. She’s one of the most talented artists in this competition. She’s an incredible and versatile singer. Maybe that she can’t be nailed down genre-wise is hurting her? Soul one week, rock the next, and also big ballads. Damn. She had a fight with a fly. Heh. Katy says, A+ and makes some promising noises about choosing her as a wildcard.

Kaeyra is IN DANGER

Oliver Steele – You’re Still the One by Shania Twain

Oliver gives the song a funky soulful beat. The bass is dialed way up. Oliver is an interesting artist. He’s country, but incorporates other genres into his style, including soul and folk. By the end, the judges are on their feet .

Oliver Steele is IN the Top 12

Olivia Soli – God is a Woman by Olivia Soli

Holy cow. Ryan botched that introduction, saying “America wants to see more power…” but really meaning she’d have to sing again. For a brief moment, she thought she made it. Poor thing. She’s a good singer, but her song choices are prosaic. It’s all big diva songs for Olivia with no change up. She takes no risks ever, like a talented karaoke singer. Luke says, ‘Great job. One of the biggest voices we’ve heard.

Olivia is in Danger.

Iam Tongi – Stuck on You by Lionel Richie

Oh. Sucking up to the judges, just in case he’s in danger. Which of course he is not. Iam changes up the song, giving it a reggae beat. Lionel is on his feet, dancing along to his own song. It’s a pleasant rendition of a classic. Lionel jumps on stage to give the singer a hug. The crowd is screaming. Ryan tries to kill the fly, which is still buzzing around. Katy and Luke tried to kill it before the show started, they claim.

Iam Tongi is IN the Top 12. DUH

Zacharias Smith – Hold the Line by Toto

The Foreigner pick last night was pretty corny. But this Toto song is ridiculous. Yeep. If he sticks around for awhile, PLEASE pick better songs. He comes with a strong performance game. But he’s kind of goofy, and I suspect he’ll be controversial if he hangs around too long.

Zacharias is IN the Top 12

Lucy Love – Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Lucy performed an original song last night, proving her artistry. It should have put her over the line but it did not. The country artists are sailing into the Top 10, while singers from other genres are struggling. She brings a distinctive vibe to the stage, singing soul, pop and rock songs. The judges love her. Maybe they’ll save her. The audience is chanting. Lionel says, “If I have to bet on anybody, I’m going to bet on you.” Yep.


Megan Danielle and Nutsa remain. Megan is SAFE. Nutsa sings for her life. Yep. All those likes and streams for Nutsa on Facebook–she had more than any artist–came from people overseas who could not vote for her.

Megan – Thank God I Do by Lauren Daigle

Megan delivered one of the best vocal performances Sunday night. I’m not surprised she advanced to the Top 10. She talks a lot about self-confidence problems. When she sings Christian and Gospel, however, she is very confident. Her faith appears to guide her.

Megan is IN the Top 12

Nutsa – And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Going) from Dreamgirls.

Of course she’s singing the big showstopper from Dreamgirls. And she’s waving her hands and gesturing at the audience. Will the judges save her? She’s garnered a ton of attention for the show. They might keep her in. Again, she’s a good singer, but very old fashioned and predictable. Luke says, “You just knocked that out of the park.”

Nutsa is IN Danger

Judges Wildcard Picks!

The judges have chosen! Lionel calls the singers the most talented class they’ve ever had. “We love you all,” he says before announcing that Lucy Love is through! I knew it. Katy is proud of the growth and confidence the singers have in themselves. “You are enough. We love you.” The second singer going through, the judges yell in unison, is…Nutsa. Ugh. She’s good TV. They couldn’t let her go.

The judges should have saved Kaeyra instead of Nutsa. But the latter, who comes from the country of Georgia, has a big worldwide fanbase and is polarizing enough to make headlines. Sure it’s a singing show. But American Idol is a reality TV show first and foremost. The results are disappointing, but not surprising.

Also, if Paige Anne hadn’t gotten sick in Hollywood and was able to deliver the kind of performances there that she did on stage tonight, she’d still be in it.

And lastly HOLY COUNTRY SINGERS BATMAN. Out of the Top 10, SIX are country or country adjacent (Warren, Colin, Marybeth, Oliver, Zacharias, and Megan). The show could end up producing yet another country music winner.

American Idol Top 12

  1. We Ani
  2. Warren Peay
  3. Haven Madison
  4. Tyson Venegas
  5. Colin Stough
  6. Marybeth Byrd
  7. Oliver Steele
  8. Iam Tongi
  9. Zacharias Smith
  10. Megan Danielle
  11. Lucy Love – Judges pick
  12. Nutsa – Judges pick


Michael Williams
Hannah Nicolaisen
Mariah Faith
Nailya Serenity
Paige Anne
Matt Wilson
Olivia Soli

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