The Voice 21 Recap: Top 13 Finalists Perform Dedications (Videos)

Pictured: Girl Named Tom — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice season 21 LIVE SHOWS continue tonight (Nov 15). The Top 13 perform for YOUR VOTES and a chance to advance to the Top 11.

Coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend and Ariana Grande sit on the panel.  Carson Daly serves as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the performances here.

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Tonight, the Top 13 artists choose songs to dedicate to important people in their lives. 

Paris Winningham – Team Blake

What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye – Paris chose his song and dedicates to his grandmother who passed away last year. She used to speak with Paris about the racism she endured throughout her life. While in the Navy, he missed his grandparents funerals. He wants to make up for it with this special performance. Paris sings a smooth and heartfelt rendition of the Marvin Gaye classic, but without changing it up very much, until the end. The second half is better than the first half.  Former coach John feels a little pinch of stupidity letting him go. He calls him both smooth and powerful. Blake compliments his confidence. And coolness! When he threw his hat, it landed perfectly on an audience members head.

Jeremy Rosado – Team Kelly

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion – Jeremy is dedicating his song to his dad, who is battling a heart condition. He calls him every day to say good night. The Voice is dad’s favorite show. He’s been so encouraging. And his father’s example informs how Jeremy raises his adopted daughter. Kelly wouldn’t advise a singer to tackle Celine, but she believes Jeremy can handle it. Hopefully, Jeremy will tackle more contemporary fair if he sticks around. Having said that, his passion almost makes up for the corny song choices. He’s so earnest and authentic. He’s not afraid to pour his heart into a performance. As Jeremy finishishes, KELLY IS WIPING AWAY TEARS. Jeremy “oozes so much love and heart…,” says Ariana. “You sang the heck out of it.” Kelly calls him gifted, and compliments his ability to let people in. 

Ryleigh Plank  – Team Ariana

Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac – Ryleigh dedicates the song to her sister named Rhiannon.The two are very close. Ariana has no doubt that the young singer was the right person to save. Ryleigh struggles with the in-ears during rehearsal. During her performance, Ryleigh waves her hands around channelling Stevie Nicks. The singer adds her own phrasing and unique runs without altering the classic song too much. Her powerful voice takes over by the end. Her range is impressive. All she needs is more confidence and control, and she’ll  be incredible. And tonight, she’s turning in a beautiful performance. Blake appreciated the way Ryleigh took the song to a different place. Ariana calls it one of her favorite performances. “You’re growing non-stop.”

Girl Named Tom – Team Kelly

Dust in the Wind by Kansas – The sibling trio dedicates the song to their grandmother who has dementia. She was in a duo with her sister and they won a talent show back in the day. Kelly advises them not to add too many bells and whistles. She’s convicted the trio could win the show. This song is filled with cliches. I would mock it back in the day. But the trio’s exquisite unforgettable harmonies has me forgetting all that. It’s family harmonies at their finest. The female lead singer is just incredible. Her head voice is like a clear, clear beautiful bell. John calls the performance “magical” and “stunning.” He calls the lead voice “haunting.” Kelly repeats that the trio has a “solid chance of winning the show.”

Shadale – Team Legend

Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts – Shadale picked the song for her dad, who is a truck driver. She hears the song every morning. Plus, she wants to rock out. She’s dedicating it to both her parents, whom she describes as “hard workers.”  John raised the key, because the bottom part of her voice lost energy. It’s understandable why she chose the song. But “Life is a Highway” isn’t exactly a competition song. Shadale’s success so far has hinged on pouring her heart into emotional performances. Still, she’s having a BLAST up there, engaging the band and working the stage. Her voice sounds terrific. Ariana loved what she did, even though the song choice surprised her. The pick surprised John as well. But he feels her energy and commitment infused the song, allowing her to show a different side of her artistry. “I love watching you blossom.”

Hailey Mia – Team Kelly

I’ll Stand by You by The Pretenders – Because Hailey is only 14, her mom accompanies her to rehearsals. The young singer is dedicating the song to…KELLY! “I’m not going to cry,” the coach promises. SURE SHE WON’T. Hailey wants to grow up to be just like Kelly. Mia sing the song softly at first, Kelly suggests. And it turns out to be a good suggestion. She builds the song until she’s singing in full voice. She hits a key change perfectly. She’s so young, but so far has proved she can handle the pressure. John loves hearing all the different textures in her voice. He calls it “magical.” Kelly says, “Your head voice is so beautiful…America please vote.” Kelly actually thinks she’ll make the finale (Nope).

Wendy Moten – Team Blake

Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt – Wendy describes herself as a “chameleon” who sings in 4 or 5 different genres. Wendy dedicates her song to the late Dr. Lula Hedgemon, from high school. “She gave me the tools that I needed.” Blake mentions how Linda Ronstadt also excelled in several genres. True! Wendy transitions from beautiful low tunes, to big high notes with ease. She does this classic song justice. She’s proving herself to be a great pop singer, as well as R&B. “What do you say about that” says Ariana floored by Wendy’s voice, “I can’t believe that you’re the big secret that you are.” Blake notes all the little things that Wendy does in her phrasing. He loves watching the coaches react. He mentions Wendy’s finesse, calling the performance “tasteful.”

Jershika Maple – Team Legend

God Only Knows by for King & Country  – A few months ago, Jershika was a security guard. She is dedicating the song to her 4th and 5th grade teachers. She got held back in 4th grade because of dyslexia. Her teachers noticed her and helped her. She talks to the teachers over Facetime. Jershika raises the key. And John raises it even higher. Jershika’s lower register is strong and sturdy. When the rasp kicks in on the higher notes, so does the power. Jershika’s performance is FIERCE. Kelly is on her feet, crying. No wonder. Jershika just took us all to church. Amazing. Kelly calls her a “beautiful majestic messenger.” She adds, “I’m such an idiot” for letting her go. John senses her sense of a spiritual mission. He calls her “inspiring.” 

Jim & Sasha Allen – Team Ariana

Your Song by Elton John – Ariana gives the duo a lecture on vocal health. Sasha had laryngitis last week. The two dedicate the song to their cousin, a dancer, who passed away at age 26. I’m still perplexed these two were one of the two highest vote getters on Team Ariana last week. Their harmonies and voices are tentative and pitchy. This performance has a few nice moments. But being the weakest vocalists of the Top 13, this performance should be it for them. Blake thinks they’ve improved so much over the course of the season. Hm. Ariana says they “magically” keep improving each week.

Lana Scott – Team Blake

Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw  – Lana’s dad is a huge Blake Shelton fan. That’s why she chose him as coach. In turn, Blake saved her because she’s the only country singer left in the show. “You are waving the flag for country music,” he says. She picked the song because it’s her dad’s favorite. Lana has that classic country tone, but with range and power. This week’s performance is more than enough to keep Lana safe. Blake loves the innocence and purity in her voice. He shouts out to dad, that he did a good job “with this one.”

Gymani – Team Kelly

Made a Way by Travis Greene – Kelly’s daughter is a big fan, which is a reason Kelly saved Gymani. She also notes the singer’s consistency. Gymani dedicates the song to her mother, who is also a performer and singer. In rehearsal, Kelly advises the singer to lend more urgency to her vocal. Gymani gets the gospel background singers! Her voice can be both beautiful and sweet, but then she pulls out a growl, turning the performance into something passionate and powerful. Kelly calls her “crazy talented.” She calls even the soft moments are “exciting.”

Joshua Vacanti – Team Legend

You Will be Found by Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen) – He’s embracing the things that make him different. So he’s dedicating the song to his music and drama teacher from high school. His theater department pulled him out of a dark time. John urges Joshua to push the song further, to make the most of his range. Joshua is in his own lane, John notes.  After this is over, Joshua needs to PASS GO and move straight on to Broadway. He’s got the voice coupled with the storytelling ability. He’s more than a belter. Now that it’s apparent he has people, he could go far in the competition. Ariana calls the performance “stunning.” John blocked Ariana during the blinds, and she admits that she still feels the “sting.” John believes his voice and vibrato are beautiful. “I love watching you be your full self.”

Holly Forbes – Team Ariana

The Dance by Garth Brooks – Ariana chats with Holly’s daughter on the phone. She’s a big fan. Holly dedicates the song to her step-mom who raised her from the age of two. “She’s a shining example of what a mother should be,” she says. Holly uses the softer part of her voice more than she ever has, until she finally picks the mic off the stand lets it rip. It’s a sweet, heartfelt performance. But maybe not pimp-spot worthy. Blake mentions that the song changed Garth’s life. He liked that she kept the song simple. Ariana calls the rendition of the song “special.” 


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