The Voice 2022 Top 8 Rankings – Now YOU Rate the Artists!

The Voice 2022 Top 8 Rankings
Pictured: (l-r) Omar Jose Cardona, Bodie, Bryce Leatherwood, Justin Aaron, Parijita Bastola, Kim Cruise, Brayden Lape, Morgan Myles — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice revealed the competition’s Top 8 contestants on Tuesday (Nov 29). So far, every coach–John Legend, Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton–is represented in the competition. Here are your The Voice 2022 Top 8 Rankings.

The Voice 22 Recap: Top 10 Performances

On Monday (Dec 5), the Top 8 will perform for your votes, and a chance to compete in the finale! Each singer will perform twice–once in a solo and as part of a duet with a fellow artist. On Tuesday (Dec 6) host Carson Daly will reveal the Top 4, while the remaining four singers compete for the Instant Save. The winner will round out the Top 5 and move on to the big finale, which airs on NBC Dec. 12 and 13.

As far as this week’s rankings are concerned, the talented singer Kim Cruse sang for her life last week, so she ranks 8. If she has to sing in the Instant Save again, she’s so good, she could fight her way into the finale. But she’s obviously not landing like the others.

Teen R&B singer Parajita Bastola is talented, but she doesn’t seem to be as popular as the others. Bryce Leatherwood had a good outing last week. But Brayden is the Team Blake country singer who appears to have captured America’s heart. Justin Aaron’s solid retro R&B stylings keep pushing him to the next round. He and his coach Gwen are choosing good songs.

Right now, Bodie has a very good chance of winning it all. But the Top 3 are all possibilities (Morgan Myles, Omar Jose Cardona)

The Voice 2022 Top 8 Rankings

8. Kim Cruse – Team Legend – If Kim makes it into the finale, she will probably have to fight her way in, considering three artists will go home this week. She’s a terrific singer, but is not connecting to the audience for some reason.

7. Parajita Bastola – Team Legend – Parajita has the same problem as Kim. In her case, she set the bar so high at the beginning of the season, there was no room for growth. However, If she somehow makes her way into the Top 5, this gifted and consistent singer would deserve it.

6. Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake – Bryce is the stereotypical country singer. Cowboy hat check. Twang check. Love of the retro greats check. But while his tone is radio ready, his performances have been surface level boring. That is, until last week. Blake persuaded the singer to ditch his cowboy hat and dig deep, and he delivered a great performance of “Sand in My Boots.” Is it enough to make to Top 5? Maybe.

5. Justin Aaron – Team Gwen – Justin is the dark horse of Season 22. He and Gwen are doing a good job choosing songs in his wheelhouse. Justin knows how to tell a dynamic story with his voice and he doesn’t need to oversing. He could sneak into the finale!

4. Brayden Lape – Team Blake – Bryce is a better singer than the other country artist on Team Blake. But Brayden is more popular because he is young, cute and not afraid to show his heart. He’s a sweet, innocent heartthrob, able to appeal to young fans and mom/grannies alike. I will be surprised if he doesn’t make the finale.

3. Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend – Omar can sing his butt off. Here is a guy who never has to use his falsetto, and every note is as strong as the last. But he tends to be more showman than storyteller. John is helping the singer learn to be vulnerable. And to a certain extent he has! But Omar is too intent on those notes, on showing off his range and power. And in a singing competition it works! He’s wowing The Voice audience week after week. It’s hard to imagine the power belter not making the finale.

2. Morgan Myles – Team Camila – Camila made a few questionable choices for her team (Eric Who for one). But she’s lucky Morgan picked her after Camila blocked Gwen. And Morgan is lucky that Camila has stuck by her and trusted her judgement. The veteran singer has been grinding on the Nashville scene for a decade. She knows what she’s doing–whether singing blues, country or pop, Morgan shines. She could actually win the whole thing.

1. Bodie – Team Blake – Speaking of winning the whole thing, my money is on Bodie. He’s got it all: A likeable personality, a musical ear, versatility, uniqueness. Nope, he’s not the best vocalist, but he is easily the most musical of the singers remaining. He knows his own voice, can arrange a song to suit it. He’s a credible pop vocalist. Consider the difficulty of the song he performed last week, the Tik-Tok famous “Golden Hour,” that included fast, rhythmic rapping, with quick transitions to melody. He navigated the performance like a champ.

The Voice airs on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/PT.

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