Are Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe Still Together?

Are Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe Still Together

Are Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe still together? Fans are asking, but Maddie isn’t answering…yet.

The couple met as contestants on American Idol in 2018. Maddie won the season, while Caleb came in second place. As the singers stood together as the final two on The American Idol season 16 finale, host Ryan Seacrest revealed the two were a couple on live television.

On Reddit a fan posted the question to the r/americanidol subreddit, noting that the two haven’t appeared together lately. A poster in comments uploaded a screenshot of one of Maddie’s Instagram stories that hints about something she’s not ready to talk about.

Answering a question a fan sent “Are you happy?” Maddie answers, “About 90% of these have been the same question over and over, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet, tbh. I’m not upset with you for asking, I get it. I probably owe you it.”

Are Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe still together? Regardless, Maddie insists that she’s happy.

“But only one person asked this,” she wrote referring to the “Are You Happy?” question, “And I think this is most important. Yes, I’m very happy. I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone daily which I think is so important. I’m writing songs that are way too true to me. Almost that I’m scared for people to hear. Of course I have days where I feel lower than my lowest low, but overall, I know where I am is exactly where I’m supposed to be. And I’ve not felt that way in a long time.”

In other words, Maddie conducted a Q&A, fans asked the same question over and over again. But Maddie isn’t ready to answer it. However, only one fan asked if she’s happy. That questions, she’s willing to answer, because yes, she is happy.

September 9 was the last time Caleb appeared in Maddie’s Instagram mentions. October 31 was the last time he “liked” a post.

Currently, Maddie is on a Christmas tour and posting Instagram stories featuring her family, friends and band.

If the couple did break up, Maddie is probably waiting until she’s ready to endure the media onslaught, which I’m sure she and Caleb will find quite annoying…along with articles on news sites like this one.

Aside from the rumors, Caleb and Maddie’s music careers are moving forward. At the end of October, Caleb dropped a short horror movie alongside a horror-inspired EP titled Songs I’ll Never Play Again. As far as Maddie is concerned, she released a new song called “Peace of Mind” which found the singer-songwriter taking her sound in a poppier direction.

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