The Voice 2022 Finale Bodie Gets “Spiritual” For Blake Shelton

The Voice 2022 Finale Bodie Gets “Spiritual”
Pictured: Bodie– (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 2022 Finale Bodie Gets “Spiritual”

In The Voice 2022 finale Bodie got “Spiritual” with a Brandon Lake cover for Team Blake Shelton. He also performed a creative cover of Harry Styles’ “Late Night Talking.” (Read our Recap)

Finale week kicked off Monday night with five finalists, of which three came from Team Blake Shelton, one from Team Camila Cabello, and another from Team John Legend. The artists looked back at their journeys with their coaches and wrote dedication letters. Throughout the night fans saw emotional moments, including a take on the worship song, Brandon Lake’s “Spiritual” from pop standout, Bodie.

An excellent end to Bodie’s eclectic run

Prior to the performance, he wrote his letter to his three kids and his wife. He talked about the life lessons he has learned from his kids, and his love for his wife and how his kids are special because of her. Bodie has been open about his faith throughout his run with his church holding watch parties. It’s no surprise that he decided to end his run with a religious song.

This is his best performance out of the past several weeks. Bodie’s vibrato shines on it, and he emotes beautifully with his passionate connection to the lyric. Additionally, the production is excellent, and his voice as always sounds mainstream and clear. By the end of the performance, it turns into Bodie’s rangiest performance with him hitting multiple big notes. He truly digs into the vocal, showing more grit than usual. He ends the performance in a quiet way–the audience could hear a pin drop. This was an excellent end to Bodie’s eclectic run on the show.

Bodie’s “pure faith” brings a unique dimension

Gwen Stefani remarked that his “pure faith” brings a unique dimension to his performances. John called the performance “powerful” and Bodie a “leader.” Blake claimed to be speechless as he declared the performance “one of the most moving performances” he has seen in a while.”

Earlier in the night, Bodie opened the show and looked back on his run, including the decision to choose Blake as his coach. He shared about his song choices: singing one of his wedding songs, taking on a Tik Tok song, and showing his artistry. He chose “Late Night Talking” from Harry Styles’ latest album for his up-tempo number to bring his own touch to a current hit. Bodie decides to start out of the pocket and slower, before getting funky. Blake allows Bodie to take full control over the production in his performances.

The slow intro was a nice touch, as he brought a little soul and even jazziness to the song, showing off his low tones. This fit right in with his past performances of “Glimpse of Us” and “Golden Hour” which were standouts. It’s not my favorite performance of his, but Bodie’s artistry shines as always, and I love how we have seen so many songs that no other The Voice artist would take on.

Bodie, a unique winner for The Voice

Bodie would make one of the most interesting winners in the history of the show. Being on Team Blake increases his odds, but I see him finishing 3rd. If I had to guess, Team Camila’s Morgan Myles might take it after her compelling performance of “Girl Crush.” And if not, I see her as runner-up. Team Blake’s Bryce Leatherwood had one of his better nights with good song choices, and the voting audience digs classic country, so I could see him snatching the crown from Morgan or getting runner up over Bodie. Those are most likely the top 3, but, I will give credit where credit is due. “Somebody to Love” was possibly Team Legend’s Omar Jose Cardona’s best vocal of the season. He really laid it all out on the line even though I don’t see him winning.

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